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February, 2022

4, пт

The Primorsky Academic Drama Theater named after Gorky is preparing to brighten the gloomy February days with a bright premiere. For everyone’s joy, the most famous play by playwright Claude Magnier, Oscar, Misunderstanding in Three Acts, was chosen. Both Louis de Funes and Jean-Paul Belmondo shone on the French stage in the productions of this play, and the 1967 film with the same de Funes brought her worldwide popularity.

In Vladivostok, director Sergei Rudenok turned the Oscars into a “soapy vaudeville”. After all, the story takes place in the house of the soap magnate Bertrand Barnier — one morning brings real chaos into the life of a rich man. The loss of a suitcase with diamonds, confusion about daughters, pregnancies, suitors and wives bring Barnier literally to a nervous breakdown. And it just so happens that the modest driver Oscar has a special role to play here.

The theater promises to surprise the audience with its visual style: “The performance takes place in colorful scenery, and the characters are dressed in exquisite costumes in the spirit of French fashion houses of the 60s, when recognized masters Paco Raban and Pierre Cardin created their masterpieces. It was this era that inspired the production designer Andrey Klimov.”

Well, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times — the premiere screenings of the Oscars will be held on February 5 and 6.

2, ср

“To celebrate the New Year twice! Such a miracle happens only here,” the Buryat Academic Drama Theater named after Hots Namsaraev rejoices. February 1 in Buryatia, as well as Kalmykia, Tuva and several other regions of Russia, really came another New Year — according to the lunar calendar. This holiday is called Sagaalgan — that is, the “White Month”, lasts the whole of February and is accompanied by folk festivals.

Alas, this time the celebration of Sagaalgan will not be held so widely. Due to the worsening epidemiological situation and Buryaad, the theater had to cancel several screenings of the premiere performance “BAR ZHELEI NAYR NAADAN”. However, no one loses hope of meeting their viewers: “It will be very spectacular and beautiful,” says actress Aryuna Tsydenova. The artists organically combined the images of a tiger and a wave of elements on the stage, and a unique animation was created especially for the performance. The first screenings are scheduled for February 7th and will last until the 12th.

January, 2022

31, пн

On the last weekend of January, the Norilsk Polar Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky presented the premiere of Black Eyes to the audience. Experienced theater-goers already know that under this name lies a staging of Alexander Kuprin's story "The Pit". By the way, this is the second time the work has been addressed in Norilsk - in 2007, Anatoly Koshelev's production of Two Evenings in a Merry House based on the play by Vyacheslav Verbin was staged here. The modern version was created by the playwright Yaroslav Pulinovich, and the performance was staged by the chief director of the theater Anna Babanova.

The plot remains unchanged: in the center of it are the girls of the “two-ruble” institution Anna Markovna Shoibes, “not chic, but not low-grade either”, their broken souls and destinies, their “strange, implausible life”. And around these women, who take their asocial position for granted, are a host of men who are a portrait of a society that fully allows the enslavement of man by man.

The drama is staged in the genre of "cabaret-musical", and it emphasizes the tragedy of what is happening even more sharply. The premiere screenings of "Black Eyes" took place on January 29 and 30, the next ones can be expected on February 10 and 27.

28, пт

“If I were you, I would...” Who is pulling us by the tongue? After all, on these words, the executor of desires may well appear and turn a random remark into a real state of affairs. This is what happened in the play of the Belarusian playwright Andrey Kureichik “Wishmaster”, which was directed by Dmitry Nuyanzin at the Achinsk Drama Theater.

A fantastic guest swaps the bodies of spouses in a state of marital crisis. Now, in order to continue their normal lives, they will have to get to know each other in a new way.

If it seems to you that the plot reminds you of something, then we suggest: Andrey Kureichik is one of the screenwriters of the film Love-Carrot. "I tried to create a story that would be understandable and interesting to everyone. A story where a very serious problem would be hidden behind laughter and virtuoso play — how to understand a loved one and how to make him understand me, “says the author.

In the Achinsk theater, couples and couples in love are waiting for the premiere “psychotherapeutic” shows on January 28, 29 and 30.

27, чт

One can always find many paradoxes in life around the theatre. Here’s another one for you: Norman Foster is the most famous Canadian playwright today, but he is almost never staged in Russia, although his plays have been translated. The Omsk Drama Fifth Theater undertook to correct the situation — the main director Maxim Kalsin chose the play Lunenberg. Autumn in Nova Scotia.

The story is based on the relationship of two girlfriends — one of them has a husband who dies, leaving a house in Canada as an inheritance, and they decide to go there, to Lunenberg. On the spot, it turns out that the husband has not only a house, but also a second wife — this is how the test of love and hatred begins.

“This piece is solidly and ingeniously done. Perhaps this is an example of drama of the highest level, — says Maxim Kalsin. — Volumetric, lively characters, elastic, interesting dialogues, unexpected and paradoxical conflict. I really love it when such a genre “screw” is carried out in dramaturgy: this play begins as an eccentric comedy, then lyrics are added, it turns into a melodrama, and in the finale it is already a drama.

They say in the theater that if Lunenberg can be compared with something, then Roman Polansky’s film Massacre will be the closest.

You can make sure in the days of the premiere — January 28 and 29.

26, ср

The first premiere of the year at the Altai Drama Theater named after Vasily Shukshin — tomorrow the audience will see the production of the young director Dmitry Ogorodnikov “Days of Our Life”. The performance was the result of the creative laboratory “Pro100ry of History”, which took place last summer and was dedicated to the theatre’s centenary. It was a unique and interesting experience of addressing the texts underlying the performances of the very first season of Altdrama in 1921-1922. The theater management noted that “the idea, which at first seemed like a purely museum experiment, turned out to be a real creative challenge for young participating directors.”

Dmitry Ogorodnikov then got the play by Leonid Andreev, and it was this sketch that was eventually selected for further work. “Andreev always wrote about the universal loneliness of a person, with whom he always remains, with whom he cannot do anything. Loneliness and incomprehension,” the director draws the main theme. “Fear and self-pity — human problems are unchanged,” actress Anna Bekchanova defines her heroine and adds that the Ol-Ol character is a role of resistance, a challenge to one’s own “I”.

Whether the performers will justify their heroes, how the conflict of the play will be resolved in today’s world — the audience will find out on January 27 and 28.

By the way, in April there will be another premiere, which has grown out of the laboratory — “Trilby” by Grigory Ge will be staged by director Galina Zaltsman.

25, вт

Three weeks are left before the deadline for accepting applications for the First Far Eastern Theater Festival for and about children “Territory of Childhood”. Professional theaters of the Far East with performances addressed to audiences from 5 to 15 years old can become its participants.

Until February 15, you can try your luck not only in getting into the competition poster, the organizing committee is also waiting for applications from children and teenagers aged 10-13 and 13-16 to participate in creative workshops. Within the framework of the festival, the Dramaturgy Workshop and the Unified Workshop, which includes the Workshop of directing, acting and stage speech, the Workshop of Theater History and Theater Criticism, will operate.

The results in all areas will be known on March 15, the full poster of the “Territory of Childhood” will be announced on April 1, and the festival itself will be held from June 8 to 15 in Blagoveshchensk.

By the way, the symbol of the “Territory of Childhood” was the girl Nika in dinosaur kigurumi, invented by the artist Anna Tyurina. According to the results of the festival, three handmade BIG NIKIs will be awarded to theaters for the best puppet show, the best show for children and the best show for teenagers.

24, пн

In March, Novosibirsk will host the 5th All-Russian Festival of Chamber Performances “One. Two. Three”, and already now you can study the poster announced the other day.

The organizer will again be the First Theatre, which a couple of years ago took over from the Novosibirsk Theater Institute and largely upgraded the festival. This year, the organizing committee received 222 applications, of which the experts selected 12 included in the competition poster.

Spectators will be able to see performances from Moscow, Tyumen, Novokuznetsk, Nizhnekamsk, two performances from Omsk and as many as five from St. Petersburg. From Novosibirsk itself, only one contender made it to the poster — “Cherry Martins” of the Globe Theater.

“We have put together a program for 2022 from performances that reflect the different ways of communicating the theater today,” comments Yulia Churilova, director of the festival. — It is very important for me personally that the poster will feature both an installation performance and excellent one-man performances with powerful acting, current performances and traditional drama theatre. It is interesting to discuss the screenings with the audience after the performances and as part of the off-program of the festival."

The festival starts on March 20, and the closure is scheduled for March 27 — on Theater Day.

21, пт

The Kamchatka Drama and Comedy Theater is starting an experiment and is opening the Pushka laboratory today. The theater actors will become directors for several days and, as a result, will present three sketches to the audience: Elena Zorina is working on Dmitry Bogoslavsky’s Catapult, Vladimir Zavarzin is working on Yevgenia Nekrasova’s Kalechina-Malechina, and Ruslan Markov is working on Keren Klimovsky’s play My Dad is Peter Peng. The sketches will be shown on January 22 and 23 — at the same time, the audience will have to decide their fate: whether they want to see any of them in the theater’s current repertoire.

And today the opening of the laboratory, full of various events, will take place. Critic Anna Shavgarova will give a lecture on the specifics of modern theatrical art, after which the audience will be able to play the roles of playwrights, artists or make-up artists in various locations. In addition, throughout the evening, the recording studio “PetiPa record” will create a music track, and everyone who comes will have a chance to participate in this work. The culmination will be the presentation of the final composition — and those who are far from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will be able to see what is happening on the theater’s youtube channel.

Join now!

20, чт

Today in the Tuva National Music and Drama Theater. Viktor Kok-ool will host the first show of the December premiere of “Sygyrg” after the New Year’s performances. Especially for the performance, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Nightingale” was translated into Tuvan, and the main role in the cast is played by actors who know the art of sygyt — the throat singing of Tuvans.

The fairy tale is intended for family viewing, because director Saidash Mongush touches upon quite serious topics in the performance: the power of true art, the power of ancient music of Tuvans, the truth of human existence. The conversation is about the fact that all the good and bad deeds of a person will surely be credited to him, that the fake very easily takes possession of the minds of people, that they are ready to declare a surrogate as their idol, having lost their true values.

Shows will be held on January 20 and 21.

19, ср

The Drama Theater of Kuzbass these days presents the second block of premiere screenings of the play “The Story from Matvey”. The director Oleg Lipovetsky worked on the play by Nina Belenitskaya, and it was in the Kemerovo theater that the first production of this text took place.

Made in the name of Matvey — one of. One of us. One of those whose maturation and formation had to perestroika, the end of the era of the 90s. The changes that took place in society during and after this breakdown are shown through the stories of the school class. Together with Matvey, the rest of the students tell what happened in their lives, how it affected them.

“As a child, Matvey had a game: his grandmother talked to him as if she was Alice — the heroine of the film ‘Guest from the Future’. Matvey was very interested in what it would be like — this is the future. And now it has come. It became real. It turned out that the future is the same as the past. Does this mean there is no future? Or does it mean that you need to find a way out of the labyrinth of time? At what point did we get lost? What kind of work on the bugs do we need to do?” Oleg Lipovetsky asks questions in a commentary to the blog of the Theater magazine.

Kemerovo residents will be able to think about this on January 19 and 20.

18, вт

For some time now, January in Prokopyevsk has been chosen as the month of the theater laboratory “Experiment 123”. The Drama Theater has not changed the tradition in 2022 either — the eighth laboratory is being held here these days, and again under the direction of Pavel Rudnev.

Prokopiev’s experiments this time are united by the theme “Dangerous Age” — the sketches that directors and actors are working on tell about teenagers and are addressed primarily to this target audience.

“It so happened that the theater periodically forgets about teenagers. Once again, he believes that it is still useless to educate, to exhort that this age is lost for the theater. But this is not our time. Just teen theater, theater about and for teenagers is one of the main topics of the 2010s. And the Prokopyevsk theater has already done a lot for this,” says Pavel Rudnev.

And he will probably do even more, because there are four very unbanal sketches ahead: Dmitry Turkov is working with a modern translation of Jerome Salinger’s novel “The Catcher in the Rye” (for Maxim Nemtsov he became “The Catcher in the Grain Field”), Dmitry Limbos — with a play by Polina Borodina " Fish and Chocolate“, Timur Kulov — with the text by Neil Gaiman “The Story of the Cemetery”, Murat Abulkatinov — with the play by Svetlana Bazhenova “Do whatever you want as long as I love you”.

While rehearsals have started, screenings and discussions will take place on January 22 and 23.

17, пн

The Drama Lyceum Theater continues to accept applications for the IV All-Russian festival of solo performances “CHAT” — you have another two weeks to submit.

“CHAT” stands for Honest Acting, and the idea of ​ ​ the festival is to open the virtual space that is becoming familiar to people and encourage live dialogue in conditions of rapid variability in external life.

Both repertoire chamber and solo performances, as well as independent works prepared by professional actors, are invited to participate in CHAT. There are no restrictions on genre and duration — the main thing is that the performance was staged no earlier than 2016.

The festival itself will be held from April 1 to 5 in Omsk, and applications are accepted until January 30 to the address marked “Application for CHAT.” The position and form of the application can be downloaded on the official website of the theater.

14, пт

For some, readings are already a familiar part of the theatrical life, while others are just approaching this genre. The Drama Theater of Komsomolsk-on-Amur in these post-New Year days launched a pilot project, calling it “Theatrical Reading”.

The most diverse modern plays were chosen for the debut: the monologized action play “Mama” by Asya Voloshina (pictured is a collection that includes the play), the social “Mad Brushwood” by Oleg Maslov, the absurdly ironic “Who is this Sylvia?” Stephen Dunston, where cockroaches become the central characters, and the project will be completed today on the Small Stage by Dmitry Stertyukov’s Default Wife.

“Yes, the genre of reading does not imply scenery, costumes, even staged mise-en-scenes, as in a traditional performance,” they comment in the theater. “But there is the text of the playwright that comes to life in the speech of the artists, there is the concept that the director seeks to convey, and there is the viewer, his imagination, feelings, emotions that can be shared.”

We hope that both the theater and the audience will like the genre, and the project will certainly continue. Good luck colleagues!

13, чт

The Chelyabinsk Academic Drama Theater named after Naum Orlov met 2022 with a new performance in the repertoire - the premiere of "12 Chairs" based on the cult novel by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov took place on the Big Stage.

The plot, representing one continuous adventure, was turned by the young director Ilya Arkhipov into a stage show with intrigue, chase and the Brazilian carnival. The genre of the production was not just a cabaret, but a freak cabaret — a very atmospheric spectacle. “Each of our residents is a memorable image, and the action is twisted to the tunes of French dark rock,” they say in the theater.

“The novel and its adaptations have their own unique style. We have the same, — adds director Ilya Arkhipov. Why freak cabaret? Because in “12 Chairs” each character is a certain archetype: bright, juicy and voluminous. Yes, and the text is original, in principle, very “cabaresh”.

Those who did not have time to get to the premiere screenings have another chance this month — “12 Chairs” is on the poster on January 22.