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1 December  ·  Ulan-Ude

Not only do performances become prize winners — theaters have something to be proud of and except for purely creative victories. It is always pleasant when the work of employees is celebrated — and today we congratulate the Buryat Academic Drama Theater named after Khots Namsaraev and the Russian Drama Theater named after Bestuzhev, who won the annual republican award for achievements in the field of advertising and PR “Crystal Roller” in the nomination “Best promotion of the company in social networks: education and development.” And separate congratulations are addressed to the press service of the Russian Drama Theater and public relations manager Yulia Fedosova, who for the fourth year in a row (!) Takes first place in the nomination “Best Press Service of Non-Profit Organizations.”

Let the number of awards grow!

24 September  ·  Barnaul

Ahead of the Altai Youth Theater is an exciting month — all the performances postponed due to quarantine finally go on stage. Today and tomorrow, perhaps, one of the main premieres of autumn in Barnaul is William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Staged “Hamlet” Tatyana Bezmenova, known in the city as the author of plastic decisions for many performances. However, she will not make her debut as a director — on the stage of the MTA, she has already staged “Crazy Day, or the Marriage of Figaro” by Beaumarchais.

For work, the director chose the translation of Mikhail Morozov — not the most seemingly obvious, but very interesting: prose translation-study with a lot of comments.

The artist Alexei Panenkov, based on the director’s plan, came up with a space in the form of a giant library, simultaneously referring to Hamlet’s children’s room. "The essence of the scenery is that they become a mousetrap inside the palace, into which all the characters fall. We have the opportunity to emphasize the main idea: when you build a mousetrap, it is very likely that you will find yourself in it, as well as loved ones and loved ones, "the director comments.

In a few hours, the first audience will try to find answers to the main questions: what awaits us outside the world, is there immortality of the soul or is there only chaos ahead and there is no point in the fight?

4 August  ·  Friends we really missed the good news!

Alas, there was a long forced break in the work of theaters, but, we hope that now everything is gradually returning to normal. It is joyful to see that many have resumed rehearsal processes and are preparing for the opening of a new creative season. And several times a week we will try to talk about the events that take place today in the theaters of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. Well, we’ll start with the festival.

The festival of young directing “Artmigration” published a consolidated program — it is expected that the event will be held from September 12 to 20 and eight theaters will take part in the main program, including the Kansk Drama Theater, the City Drama Theater of Nizhnevartovsk, the Nizhny Tagil Drama Theater.

As the festival organizers themselves say, “you can study and (for the strong in spirit!) Plan a theatrical September.”

Entrance to the festival for spectators will remain free — registration for performances will be announced additionally.

27 March  ·  Happy International Theatre Day!

Today is remarkable for many: in Japan on March 27 - the Holiday of sakura flowering, in France - Cheese Day, it is also possible to celebrate Whiskey Day and at the same time the birthday of Quentin Tarantino. Well, we 're in a hurry to congratulate you on International Theatre Day!

Dear colleagues, viewers, everyone who is in love with the theater - we wish you the strength to cope with daily concerns, inspiration to realize dreams into reality, good luck to always achieve the desired result! Let all the planned premiere be played, the halls are full, and - yes there will be a theatre!

See you at the New Siberian Transit Festival!

10 March  ·  Tyumen

The holiday is not a time for rest in the theater: here and in the Tyumen drama on the eight-March weekend prepared for the audience a gift — the premiere of the musical comedy «Eight Women.» However, the genre is too narrow for Sergei Zaharin to perform — in fact, it is a burning mixture of detective, drama, black comedy and musical.

Robert Tom ’s play is too famous to resemble its plot, but do you remember François Ozone ’s film «8 Women»? Each character in it was revealed as much as possible, including with the help of a solo vocal number. Exactly the same in the Tyumen performance — musical numbers specially written by indie pop group «OQJAV» taking into account the individuality of each actress and her character.

The director of the theatre Sergey Osintsev has already given his assessment to the premiere: «The performance is mysterious, there is, what to watch, there was a very elegant production, in which the stylist Sergey Zaharin feels.» The audience of the first shows were able to see this — the next is scheduled for March 18.

30 January  ·  Dear colleagues we have an important message!

Very soon — on February 17th — we will find out who will become a participant in the competitive program of the VI Inter-Regional Theater Festival “New Siberian Transit”!

The expert council led by Oleg Loevsky will hold a final discussion in Novosibirsk, at which the composition of the participants will be formed. We are sure that it will not do without disputes, because this time a record number of applications was submitted — more than 130. Experts will announce their decision at a press conference to be held at the Red Torch Theater on February 17 at noon. Of course, we are also looking forward to this moment and will immediately share the latest news with you.

Good luck to everyone!

23 January  ·  Norilsk

An easy and funny French comedy will add to its repertoire Norilsk Polar Drama Theatre named after Vradimir Mayakovsky. The tie of the modern play “Happy Number” by Jean-Marie Chevre is compared neither much nor little to the Molerian “Veschanin in Nobility.” Unites these comedies, first of all, the desire of heroes to break into the highest light.

The LeBlanc family is immediately lucky — they win the lottery 25 million euros! Instead of the instant glossy glitter of a beautiful life, however, they get attacks by adventurers, pressure seekers and torturous trials in trying to find a new lifestyle. So what — again not in money happiness?

Premiere shows of comedy in the production of the chief director of the theatre Anna Babanova will take place on January 24 and 25.

21 January  ·  Prokopyevsk

Kuzbass continues to participate in the laboratory movement led by Pavel Rudnev. The laboratory “Transformation of Myth” in Novokuznets has just ended, as the screenings of sketches in the Prokopievsky Drama Theatre started. For five days the directors rehearsed with the actors selected plays — the material was modern drama, based on the acute problems of today.

Yesterday there were screenings of sketches “Confusion” by Egor Chernyshov on the play Alexey Makeychik and “Gold” by Nikita Zolin on the play Catherine Timothy — both plays, by the way, leaders of the festival of young drama Lubimovka-2019. Today it is Polina Zolotovitskaya ’s turn — she worked with the already famous play Keren Climovski “My Dad Peter Pan,” and immediately after Alexander Sozonov will present a sketch on Maria Malukhina ’s play “Closure.”

In the final of the laboratory “Experiment 123,” the audience will be able to take part in summing up the results, and ahead of the theater is expected a lot of work with modern drama and young directing — in this assured director Lyudmila Kuptsov.


Days before the VI festival starts: