Regions Events

April, 2010

16, пт

Accepting of applications for special prizes in nominations «For honour and dignity» and «The Best theatrical manager» is over. The festival booklet is prepared for release.

March, 2010

29, пн

We work hard on preparation of the program of Festival — all actions between performances (press clubs, special projects, skits, workshops). It is a lot of work, and we shall be in time!

26, пт

Our congratulations for the Day of Theatre!

20, сб

«Let us meet each other». All drama theatres of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East are invited to participate at the unique project which will take place in the frames of the Festival «Novo-Siberian transit». We wait for applications till April, 15!

19, пт

Jury of the Festival. The list is published.

18, чт

Poster! We are glad to present you for what we have worked so hard — the poster of the Festival.

8, пн

We congratulate our dear women!

6, сб

There was a press-conference (photo). Congratulations! A poster of the festival is announced. The schedule on dates will appear later.

2, вт

Work of the expert commission experts comes to an end. The closing stage will take place in Novosibirsk in the nearest future, critics will see Novosibirsk performances. The results and the poster will be announced at 12.00 at the press-conference on March, 6 at theatre «Red torch».

February, 2010

23, вт

Dear men! Our congratulations! We wish each of you could say the most man’s words at any moment of his life — «My Honour!» Health, happiness and love!

17, ср

Organizational committee of the festival reminds about special awards «Best theater manager» and «For Honour and Dignity». Applications for awards are accepted until April 15.

3, ср

Working trips of critics to the cities of the Urals, Siberian and the Far East are continued. On March, 6 a meeting of expert council will take place in Novosibirsk. And the poster of the Festival will be formed by the results of this meeting. Wish all a good luck!

January, 2010

11, пн

The experts go to the cities! First trip was to Ekaterinburg. The next on January, 21 is planned to the Far East.

December, 2009

28, пн


22, вт

The calendar for 2010 with festival symbols is issued.