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23 January  ·  Norilsk

An easy and funny French comedy will add to its repertoire Norilsk Polar Drama Theatre named after Vradimir Mayakovsky. The tie of the modern play “Happy Number” by Jean-Marie Chevre is compared neither much nor little to the Molerian “Veschanin in Nobility.” Unites these comedies, first of all, the desire of heroes to break into the highest light.

The LeBlanc family is immediately lucky — they win the lottery 25 million euros! Instead of the instant glossy glitter of a beautiful life, however, they get attacks by adventurers, pressure seekers and torturous trials in trying to find a new lifestyle. So what — again not in money happiness?

Premiere shows of comedy in the production of the chief director of the theatre Anna Babanova will take place on January 24 and 25.

21 January  ·  Prokopyevsk

Kuzbass continues to participate in the laboratory movement led by Pavel Rudnev. The laboratory “Transformation of Myth” in Novokuznets has just ended, as the screenings of sketches in the Prokopievsky Drama Theatre started. For five days the directors rehearsed with the actors selected plays — the material was modern drama, based on the acute problems of today.

Yesterday there were screenings of sketches “Confusion” by Egor Chernyshov on the play Alexey Makeychik and “Gold” by Nikita Zolin on the play Catherine Timothy — both plays, by the way, leaders of the festival of young drama Lubimovka-2019. Today it is Polina Zolotovitskaya ’s turn — she worked with the already famous play Keren Climovski “My Dad Peter Pan,” and immediately after Alexander Sozonov will present a sketch on Maria Malukhina ’s play “Closure.”

In the final of the laboratory “Experiment 123,” the audience will be able to take part in summing up the results, and ahead of the theater is expected a lot of work with modern drama and young directing — in this assured director Lyudmila Kuptsov.

29 November  ·  Khabarovsk

This fall, the name of Alan Turing and the theme of artificial intelligence are once again on the mouth of many. The Knigomans discuss British Ian Makyuan ’s new novel “Machines Like Me” — in the alternative history of Turing live in the 1980s, continuing to make scientific breakthroughs. And now to talk about English mathematics will be able and theatres, however, only Khabarovsk — at the Drama Theatre today premiere “Test Turing.”

Playwright Igor Yakimov defined his play as “a comedy for two people, two mobile phones and one laptop, and a tragedy for a transistor radio receiver.” The action takes place in the near future — maybe “even tomorrow”: a British scientist using a Turing test tries to find out who is in front of him — a man or a machine? The series of comic situations in which he finds himself only highlights the fact that we ourselves today are more robots than humans, because without an electric socket many will not be able to live an hour.

The comedy about computer programs, love and beauty was set by Maxim Kalsin, and this is his second consecutive premiere in the Khabarovsk Drama Theatre — a month and a half ago the audience was presented with the thriller “Portrait of Fear.”

5 November  ·  Yekaterinburg

The XIII International Theatre Festival of Modern Drama “Kolyada-Plays” continues in Yekaterinburg, the program of which traditionally consists of performances on the plays of Nicholas Stroller, young Ural drama and winners of the International Competition of Drama “Eurasia.”

If last year the president of the festival Nikolai Stroyada was able to invite more than 600 guests, this time the budget allowed to receive only 200 people. However, this also means that in 10 days Eiburzhets will see a total of about 40 performances of theatres from Helsinki, Petropavlovsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Lower Tagil, the village of Velaya Atnya and, actually, Yekaterinburg.

“When I see my students growing up, becoming famous, the heart is filled with incredible pride,” says festival president Nikolai Stroyada. “This year I watched 80 video appearances. From them by different criteria selected productions. As a result, it turned out to be just the perfect program. When I am asked what performances I would recommend to visit, I say — yes all to one! ”

Those who cannot be in Yekaterinburg these days have the opportunity to join the festival thanks to online broadcasts.

11 October  ·  Yekaterinburg

The Sverdlovsk Academic Drama Theatre continues to issue premiere on the mountain, and today — the time of the “Republic of SHKID.” However, at the basis of the performance not only the story of the same name by Gregory White and L. Panteleev (Alexey Eremeyev) — director Dmitry Yegorov brought it together in a production with the novel of former Shkidians Pavel Olkhovsky and Constantine Evstafiev, where SHKIDskie orders and the creator of the School-commune Victor Soroka-Rosinsky are subject.

In addition, the show uses unique documentary materials provided by White ’s granddaughter Elena Nazaryan. All this makes it possible to reveal in depth the theme of the Teacher ’s importance in the life of every person and to see in the heroes of real people who wanted to create a “country” where it is possible to live according to the laws of free creativity and real friendship.

5 October  ·  Vladivostok

Its 87th season, the Makism Gorky Seaside Drama Theatre opens a joint project with the Los Angeles Theatre Movement Bazaar, backed by the U.S. Embassy. American producers chose a classic to work with Vladivostok actors and adapted Francis Scott Fitzgerald ’s novel “The Great Gatsby” for the stage. “We wanted to choose a story that perfectly reflected the” American spirit, “but at the same time concluded his criticism. And that is why we were attracted by Fitzgerald, who best depicted the jazz era of the 1920s, a time called “one solid party with an atmosphere of exploitation, rampage and cheating,” said director Tina Cronis and staging author Richard Alger.

It is interesting that in the production plans for the season at the Maritime Theatre there are two other very different, but in their cult novels — “Master and Margarita” Mikhail Bulgarian and “Pride and Prejudice” Jane Austen.

2 October  ·  Vladivostok

The Festival of Theatres of the Far East did not finish in Khabarovsk, as the time for a new major event came — all moved to Vladivostok, where these days the Far East Theatre Forum of the STD of the Russian Federation “Russian Theatre — XXI Century” takes place. About 300 people take part in daily creative workshops, trainings, seminars and laboratories. Important points of today will be, for example, round tables on the topics “Theater — viewer — Internet” and “Director in modern Russian theatre — synecura or galleys?.” The forum will last until October 4.

29 September  ·  Novosibirsk

A year and a half ago, the whole young Novosibirsk blew up Andrei Prikotenko ’s performance “Sociopath/Hamlet” in the theatre “Old House”.

The generational hero participated in the rap battle and from his energy simply slammed. So the premiere about another cult character here was expected not that with impatience, but with awe. Yesterday the first show of the director ’s version of “Idiot” on the novel by Fedor Dostoyevsky took place, tonight — the second. “Indescribable,” incredible, “amazing” — thrilled those who managed to get to the premiere, and it was not easy, because the configuration of the stage space cut off most of the auditorium, so there were very few seats.

Andrei Prikotenko turned into Myshkin each — more precisely, each carries a Myshkin complex. In fact, the performance is an attempt by the director to answer the main question: “Can there exist today a man who loved this world so much that the life of another becomes for him the highest value?”


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