Premiers of the 2020–2021 season

Last events

1 December  ·  Golden Mask

The National Festival “Golden Mask” announced the participants of the out-of-competition program “Mask Plus”, which will be held in Moscow in late February-early March 2022. Our separate congratulations to the “native” theaters of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East! The Prokopyevsk Drama Theater will present the performance of Artem Ustinov “City of En”, the Chelyabinsk Youth — “I dance like a moron” directed by Ivan Minevtsev, the Buryat Drama Theater named after Khotsa Namsaraeva — loudly sounded “Korea 03” by Soyzhin Zhambalova, Ussuriysk Drama Theater named after VF Komissarzhevskaya — “Karenina” by Roman Gabria. In addition, the playbill includes performances from St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Perm.

“Having collected in the program” Mask Plus “performances are different, strange, somewhere (we hope) wild and not always artistically perfect, we would like not to drive them into the Procrustean bed of invented hierarchies, but to embark on a journey through unknown worlds, — note the curators of the project Tatiana Dzhurova and Alexey Platunov. — Hitchhiking through the galaxy, we must forget about the categories of ‘bad’ and ‘good’. ‘Artistic taste’ has its limitations, and we would like to destroy boundaries, not build new ones. ”

The parallel discussion program “Masks Plus” will try to reproduce the context, explain the environment in which each of the brought performances was formed. Together with the creators of the play, art historians, sociologists, ethnographers, philosophers, together with “witnesses” and “experts”, the project team will try to understand what the worlds through which the journey takes place.

29 November  ·  Ekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg residents last weekend applauded two prime ministers at once. The Center for Contemporary Drama presented its version of “the most significant American play staged on Broadway in recent years”, “a gripping family drama that makes your head spin,” “a saga about an Oklahoma family going through a period of its apocalypse,” directed by Anton Butakov directed " Osage County August “Tracy Letts. The directors themselves speak of the performance as “a tangled tangle of human relations that can no longer be untangled.” The next screenings will take place on December 18 and 19.

And in the Sverdlovsk Drama Theater, comrades Novoseltsev and Kalugin were transferred to the 21st century — “Office Romance” is now taking place in modern realities. The play by Emil Braginsky and Eldar Ryazanov was performed on stage by director Dmitry Zimin and artist Vladimir Kravtsev, and one of the surprises of the project was the participation of the famous breaststroke team NUGGERS, “blowing out” a fiery mixture of funk, house and hip-hop. Everyone who did not make it to the premiere is now expected to attend “Office Romance” on New Year’s holidays.

26 November  ·  Tomsk

In early October, the Tomsk Theater of the Young Spectator conducted the laboratory of the actual children’s theater, and the most votes from the audience got a sketch of Artem Ustinov on the work of Gyus Cameer “The Book of All Things”. After a month and a half in the repertoire of the theater, a full-fledged performance is already included.

Nine-year-old Thomas is able to see in a sad outdoor world of bright paints — so, in urban channels, tropical fish begin to swim in the neighbor, which was nicknamed by a witch, he sees kindness, and Thomas sometimes chatting with his good friend — Jesus. But besides this, he sees a boy and how the father beats his mother, and even Jesus here is powerless. Thomas decides that all the same, happiness is possible — just need to stop being afraid.

“The fact that the chief enemy is our fear, one of the most important topics in life,” Artem Ustinov believes. — In fear, it is difficult to live, communicate with others, consider yourself a normal person. “The book of all things” is a story about freedom, about the ability of a person to choose its way. If you are internally free, you will not be able to become not only happy, but also a person, and man. "

Premiere shows are important not only for children and adolescents, but also for adults, the performance will be held on November 27 and December 2.

25 November  ·  Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk theatergoers will have to split up these days — after all, they will have two premieres at once: very different comedies.

The Chelyabinsk Drama Theater named after Naum Orlov entered the stand-up territory — for the first time in Russia they staged a play by Irish Geraldine Aaron “My Brilliant Divorce”. “A sincere story that life is just beginning at forty-eight”, — this is how director Vyacheslav Kharyushin defines the play. What to do when a loved one leaves? Anything, just not to despair. Indeed, in life there is always a place for new perspectives, acquaintances, romantic adventures, travel, discoveries — joy! The audience will be able to see the optimistic performance on November 26 and 30.

And in the Chelyabinsk Youth Theater they present William Shakespeare’s comedy Measure for Measure. How to live amid violence and money chase? Is it possible to keep an honest name in a world full of filth and contempt, to keep faith in goodness? Shakespeare 400 years ago wrote about the realm of selfishness, which dictates the rules of the game. In the 21st century, director Timur Nasirov is in no hurry to give ready-made answers to ambiguous questions, but he offers to joke about what we cannot cope with. The premiere screenings of Measure for Measure will be held on November 26 and 27.

24 November  ·  Ulan-Ude

“Fantasy + curiosity = miracles,” a new performance of the Russian Drama Theater is being built on such a formula. N. Bestuzheva “Metamorphosis for children and adults.” Visual plastic production is carried out in the team Sergey Levitsky and Igor Grigurko, creating a fancy world of geometric figures for the audience, which in unusual combinations give birth to amazing paintings.

“It will be a cool children’s performance that encourages children and parents to fantasize, he is about imagination — as in childhood, when it was possible to come up with a whole magic world from blanket, sticks and two combs,” explains the actress Liana Schtynilina.

According to the plot, a dreamy professor and his little student is transferred from a boring geometry lesson into the magical kingdom of lines, circles and triangles, music and lights — and the whole stories with their characters are played.

“This is the theater of sensations where you just need to relax, turn off the consciousness and immerse yourself in this beautiful world, and it will really fure,” I am sure the performer of the central role Anastasia Turushev.

The premiere shows of the performance “Metamorphosis for children and adults” are confined to the Day of Mother and will be held on November 27 and 28.

23 November  ·  Discipline

Readings of plays created in the second season of the Discipline narrative theater factory took place in almost all participating cities during the week. In total, 413 applications from 50 cities in 11 countries of the world came to the international competition — of which 14 participants were selected, with whom the writer and screenwriter Rodion Beletsky worked.

"The script coach of the first season, Alexander Molchanov, paid a lot of attention to the hero and the playwright’s work on his embodiment. The mentor of the second season, Rodion Beletsky, is more important about the structure of the play and the presence of events, so he worked deeper into these moments, “explained the curator of the project Oksana Efremenko.

Seven plays reached the final of Discipline: Mommy by Tony Yablochkina, Anya in the Elevator by Oksana Kushlyaeva, Google by Kristina Gortman, Stuck by Igor Vitrenko, Gorynych Left the Building by Oleg Mikhailov, I am a Bison by Svetlana Lukyanova , “Tru-Crime” Syuyumbike Davlet-Kildeeva.

On November 17, offline readings were held in the South Sakhalin Chekhov Center, on November 20 and 21 — in the Novosibirsk “Old House” (in the photo — a fragment of a discussion with the curator Anton Khitrov), and on November 22 — at the Moscow Praktika Theater. A little later, the Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theater will join the final stage, and then the names that will be included in the repertoire of each of the participating theaters will finally become known.

22 November  ·  Chelyabinsk

This name, which is extremely rare for repertory theaters, appeared in the playbill of the Chelyabinsk Chamber Chamber — the premiere of Fyodor Sologub’s “Little Demon” took place here.

The story of the provincial teacher Peredonov, gradually plunging into darkness and madness, is written against the background of the life of a provincial town and plunges the reader into the abyss of passions, pain and pleasure. The director of the Chelyabinsk play, Timur Kulov, retains the main plot, but moves the heroes to the beginning of the 21st century — the substitution of concepts in all spheres of life knocks out their support from under their feet, they flounder, exist in chaos. They seek happiness, but they constantly make each other unhappy. And Peredonov lives in constant fear of the present, hanging because of this in hopeless timelessness.

“I would like to help both the heroes and to clarify something in myself,” says director Timur Kulov. — To answer the question: why do we not notice the darkness in which we live? We all exist in a fantasy world. And in the play, the feeling of anxiety and pain should be read at the level of sensations and associations. “

The “Little Imp”, labeled “The Story of One Murder,” premiered over the weekend, with the next screenings on November 27 and 28.

19 November  ·  Novosibirsk

A big premiere in every sense awaits Novosibirsk citizens this weekend — the City Drama Theater directed by Sergei Afanasyev will present a five-hour production of Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina.

In fact, “Anna” and “Levin” are a dilogy: independent, but interconnected performances. Director Sergei Afanasyev developed two storylines: the tragedy of Anna and Vronsky against the background of the happy marriage of Levin and Kitty. “Touching the work of Tolstoy, a subtle observer and sensitive psychologist, is an interesting, new, intriguing experience that gives ample opportunities for the embodiment of the traditions of Russian psychological theater,” emphasizes Sergei Afanasyev.

The play “Anna” — about the tragic love of Anna Karenina and Alexei Vronsky — is a reflection on a person and society. Epochs change, but at all times a person is forced to adapt, fit into the framework of norms and rules. Is it possible to find happiness while doing this? “Levin” shows the second pair of heroes, Konstantin Levin and Kitty Shtcherbatskaya, who managed to find harmony in the relationship. Here the philosophical and spiritual searches of Tolstoy himself are expressed — by the way, the character of the writer will also appear on the stage.

On the days of premieres — November 20, 21, 23 and 24 — the performances “Anna” and “Levin” will be played in one evening with two intermissions.