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9 March  ·  Yekaterinburg

On holidays, "Kolyada-Theater" presented the premiere with a humanistic message - Nikolai Kolyada staged his own play "Green Finger" in the genre of tragicomedy.

It all begins on the day of the 60th anniversary of Semyon, a successful and rich man who, according to beliefs, decided to celebrate his anniversary in the "Made in the USSR" restaurant. But everything goes wrong, and the joint statement of his grandson and his friend Brian, from which his grandfather is ready to go crazy, becomes the cherry on the cake. The scandal is joined by tamada, waiters, invited actresses...

The performance, however, is not about scandal. And the fact that we are all different, we have many complaints and even dislike each other, but we need to somehow live together, try to understand others, even if sometimes you have to compromise some principles for this.

7 March  ·  Omsk

Omsk Academic Drama Theater turns to enduring values ​ ​ and presents the audience with the premiere of “Further — Silence....” The stage version of the American Vina Delmar became known in Russia after the performance of Anatoly Efros and Valery Gorbatsevich with the unforgettable Faina Ranevskaya and Rostislav Plyatt in the lead roles. Today, she rarely appears in the repertoires of theaters, and perhaps in vain — because she reminds people of the main thing: about feelings, about family.

"It’s a rare love story. We all saw couples who were lucky to meet once and for all — they arouse interest from others, even envy. The story about one of such couples, it seems to me, is interesting to show, “says director Roman Samgin.

However, “Further Silence” is not just a love story. The main characters — Lucy and Barclay — have been together for 50 years, and now they have to part not only with the house laid down in the bank, but also with each other. After all, none of the five Cooper children agrees to take both parents under roof.

“Roman Samgin at the rehearsal voiced a very accurate idea: melodrama is a clash of truth with untruth. And drama is always a clash of truth with truth. The parental truth and the truth of children in this case, “says actress Anna Hodyun about the play. — There are no good and bad, there is no outright evil and frank good. We are all living people and can manifest ourselves differently in certain circumstances. And in the process of rehearsals, we were just trying to transpose the material to the drama genre. ”

The audience of the first show has already shared emotions and are sure that everyone after watching the performance will certainly want to hug loved ones and say how they love them.

The closest shows are “Further — Silence...” — March 7 and 17.

6 March  ·  Novosibirsk

All today’s Transit news is related to music — the Novosibirsk event will not be an exception: the famous musical Cabaret is given at the Globe Academic Youth Theater!

But do not rush to tune in to an easy genre. The director, the “gold-masher” of last year, Alexei Frandetti, notes that the musical is not always fun and light-hearted, and often it says in understandable language about the most difficult things: “For us,” Cabaret “is just that. This is the story of the alarming time of the emergence of fascism and disunity of people. Or their excessive blindness. ”

Of course, this does not cancel great music, chic costumes, complex choreography and staged effects. However, prepare to ask yourself after the CABARET team a lot of questions about today’s realities and ourselves. “During each rehearsal, I remind the guys of the inscription made at the Dachau monument -” Never again. " So, we would like to remind our viewers once again that we should never again allow what happened once and that for some reason we find rhyme with today, "emphasizes Alexei Frandetti.

Spectators are invited to plunge their heads into the life of the Kit Cat club on March 6 and 7.

6 March  ·  Barnaul

Another non-standard classic entered the repertoire of the Altai Youth Theater — the tragedy of Friedrich Schiller “Maria Stuart” director Maxim Sokolov turned into an “opera.” We finished the genre based on the words of the director himself: “This does not mean that the artists will sing opera voices, we will have a sound sound invented by Vladimir Bocharov. But a significant part of the actors, indeed, will be a modern analogue of the ancient choir. ” By the way, the choir artists will exist in the play, as expected, on coturns. In addition to music, a significant role in the play is played by a documentary and poetic narrative — for example, sonnets of Joseph Brodsky sound.

The MTA performance is called “Mary I Stuart” — the directors explain this by emphasizing the historical significance and paying tribute to the last years of the Queen’s life and tragic death. In Barnaul, the play has already been dubbed the theatrical Game of Thrones, and Maxim Sokolov, explaining the choice of material, recalls another popular series: “Friedrich Schiller wrote this tragedy, disappointed in the ideas of absolutism. Today we also wonder: what is the risk of an unlimited monarchy? In addition, characters are psychologically subtly developed in this material — you read a play like the script of the Netflix series The Crown: in it the relationship of people is a tangle of personal benefits and public interests. ”

It will be interesting — March 6 and 13.

6 March  ·  Chelyabinsk

Once again, the Chelyabinsk Youth Theater is surprising — today the premiere of Onegin is here, but in a not quite familiar way. “How to put” Eugene Onegin “? Everything at Pushkin is already placed, everything is, everything is bright and alive”, — the theater asks a question. And the director Ivan Minevtsev found the answer and the way — Chelyabinsk “Onegin” will go in the genre of poetic symphony.

"" Onegin “is music, melody. I want to hear her, grab her, follow her. Then images, paintings, atmosphere, era, living people, their voices and characters arise, “the creative team explains the idea. It also includes the famous playwright Alexei Zhitkovsky, who had a difficult task — to work with the Pushkin text. According to Zhitkovsky, when he heard about the idea, he did not hesitate to announce to the director that this idea was crazy: ‘Poetry of an incredible level, what can be done with it, how to touch it?’ Nevertheless, the staging was born.

The composer Konstantin Khazanovich took about two months to create music for the performance: ‘This is a time-consuming work, but when you like the process, you can sit for many hours. Especially when there is a connection to the material — there is a feeling that you do not come up with a melody, and it is broadcast from you. ’

The main character of the play Ivan Minevtsev makes Tatyana — more precisely, three Tatyans. ‘We want to show what Tatyana is like in different parts of life,’ the director comments. — Including, decades later. She was able to survive this tragedy. But Onegin could not. ”

Spectators can be surprised by the fantasies of the directors on March 6 and 26.

2 March  ·  Golden Mask National Festival-Award - Mask Plus

Last weekend, the out-of-competition program of the Golden Mask National Festival-Award — Mask Plus — started in Moscow 13 times and will last until March 10. The poster included 12 productions from St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Novosibirsk, Syktyvkar, Perm and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

"The program of the Mask Plus festival includes performances, each of which has its own strangeness, disproportionacy, redundancy or, on the contrary, ultimate minimalism, as well as a grotesque type of imagery. In the year when the Russian theater discovered the possibilities of creating digital performances, productions will arrive in Moscow, whose charm is primarily concluded in rabid acting energy, no matter how old-fashioned it sounds, “comment the curators of the Mask Plus program Julia Kleiman and Vera Cordernaya.

Shows of Novosibirsk performances “Beauty Zone” of the Monday Off Theater and “Mushrooms” of the First Theater have already taken place.

In today’s poster — “Maria Stuart” from the Yuzhno-Sakhalin “Chekhov Center”: “a real performance of a large form from the most distant theater in Russia from Moscow, which in recent years has always attracted the interest of critics,” according to curators.

We wish the participants successful shows!

20 February  ·  Nizhnevartovsk

The Nizhnevartovsk Drama Theater opened, as they themselves say, “the shortest season” — but it started immediately from two events. Firstly, the audience saw the premiere of the mystical drama “Mermaid” based on the unfinished work of Alexander Pushkin. The performance was created as part of the Artlaboratia project — its first show was held online in December 2020, and now, finally, there is an opportunity to see it “live.” Laboratory participants tried to rethink the plot of the work. “Despite the fact that this is a fairy tale, parable, myth, heroes are faced with very real, sharp and scary questions for modern man: can you run away from yourself, can you justify betrayal, can you live with this load all your life, can you get relief from revenge?” — says director Olesya Nevmerzhitskaya.

Also, the opening of the season is timed to the personal exhibition of the main artist Vyacheslav Zaichikov “Terrible Tales,” which presents painting, graphics, poster, scenography, theater costume and art objects made in different years.

The premiere screenings of “Mermaid” will be held on February 20, 26 and 27, the exhibition works on the days of repertory performances.

19 February  ·  Novosibirsk

Seven years ago in the repertoire of Old House theater there was a performance at which all these years the army of the admirers claiming that after viewing “you, perhaps, any more won’t be able to live as earlier remains, and the world will never be former”. It is considered one of the best performances of Novosibirsk also today — Antonio Latella’s production “Peer Gynt” will be played on February 21 55 times. This event will precede a marathon “Without distance”, devoted to “Peer Gynt”: the actors occupied in a performance implement own creative projects.

Jan Latyshev will play the poetic performance “Kaleidoscopes”, Timofey Mamlin will present readings of the plays “Grave-diggers” and “Pharaoh Is Dead”, the Peer Gynt — Anatoly Grigoriev — prepared a solo performance of “Frag” for the audience. And the marathon on February 20 at 22:00 will come to the end with a concert of the Everest 9050 group — for the first time on the stage of Old House 15 songs which were written will be heard, actors of theater played and executed.

With anniversary, “Peer Gynt” — continue to excite!


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