Premiers of the 2021–2022 season

Last events

18 May  ·  Achinsk

A mystical investigation is about to begin at the Achinsk Drama Theater — just a couple of days are left before the premiere of Artem Terekhin’s production of «Carbon». The director also acts as a playwright in collaboration with Ekaterina Avgustenyak, and the theater emphasizes that the details of the plot cannot be found anywhere except in the auditorium.

An investigator with superpowers, a young student, a caring maître d’, a suspicious professor — the characters move in a space reminiscent of a computer game and a noir detective at the same time, and try to shed light on the frightening relationships between the events taking place with them.

«Carbon is an element that underlies the entire organic world, participates in the emergence of life, contributes to death. We reflect on the fact that all human actions leave a trace, and not only carbon, — emotional, socially significant, destructive. Through the detective genre, we “investigate” the internal and external consequences of the usual and paradoxical actions of people,» comments Artem Terekhin.

Premiere screenings of «Carbon» will be held in blocks May 20-22 and 25-27.

17 May  ·  Bratsk

An unusual premiere is being prepared on the Chamber Stage of the Bratsk Drama Theater — its genre is not yet quite familiar to our ears, although it is gradually becoming more widely used. We are talking about chitakla, composed of a reading performance. For the next reading, director Alexander Ilyin and the theater actors chose the fairy tales of Boris Shergin, motivating their choice by the fact that it is through this material that one can “enjoy interesting stories, feel one’s roots, respond with one’s heart.” In such well-known fairy tales as “The Magic Ring”, “Martynko”, “Varvara Ivanovna”, the Pomeranian language, and the foundations and humor of this people are preserved. The theater is sure that in order to appreciate all the charm and depth of Shergin’s fairy tales, you need to grow up a little — that’s why the age limit for chitakl is 12+.

As Shergin himself said, the fairy tale “fades, lowers its petals in writing, in print”, but “sparkles, shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow in oral transmission.” The Bratsk Theater will prove this again on May 18 and 19 at its premiere of Shergin’s Tale.

16 May  ·  Artmigration

At the end of last week, good news came from Moscow — the expert council of the All-Russian Festival of Young Directors “Artmigration” determined the participants in 2022. And most of them are performances of the theaters of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East!

By the way, this year Artmigration will be held in a new format — if earlier the festival was stationed in Moscow, now every year it will move to a new city. And Yekaterinburg will be the first to accept it. “This will be the tenth Artmigration, and we decided that we need to come up with something new. The main idea of ​​the festival is creative mobility, and we thought that we ourselves need to become mobile,” explained Dmitry Mozgovoy, Deputy Chairman of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation.

The Novosibirsk “Old House” and the Laboratory of Contemporary Art, the Mirninsky Theater, the Northern Drama Theater named after A.I. M. Ulyanova, Tyumen ITC “Cosmos” together with the art group KREATORZ. In addition, the Art Migration for Children project became part of the main program, and there are also representatives of the “native” regions of the New Siberian Transit: the Tomsk Youth Theater and the Novosibirsk Globus.

The festival will be held from October 8 to 16, and the full list of participants can be seen on the Artmigration website.

13 May  ·  Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk Drama Theater named after Naum Orlov, as a rule, supplies us with news about evening premieres, but today we want to talk about the upcoming performance for the smallest spectators! Director Daria Dogadova staged a charming and wise fairy tale “Bunny-Zannayka” based on the play by Sergei Mikhalkov. Remember how Hare found a hunting rifle in the forest and decided that there was no beast worse than him now? However, arrogance and arrogance played a cruel joke with him. It is no coincidence that a quote from another work by Mikhalkov was chosen as an epigraph for the performance: “One of the first precautions: to proportionate desire and opportunity.” The premiere screenings of “Bunny-Zannayki” will take place on May 14 and 15.

And adult spectators will rejoice at the end of May — on the stage of the Drama Theater will be held “Big Tour” of the Moscow Art Academic Theater named after M. Gorky. The capital’s guests will bring to Chelyabinsk the performances “The Master and Margarita” and “Zoikina Apartment” — the shows will be held on May 24 and 25, 27 and 28.

12 May  ·  Novosibirsk

Debut at the Novosibirsk City Drama Theater directed by Sergei Afanasiev!

Theatergoers know Pyotr Vladimirov as an actor of the NGDT, and today he presents his first performance on this stage as a director. His choice fell on Viktor Rozov’s play The Entertainer. “In the NGDT, plays by Soviet playwrights of the sixties are often staged,” explains Petr Vladimirov. “There were many performances based on Volodin, Vampilov, but Rozov was not taken very often.”

The main storyline is based on a story of love and sacrifice — once Galina was forced to marry the prosecutor’s son in order to save her beloved, who leaves her and flees from Moscow. Now two men who were rivals meet in one of the sanatoriums, and their unsteady peace, built on lies and betrayal, is completely destroyed.

The theater notes that The Entertainer is also a rare play about the mechanism of fear. The director, in a commentary to the New Siberia publication, admitted: “I would like the audience, after watching the performance, to think: what is the most important thing in life? What should be preserved in oneself and in other people? In others — especially! I think this is very relevant. Especially today, in such a difficult time, when you want to live your life with dignity without repeating the mistakes of the past.”

11 May  ·  Novokuznetsk

A new project has started at the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater — it is called “Classics XIX” and will be dedicated to the works of the school curriculum, which may well claim the title of “cult” among young people. In the current and next theatrical seasons, it is planned to release three performances — “Dubrovsky” by Alexander Pushkin and “Fathers and Sons” by Ivan Turgenev are in development, but “A Hero of Our Time” by Mikhail Lermontov, director Andrei Grachev already presented to the audience yesterday. It is no coincidence that the production is genre-defined as storytelling — we can say that this is a modern retelling of one of the most famous classical texts. Three narrators try on the characters of the novel and try to find the root causes and motives of the protagonist’s behavior.

As they say in the theater, the project “Classics XIX” brings together works of Russian literature, in the search and actions of the heroes of which a modern young person can recognize himself or, on the contrary, oppose himself to them.

“Hero of Our Time” can be seen before the end of the season on May 11, June 7 and 8.

6 May  ·  Chelyabinsk

These days, Chelyabinsk residents can see two premiere performances in the theaters of the city at once. The Chamber Theater invites you today to Oleg Khapov’s production of “Memories of the Future” — a dramatization based on the works of Mikhail Ancharov was written by Chelyabinsk journalist and poet Mikhail Boguslavsky. The audience will see the confession of an artist who went through the Great Patriotic War and has seen a lot. On the way to finding harmony, he re-experiences the brightest and most significant moments of his life. The creators of the play offer to reflect together on the answer to the question of whether art can change the world, help a person remain human.

And on May 7 and 10, one of the premiere screenings of the play “Alien Letters” will be held at the Chelyabinsk Youth Theater.

Director Alexandra Lovyannikova chose the script by the famous Soviet screenwriter Natalia Ryazantseva for her work, and Yulia Pospelova adapted it for the stage. According to the plot, a high school student Zina is experiencing a love drama, and the teacher Vera Ivanovna, taking pity on the student, invites her to live with her. But soon existence under one roof will become unbearable for Vera. “Modern dramaturgy often takes the side of a teenager, helps him solve problems; we see how he goes some way, grows up, — says Alexandra Lovyannikova. — And ‘Alien Letters’, written in Soviet times, shows us another teenager — here he is just a bad person, envious, lying, ready to destroy someone else’s life. It seems to me that this change of point of view can be very interesting ... ”.

29 April  ·  

It seems that no one but Oleg Rybkin should stage Nikolai Erdman’s The Suicide — one of the first “black comedies” in Soviet literature, as this play is called. And now the stars have converged — tomorrow at the Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater named after Pushkin, the premiere of “a comedy for helikon with an orchestra” will take place.

“Suicide” is both a parody and a farce with a tragic tinge. How else to characterize the story that your own death suddenly becomes a hot commodity, and the number of people who want it is growing? A dead soul is worth more than a living one. “It is no coincidence that many drew parallels in the creative method between Erdman and Gogol as the great Russian satirists,” says Oleg Rybkin.

The central role — Podsekalnikova — is played by one of the leading actors of the theater Vladimir Puzanov. “The last words of the play: “Podsekalnikov is right, it’s not worth living.” This is such a self-assertive comedy. But it will be fun. This is in our Russian character, “says the actor.

The premiere screenings of “Suicide” will take place on April 30, May 1, 19 and 31.