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January, 2022

20, чт

Today in the Tuva National Music and Drama Theater. Viktor Kok-ool will host the first show of the December premiere of “Sygyrg” after the New Year’s performances. Especially for the performance, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Nightingale” was translated into Tuvan, and the main role in the cast is played by actors who know the art of sygyt — the throat singing of Tuvans.

The fairy tale is intended for family viewing, because director Saidash Mongush touches upon quite serious topics in the performance: the power of true art, the power of ancient music of Tuvans, the truth of human existence. The conversation is about the fact that all the good and bad deeds of a person will surely be credited to him, that the fake very easily takes possession of the minds of people, that they are ready to declare a surrogate as their idol, having lost their true values.

Shows will be held on January 20 and 21.

19, ср

The Drama Theater of Kuzbass these days presents the second block of premiere screenings of the play “The Story from Matvey”. The director Oleg Lipovetsky worked on the play by Nina Belenitskaya, and it was in the Kemerovo theater that the first production of this text took place.

Made in the name of Matvey — one of. One of us. One of those whose maturation and formation had to perestroika, the end of the era of the 90s. The changes that took place in society during and after this breakdown are shown through the stories of the school class. Together with Matvey, the rest of the students tell what happened in their lives, how it affected them.

“As a child, Matvey had a game: his grandmother talked to him as if she was Alice — the heroine of the film ‘Guest from the Future’. Matvey was very interested in what it would be like — this is the future. And now it has come. It became real. It turned out that the future is the same as the past. Does this mean there is no future? Or does it mean that you need to find a way out of the labyrinth of time? At what point did we get lost? What kind of work on the bugs do we need to do?” Oleg Lipovetsky asks questions in a commentary to the blog of the Theater magazine.

Kemerovo residents will be able to think about this on January 19 and 20.

18, вт

For some time now, January in Prokopyevsk has been chosen as the month of the theater laboratory “Experiment 123”. The Drama Theater has not changed the tradition in 2022 either — the eighth laboratory is being held here these days, and again under the direction of Pavel Rudnev.

Prokopiev’s experiments this time are united by the theme “Dangerous Age” — the sketches that directors and actors are working on tell about teenagers and are addressed primarily to this target audience.

“It so happened that the theater periodically forgets about teenagers. Once again, he believes that it is still useless to educate, to exhort that this age is lost for the theater. But this is not our time. Just teen theater, theater about and for teenagers is one of the main topics of the 2010s. And the Prokopyevsk theater has already done a lot for this,” says Pavel Rudnev.

And he will probably do even more, because there are four very unbanal sketches ahead: Dmitry Turkov is working with a modern translation of Jerome Salinger’s novel “The Catcher in the Rye” (for Maxim Nemtsov he became “The Catcher in the Grain Field”), Dmitry Limbos — with a play by Polina Borodina " Fish and Chocolate“, Timur Kulov — with the text by Neil Gaiman “The Story of the Cemetery”, Murat Abulkatinov — with the play by Svetlana Bazhenova “Do whatever you want as long as I love you”.

While rehearsals have started, screenings and discussions will take place on January 22 and 23.

17, пн

The Drama Lyceum Theater continues to accept applications for the IV All-Russian festival of solo performances “CHAT” — you have another two weeks to submit.

“CHAT” stands for Honest Acting, and the idea of ​ ​ the festival is to open the virtual space that is becoming familiar to people and encourage live dialogue in conditions of rapid variability in external life.

Both repertoire chamber and solo performances, as well as independent works prepared by professional actors, are invited to participate in CHAT. There are no restrictions on genre and duration — the main thing is that the performance was staged no earlier than 2016.

The festival itself will be held from April 1 to 5 in Omsk, and applications are accepted until January 30 to the address marked “Application for CHAT.” The position and form of the application can be downloaded on the official website of the theater.

14, пт

For some, readings are already a familiar part of the theatrical life, while others are just approaching this genre. The Drama Theater of Komsomolsk-on-Amur in these post-New Year days launched a pilot project, calling it “Theatrical Reading”.

The most diverse modern plays were chosen for the debut: the monologized action play “Mama” by Asya Voloshina (pictured is a collection that includes the play), the social “Mad Brushwood” by Oleg Maslov, the absurdly ironic “Who is this Sylvia?” Stephen Dunston, where cockroaches become the central characters, and the project will be completed today on the Small Stage by Dmitry Stertyukov’s Default Wife.

“Yes, the genre of reading does not imply scenery, costumes, even staged mise-en-scenes, as in a traditional performance,” they comment in the theater. “But there is the text of the playwright that comes to life in the speech of the artists, there is the concept that the director seeks to convey, and there is the viewer, his imagination, feelings, emotions that can be shared.”

We hope that both the theater and the audience will like the genre, and the project will certainly continue. Good luck colleagues!

13, чт

The Chelyabinsk Academic Drama Theater named after Naum Orlov met 2022 with a new performance in the repertoire - the premiere of "12 Chairs" based on the cult novel by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov took place on the Big Stage.

The plot, representing one continuous adventure, was turned by the young director Ilya Arkhipov into a stage show with intrigue, chase and the Brazilian carnival. The genre of the production was not just a cabaret, but a freak cabaret — a very atmospheric spectacle. “Each of our residents is a memorable image, and the action is twisted to the tunes of French dark rock,” they say in the theater.

“The novel and its adaptations have their own unique style. We have the same, — adds director Ilya Arkhipov. Why freak cabaret? Because in “12 Chairs” each character is a certain archetype: bright, juicy and voluminous. Yes, and the text is original, in principle, very “cabaresh”.

Those who did not have time to get to the premiere screenings have another chance this month — “12 Chairs” is on the poster on January 22.

12, ср

Some of the regional theaters managed to share good news even before the New Year, but nevertheless, the full program of the 19th Festival of Theaters of Small Towns of Russia was announced after the holidays.

This year the festival will be held in Nizhny Tagil — 16 groups will take part in it, by the decision of the expert council: 8 performances of a large form and 8 of a small one. Almetyevsk and Berezniki, Glazov and Sterlitamak, Lysva and Sarapul, Volzhsky, Novokuibyshevsk and Kudymkar will meet here.

And we say hello to the participants from Siberia, the Urals and the Far East — the poster states: “A Horse with a Pink Mane” of the Minusinsk Drama Theater, “Piebald Dog Running by the Edge of the Sea” of the Nizhny Tagil Drama Theater named after Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak,

“Zuleikha Opens Eyes” of the Drama Theater of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, “Ozor” of the Mirny Theater, “Emzhe. Reverse Perspective “of the Kamensk-Uralsky Theater” Drama Number Three “(pictured),” City of En “by the Prokopyevsky Drama Theater,” Karenin "by the Drama Theater named after V. Komissarzhevskaya of the Ussuriysk urban district.

The festival itself will be held from May 30 to June 5 — according to tradition, participants will be able to stay at it throughout the entire time, watch each other’s work and participate in all projects and discussions.

11, вт

Can you imagine having the premiere at the theater on January 2? And this is exactly what the Altai Youth Theater decided to do, staging a new play “Free Couple” in its repertoire for almost all the holidays. The play by the Italians Dario Fo and Franca Rame was recently headed by director Alexei Serov, who chose “as a warm-up” — however, without denying its merits: “This is both a very funny and clever story about a spouse who decided to live a free marriage.” A seemingly banal plot, the playwrights turned into a sparkling comedy filled with important thoughts: remembering and playing their family life in public, the heroes involuntarily ask eternal questions, trying to return the long-lost meaning to such concepts as happiness, love, family.

The audience had time to enjoy the first screenings from 2 to 7 January, now the “Free Couple” can be seen in February. Meanwhile, Aleksey Serov starts his next job — the musical Faust, which is expected to premiere in the spring.

December, 2021

29, ср
Happy New Year and Warm Christmas!

Dear friends! I really, really want the New Year to bring a lot of light, kindness and love, and everything that worries you will remain in the outgoing 2021. “Novo-Siberian Transit” wishes that each of you has a cherished dream come true, that your ideas and projects come true, that life around you is in full swing and gives the necessary boost of energy and inspiration!

28, вт

The Sverdlovsk Academic Drama Theater will end the year with the most magical and romantic story created several centuries ago by William Shakespeare.

The summer night here, however, turned into a mischievous one, but heartfelt feelings and attraction, born of magic and a love potion, still remained at the heart of the plot. Once in the kingdom of fairies and elves, the heroes endlessly fall in love, thirst, jealous, cheat, but how to figure out what is real in this chaos of passions and events, and what happens only in a colorful dream inspired by spirits?

The mysterious Dream on a Crazy Night was staged by Ulanbek Bayaliev — viewers will be able to solve the riddles of this semi-mystical comedy on December 29, 30 and 31.

27, пн

The year ends, but the premiere is not! Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater named after Alexander Pushkin presented a new production of Oleg Rybkin at the weekend. This time, the main director took “Woe From Wit” by Alexander Griboyedov, and transferred Chatsky and the Famusovs to the times of the Soviet Union.

The action of the Krasnoyarsk “Woe from Wit” takes place in the conditional 1970-80s. “Everyone knows this time of stagnation well. The very same milieu of high-ranking Moscow officials, “golden youth”, who had more opportunities than the average citizen of the Soviet Union. Accordingly, the characters of the classic play have changed, but the important motives that exist in this work remain, "says the director.

Set designer Nikita Sazonov created large-scale interiors of the Moscow metro for the performance, where part of the action unfolds, costume designer Elena Turchaninova dressed the characters according to the fashion and patterns of those years, and the actors sang the hits of the Soviet stage. Any classical work periodically needs to be looked at with today’s eyes, Oleg Rybkin is sure. And the performer of the role of Sophia Asya Malevanova believes that the performance should remind the modern audience how important it is to be sincere with each other, and how verbal games can lead to tragic situations.

24, пт

On New Year’s Eve, fabulous marathons begin in theaters — and “The Snow Queen” or “Twelve Months”, of course, are still popular and loved by the audience. However, some choose to go the other way. For example, the Altai Youth Theater has released a terrible tale for teenagers “Vasilissa” based on the play by the contemporary playwright Maria Malukhina.

On the outskirts of the forest, far from people, a family lives — mother, father and daughter Vasilissa. A girl is like a girl, grows up, does not know grief, only boredom sometimes overcomes. The forest beckons to itself, but the parents strictly forbade going there. However, the ban has to be violated when Vasilissa goes to save the family. The forest is fraught with terrible secrets, and the further the girl plunges into its thicket, the more she realizes that she is not who she considered herself to be all her life.

This is not a fairy tale for kids, but rather a story of growing up. “Vasilissa is a horror story, and teenagers love this genre. But we strive to create a performance for family viewing, — says director Victoria Pechernikova. “It will be great if adults come to it with their children, and then think about how difficult it is for a teenager to grow up in today’s realities, how difficult it is to understand and recognize himself, and how he needs support and acceptance from those closest to him, from his family.”

23, чт

It is always pleasant to receive recognition, on New Year’s Eve the mood improves even more. And we congratulate the Khabarovsk Drama Theater, which became a laureate of the Russian Government Prize for the best theatrical performance based on the works of Russian classics in 2021! The prize was awarded to the play “Two Brothers” based on the fairy tale by Evgeny Schwartz, created as part of the program for the development of theatrical art in the Far East with the support of the ART-MARKET project of the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theater. The production of Ekaterina Maksimova entered the repertoire in February of this year and since then has managed to conquer many children and adults. By the way, the theater is not afraid to declare that this fairy tale is by no means funny, and is aimed not at entertainment, but at a serious conversation. In the meantime, there are very few places left for the January shows.

In January, Khabarovsk residents are expecting screenings and one more premiere — “Jagger, Jagger!” based on the story of the Swede Frida Nelson. And this is also a difficult story of growing up and overcoming oneself. Some viewers are already lucky enough to see Ivan Pachin’s production — the first show took place in a completely renovated theater hall.

Colleagues, let everything continue to work out!

22, ср

Immediately two premieres one after the other come out at the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater. Children will be delighted with the fantastic fairy tale “Mom, I am from the future!” — director Andrei Grachev chose for the production the story of Kira Bulychev “One Hundred Years Ahead”. The boy Kolya finds himself in the distant future, where he has to meet Alisa Selezneva, find alien friends, transfer to a futuristic transport and escape from space pirates. All these adventures, of course, will be supported by vivid reincarnations, humor and music.

And on the evening of December 24, viewers are expected to see the premiere of the main director Yaroslav Rachmanin based on the mystical play by Matei Vishnek “The Story of Panda Bears Told by a Saxophonist who has a Girlfriend in Frankfurt”. This is a trick story that begins with two strangers — He and She — waking up in the same bed. The plot promises a romantic melodrama or an elegant comedy, but the plot goes much deeper — and the saxophonist is waiting not just for a nine-day romance with a mysterious Frenchwoman, but acquaintance and parting with himself.

21, вт

The Krasnoyarsk Theater of the Young Spectator Last Weekend invited viewers on shooting television melodramas. That is how the premiere of the new performance of the novel Feodori “Mother’s Day” was announced here. The plot of the play Jeff Baron really resembles a telechangerian: On Mother’s Day, Estelle is waiting for a daughter and son with his family — everything should be perfect, but, alas, ahead of the mass of unpleasant surprises.

“This is a performance during which the viewer is removed from the viewer and installation is made. We can see the existence of the artist inside the non-dramatic theater, and the film industry, and think about where the game ends and life begins, “says Roman Feodori.

Thanks to this format, the audience can see what happens in the foreground, and the fact that at this moment is hidden, and large plans of heroes. This requires more detailed and fine games from actors. ‘It seems to me that this is a pretty gentle story,’ the leadership of the role of Elena Elena Polovinkina believes. — My heroine after the death of a very favorite husband switched to her adult children. She lacks attention. But she must understand that she cannot receive this love from children, they love her differently. ”

The fault comedy about the ability to hear and understand each other Krasnoyarsa will be able to see the next 14 January.