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27 January  ·  Bratsk

Last week, the Bratsk Drama Theater had a reason for great joy. Here they have not played performances on the viewer since March 20, 2020, and now — exactly 10 months later — the theater has finally opened its doors. Of course, while there was no such opportunity, the work still did not stop — the premieres were released online: so the audience saw, for example, “Save camera junker Pushkin” and “Pannochka.” Mssritchi about neFreedom “Beautiful Dalyoko.” Danila Privalov’s play does not lose its popularity with the directors, and this is easy to explain — it asks simple and at the same time very important questions.

"It is very difficult to live with the feeling that it is over. It is very difficult to live with the feeling that everything is alive and nothing else will happen. It is very difficult to wait for something out of nowhere. It is very difficult to live in nowhere, "says wise Sanych, one of the six heroes of this story.

Where is it, our beautiful away?

26 January  ·  Chelyabinsk

The 2021st started at the Chelyabinsk Youth Theater with an experimental premiere. The plastic performance “Trovanta” was born from the idea of ​ ​ Vladislav Morozov and Elena Prishvitsyna — choreographers of the Chelyabinsk Theater of Modern Dance under the direction of Olga Pon. The basis was the Scandinavian legends of living stones, in which evil spirits live, kidnapping the souls of mortals. However, the plot is conditional — “Trovants” become a meditative immersion in the mystical. “For a long time, the idea of ​ ​ making a plastic performance on the artists of the drama theater was swirling, because they move differently, think differently than the dancers,” the directors explained their plan. “They can communicate with each other with the help of a look, it’s easier for them to explain the conditions in which they should immerse themselves. We wanted not so much creativity as beauty, bodily aesthetics, a brighter manifestation of emotions. ”

One of the premiere shows took place on January 24, the second is scheduled for January 30, and in the afternoon a choreographic master class for the audience will be held in front of it. “The audience will enter the stage, and we will close the curtain, they will remain one on one with the performance space,” said Vladislav Morozov and Elena Prishvitsyna. “This is a master class of improvisation, without a complex and accurate structure. Everything will depend on the participants: how ready they are to immerse themselves, how they will react, including to music, stage light, smoke, objects of scenery of the performance. Everyone can just move now, there are a lot of similar trainings and master classes. But to visit the place of the performer of the performance is a unique opportunity for our audience. ”

23 January  ·  Norilsk

Dancing metallurgists from this day will burst into the poster of the Norilsk Polar Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Today, the premiere of the desperate comedy “Male Striptease,” which goes around the country under variable names, is in Norilsk, they chose an adaptation of the plot made by playwright Boris Buzhor for staging. Gosha, Grisha, Max, Dan, Hassan — the metallurgists who lost their jobs from hopelessness decided to organize their strip show. And under the comical situation at first glance is an incredible story of overcoming fears, complexes and biases.

In January, the theater planned three shows of Timur Fayruzov’s production: January 23, 24 and 31.

22 January  ·  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Probably, there is not a single theater left that during the current — as difficult as the previous — season would not make urgent changes to the repertoire. In January, this also affected the Kamchatka Drama and Comedy Theater. Today, according to the plan, one of the premiere shows of the play “Gandhi was silent on Saturdays” was supposed to play here. Anastasia Bukreeva’s play is a lyrical story of growing up, similar in mood to Salinger’s “Over the Abyss in the Rye,” director Roman Kaganovich doused, according to the theater, in a provocative form that shades the hero’s drama.

However, the screenings had to be canceled, and instead of “Gandhi was silent on Saturdays,” the audience will see another premiere of the season — Oleg Stepanov’s production of “Bachelors and Bachelors”. According to the play Hanona by Levin the theater speaks about the comedy exclusively bright adjectives: “scandalous, shocking, scandalous and very much 18+”. Grotesque, irony and sarcasm get along perfectly in this story from the life of four infinitely lonely people who are afraid of intimacy no less than being rejected.

21 January  ·  Ulan-Ude

Another important and interesting premiere at the Buryat Academic Drama Theater named after Khots Namsaraev — “Dorzh” directed by Oleg Yumov. The solo performance is based on the biography of the first Buryat scientist, Mongolian scientist and polyglot Dorzhi Banzarov. The story of his difficult and amazing fate is led by the actor and author of the play, Chimit Dondokov, who admitted that preparations for the premiere were not easy for him: “It was difficult to write a play, but not as difficult as all this to play.”

“Dorzhi Banzarov has always been a mysterious nature for me,” says director Oleg Yumov. “The book was also the Soviet” Dorzhi, the son of Banzar. " And finally, last year our story with the Buryaad Theater brewed very intensely. I chose a monoformate because I wanted nothing superfluous to focus on the fate of this great man. "

By the way, everyone can buy a ticket for the online premiere — the record will be available until January 25.

20 January  ·  Prokopyevsk

The final stage was reached by the laboratory “Experiment 123” in the Prokopyevsky Drama Theater. Laboratories have been held here since 2011 and the current, under the direction of theater expert Pavel Rudnev, has become the seventh in a row. The theme this year was “Unknown Classics of Famous Classics” — each of the four participating directors will present its own sketch:

  • “Optimistic Tragedy” by Vsevolod Vishnevsky — director Stepan Pekteev;
  • “City of En” Leonid Dobrovin — director Artem Ustinov;
  • "Provincial jokes. The case of metranpage “by Alexander Vampilov — director Igor Stam;
  • “The Tragedy of Judas, Prince Iskariotsky” by Alexei Remizov — director Alexei Zolotovitsky.

“This specific interest means that: the author is known, but not all of his texts become an object for theatrical play, are forgotten by the theater, are not checked,” comments Pavel Rudnev on the choice of the project theme. “The laboratory is needed to take risks: to see if it is possible to introduce unexpected, not yet verified or in order forgotten texts into the modern repertoire. The choice was free for directors. It so happened that the whole four focused on Russian material of the 20th century, although we did not set such borders. ”

Sketches will be shown on January 20 and 21, after each a discussion will be organized, in which, in addition to the head of the laboratory, critic Maria Kozhina will take part.

Viewers are also called to the dialogue — it is they who have to vote for the sketches and determine: “leave, everything as it is,” “finalize” or “forget, like a terrible dream.”

Recall that in the history of the laboratory “Experiment 123” the repertoire of the Prokopyevsky Theater was replenished with nine performances that came out of sketches. So we are waiting for the next prime ministers!

19 January  ·  Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Last weekend, the premiere of the drama “Zuleikha Opens His Eyes” took place in the Komsomolsky-on-Amur Drama Theater. Director Dmitry Akrish independently worked on the staging of Guzeli Yakhina’s novel: “It was important for me to show what was happening in the country in the era when the novel was unfolding. Of course, it’s not easy to fit this extensive story in a couple of hours, but this requires a director to determine which storylines are important. I wanted to keep them to the maximum, and in this performance I refused a linear story, resorting to a new reception for myself to organize the space — editing episodes: the places of action are not replaced sequentially one after another, but everything happens at the same time. ” Technologist Daniil Travin helped Dmitry Akrish in organizing the stage space.

The performance developed into a story about how a person remains a person even in the conditions of violence, cruelty, betrayal surrounding him — and saves his love. The next premiere will be held on February 13th.

15 January  ·  Yakutsk

How many Duck Hunts have already been seen by Russian scaffolds, but the Sakha Academic Theater named after Platon Oyunsky is preparing to surprise the audience today with a very original stage version of the play by Alexander Vampilov.

Director Sergei Potapov thinks globally, and to the traditional theme of individual loneliness and loss adds crisis, confusion of the whole world. People have lost interest and taste in life, learned to love, hate, be friends, work. The only living person among the common soulless masquerade is Zilov, striving back to paradise, from which he was kicked out — to his home with his beloved woman.

“Kus көҥүлэ,” namely, under this name there will be a Yakut performance, is an alloy of household drama, a poetic parable and a high tragedy that nature can become a place of purification or destroy humanity.


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