Premiers of the 2021–2022 season

Last events

8 June  ·  Novosibirsk

A large, complex, bright premiere for children, which the Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theater “Globus” has been preparing for several months, will meet with its audience tomorrow.

“The Gingerbread House” was created based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm — the authors, in fact, are woven into the plot and will “manage” the magical processes. Playwright Valeria Uzheyko and director Natalia Anastasyeva vividly presented the Grimm brothers as collectors of stories — fairy tales are stored in a magic chest, which cannot be looked into ahead of time. But the nephews — Hans and Greta — violate the ban. This is how the road of wanderings begins, on which many dangerous adventures await the heroes.

The audience will see six popular plots from the collection of the Brothers Grimm: Hansel and Gretel, The Brave Little Tailor, The Bremen Town Musicians, Little Thumb, Sweet Porridge, and The Golden Goose. And at the end of a long journey, it will become clear: is it possible to return the disappeared fairy tales, or is it all about the fact that each of us is the creator of our own wonderful story?

Natalia Anastasyeva promises to present a performance that “will help you disconnect from reality and immerse yourself in a fictional, creative, free and refreshing life, like warm summer rain.”

The Gingerbread House premieres on June 9 and 10.

7 June  ·  Blagoveshchensk

A lot of preparatory work is behind us — the holiday itself is ahead: tomorrow the First Far Eastern Theater Festival “Territory of Childhood” starts in Blagoveshchensk! Although “starts” can only be said about the professional program, because educational and creative workshops for 60 children who have passed the competitive selection have been going on since April 2. Every day, children attend classes in directing, acting and stage speech, theater history and theater criticism, drama practice. During the festival, students are expected to present several directorial interpretations of Kolobok at once. “For the guys, the Russian fairy tale becomes both a comedy, and a social drama, and a tragedy in the style of Dante Alighieri,” says Ekaterina Naboka, teacher of the directing workshop. “They realized that Gingerbread Man is not a little fairy tale, but a deep and complex story.”

And from June 8 to 15, 17 Far Eastern theaters will show their best performances for children and teenagers. “The performances are designed for different age categories, but most of the performances can be attended by the whole family,” comments Yana Starodub-Afanasyeva, director of the festival. — There is something for adults to think about and then talk with the child. In my opinion, it turned out to be an ideal alignment, when everyone can choose a suitable performance for themselves.

We wish you neither fluff nor feathers, and may the first festival grow into the second!

6 June  ·  Tomsk

Oh, this amazing Ronchislap forest! Here, royal hunters meet sacred dwellers, and great wizards make magical deals. In the neighborhood is the kingdom of the ruler of Deramo, who is looking for his betrothed — hundreds of dates did not lead him to that one, but he still hopes for sincere and selfless love.

The well-known plot of Carlo Gozzi “The Deer King” will be revealed in a new way on the stage of the Tomsk Drama Theater tomorrow — the director Soyzhin Zhambalova embodies it, and the performance, of course, promises to be bright and extraordinary. “Here there is a place for hooliganism and recklessness, evil is certainly punishable, and love and beauty can win,” the directors say. “We want to test whether the genre of the Italian comedy of masks is capable of adapting today, and how the usual perception of ‘a fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it ...’ works.”

The premiere screenings of the tragicomic fairy tale for adults will take place on June 7 and 8.

3 June  ·  Novokuznetsk

Director Nikita Slavich continues to develop the experience of participatory performances at the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre. Last year, a kind of biopic about the band t.A.T.u. All the Things She Said. Now viewers are immersed in a radically different parallel reality. Echo of Dates is an interactive performance based on the rethinking of classic romantic stories. How would you behave if you were at a ball in a secular society or at your own wedding in the 19th century? Would you forgive Onegin? Would you fight for love?

The participants in each of the scenes do and say what they hear in the headphones — they are controlled by the actors. However, the viewer always has the right to choose: to go on stage or observe from the sidelines, exist on behalf of the character or remain himself.

Echo of Date will premiere on June 3, 4 and 10.

2 June  ·  Yekaterinburg

The Yekaterinburg Theater for Young Spectators celebrated Children’s Day in a non-banal way — the play “Scarecrow” based on the famous work by Vladimir Zheleznikov was presented here. “Every year we prepare premieres for June 1, and usually these are good, funny fairy tales. But there comes a time when you need to talk with children about serious things, — says director Grigory Lifanov. “I wanted to create an honest performance, because the problem is serious and terrible.”

Over the past 30 years since the writing of the story, the topic of school bullying has not only not really gone away, but has become aggravated — unfortunately, you can regularly see news about bullying teenagers over their peers. In order to delve deeper into the problem, the production team and actors traveled to Yekaterinburg schools, talked with children and teachers — then they decided that the performance would be staged not only based on a book, but also real stories.

In addition, in the process of preparing the Scarecrow, the actors met with psychologists. “Psychologists also say that society has a need to talk about such topics. Moreover, to speak with children in an adult language and answer questions together,” said Grigory Lifanov.

You can see the “Scarecrow” on June 2 and 11.

1 June  ·  Barnaul

On Children’s Day, the Youth Theater of Altai pleases with a premiere, which, however, will be of interest to viewers of any age — after all, in Yuri Olesha’s “Three Fat Men” everyone can find their own theme.

How to find the strength and courage to fight injustice? What will help preserve and strengthen inner freedom in an unfree world? Is there anything more important than true friendship? Director Pavel Pronin notes that he was inspired precisely by the spirit of freedom and all-conquering romanticism, which highlights the novel by Yuri Olesha.

Serious questions are combined in the performance with a bright visual solution — the artist Ira Sid created a world that absorbed the aesthetics of both the Soviet avant-garde and steampunk, while emphasizing the sharpness of the clash between “fat men” and “workers”. Specially written music, complex plastic drawing, circus performances — the MTA is ready to surprise in full. But the main thing, they say in the theater, is to smile at each other after the performance and try to make the world around you a little better and kinder.

After today’s premiere, the next screenings of 3 Fat Men will take place on June 8 and 16.

31 May  ·  Nizhny Tagil

From May 29 to June 5, the XIX Festival of Theaters of Small Towns of Russia takes place — an event without which it is already impossible to imagine the cultural life of the country. This year, the host city of the forum is Nizhny Tagil, which is celebrating its 300th anniversary.

16 teams from different regions were selected for the competition poster, including the Nizhny Tagil Drama Theater itself with the production of “Spotted Dog Running at the Edge of the Sea” based on the novel by Chingiz Aitmatov. The theaters present 8 performances of a large form and 8 of a small one, and two winners, who will receive a ticket to Moscow on the stage of the Theater of Nations, will be determined by a jury chaired by Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation Nikolai Kolyada.

In addition to showing performances, a large-scale educational program has been organized for participants, including meetings with cultural figures, seminars, master classes and professional trainings, as well as film and excursion programs. The festival does not change its best traditions: teams can be here all the time to watch and discuss each other’s work, as well as attend non-competitive events.

We wish all participants a warm welcome and bright impressions from this wonderful theatrical celebration! And, of course, a separate hello to the theaters of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East!

30 May  ·  Tomsk

Both children and adults have long been in love with Anna Starobinets’s literary series “Beastly Detective” — ​​everyone is waiting for each new novel with impatience and awe. And now the heroes have taken the stage — the premiere of the first book of the cycle took place at the Tomsk Theater for Young Spectators.

The distant forest is shaken by the news of a cruel crime. Representatives of the law — the experienced Badger Senior and the impudent Badgercat — are determined to find the culprit. After all, even if Wolf himself is among the main suspects, this does not mean that the investigation should not be continued.

The idea to put on “Beastly Detective. Lair of the Wolf” came to the actress and director Ekaterina Kostina. “I like the idea that you can’t blame anyone until you have 100% of the evidence,” the director shares. “We need to analyze, look at the situation from different angles, strive to understand it, which children do not often know, and adults do not always succeed.”

An exciting plot, colorful characters, subtle humor will certainly make you a fan of this saga. The next premiere screenings of The Wolf’s Lair will take place on June 2, 6, 7, 10 and 11 — there are still tickets left for some of them!