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September, 2021

17, пт

The Norilsk Polar Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky is on the verge of opening the season.

Tomorrow, viewers will see the premiere that will end the previous season — “Bloody Wedding” by Federico Garcia Lorca was staged by Sergei Potapov. There is no doubt about the spectacularity and dynamism of this tragedy, because the Yakut director is known for his expressive manner in his work.

There are still some interesting events ahead — the premiere of the comedy based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s play “Mad Jourdain” directed by Alexander Isakov, the laboratory of modern drama “Polyarka” dedicated to Scandinavian plays, and on November 6 a gala evening dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the theater will take place.

May all plans come true — success and victories to you, colleagues!

16, чт

Non-binary opens its season Novokuznetsk Drama Theater — today the premiere of Martin McDona’s black comedy “Executioners” will take place here. The play takes place in 1965 in the UK. Harry Wade is the owner of the pub, and at the same time the second best executioner in the country, experiencing the abolition of the death penalty. And now the pub is filled with people who have various motives regarding Harry’s profession.

As the performer of the central role Andrei Kovzel notes, “Executioners” is “a fairly light, seemingly, performance, behind which there is a deep psychological and philosophical work.” Director Yaroslav Rakhmanin confirms that the work was carried out on a large-scale basis, but at the same time emphasizes: “It is important for me that the play be liked by me, artists — generally everyone who is busy in the process, so that everyone cares.”

We hope that the audience will also experience these feelings — the premiere screenings of “Executioners” will be held on September 16 and 17, October 3 and 24.

15, ср

The Altai Regional Drama Theater named after Vladimir Shukshin quite often holds a variety of creative laboratories, and September was not without one of them. Last season, the plays of the very first season of 1921-1922 were taken for sketches, and now they have turned to modern drama here, calling the project “PRESENT.”

Now there is a rehearsal process: Peter Nezluchenko is working with Oleg Mikhailov’s play “Oath Maidens,” Dmitry Akimov chose Alexei Zhitkovsky’s Cosmos, and Polina Borodina’s Exodus by Artem Terekhin. Oleg Loevsky leads the project “father” of all directing laboratories.

Sketches will be shown on September 18 and 19, and it is likely that some of the names will be included in the theater’s repertoire.

14, вт

The festival of young directing «ARTMIGRATION» started in Moscow.

Since 2013, this initiative of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation has been ongoing, and every year bright performances of young directors working outside Moscow and St. Petersburg come to the capital. This time National Theatre of Karelia, the Buryat drama theater of Hots Namsarayev, the Novosibirsk «First theater», Buinsky state drama theater, the Tyumen Youth theatrical center «Kosmos» and the Theatrical workshop «Subject», the Kazan MOÑ occurred in the poster, and today the audience will see «Gold» of the Prokopyevsk drama theater.

We wish all participants of successful shows!

13, пн

The performances, postponed due to the pandemic, still continue to appear, and the Surgut Music and Drama Theater opened a new season with such a premiere.

“Treachery and Love” based on the drama by Friedrich Schiller was staged by Antje Weber, head of the acting course at the Ernst Busch Higher School of Performing Arts in Berlin — now she had to direct the final stage online.

The events of Schiller’s play have been carried over from the 18th century to our days — the director believes that the problem of misalliance has not disappeared today, but, on the contrary, has become aggravated: social relations are riddled with inequality. “In Germany, I would probably stage this performance differently, reflecting the realities of this country,” says Antje Weber. “But in any case, we have an actual, very human story — not only for Russia, but for the modern world in general.”

The main characters have to fight for their love not with villains in powdered wigs, but with a whole state corporation.

After the premiere screenings, “Cunning and Love” will go on tour to Khanty-Mansiysk, so it will not be possible to see the performance on the home stage in the coming weeks.

10, пт

The novel by British writer Mark Haddon “The Mysterious Night Murder of a Dog”, released in 2003, is still popular in different countries — both among adults and adolescents. The plot revolves around 15-year-old Christopher Boone, a special boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. Starting to investigate the murder of a neighbor’s dog, he moves to find answers to important questions for himself: how to trust people? How to find your place and make your dreams come true?

The novel was soon adapted by Simon Stevens into the play of the same name and began to quite actively fall into the repertoires of theaters. On the eve, the next premiere took place — “The Mysterious Night Murder of a Dog” was staged at the Altai Youth Theater.

“I really hope that the viewer will understand the importance and necessity of the theme of the work and the performance — they are not about autism in fact, but about interpersonal communication,” says director Andrei Vorobyov.

The next screenings of the “equation with two unknowns” will take place in October.

9, чт

The Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theater “Globus” presents today the first premiere of the season — on the small stage, the chief director Alexei Kriklivy releases the play “The General and His Family”.

Timur Kibirov’s novel, which was the basis, received the Big Book award last year — the author positions it as historical. The action takes place in the 1970s — Major General Vasily Ivanovich Bochazhok is expecting the arrival of his daughter Anna, but he cannot assume that this meeting will put him in front of a difficult choice.

Aleksey Kriklivy believes that Kibirov gave the names to his heroes for a reason: “This should be a historical anecdote. Our stage method is not a parody of reality, but a play joke, comic strip, and sketches. Meaning, in this story, it is important for me that children accept their parents as they are. We must not blame them for our, perhaps not very successful fate, not blame our own failures on the mistakes of upbringing, but try to understand and accept them. ”

The premiere screenings of “The General and His Family” starring the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Ilya Pankov will be held on September 9 and 10, October 1 and 23.

7, вт

Once every two years for several days, the center of theatrical life of the country is traditionally transferred to the Urals. It is this phenomenon that can be observed now: from September 5 to 10, the festive atmosphere of the XVI All-Russian Festival “Real Theater” — one of the largest theater forums — reigns in Yekaterinburg.

This year, its founder and permanent art director Oleg Loevsky selected performances from Novosibirsk, Perm, Tyumen, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and, of course, the host city itself. In addition to the Yekaterinburg Youth Theater, which is the organizer of the event, guests are received by the scenes of the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Sverdlovsk Drama Theater, the Yeltsin Center and the Kolyada Theater.

Unlike many other festivals, on “Real” the excitement of the participants is not limited to the scope of the show — because after that they get to discuss performances by invited experts and young critics. Well, we hope that this year the estimates will be only positive — at least, we wish everyone that!

4, сб

The Altai Regional Drama Theater named after Vasily Shukshin opened its jubilee season with a postponed premiere — the play “Unforgiven” was planned to be released for the 75th anniversary of the Victory, but due to the pandemic it is being released only now.

Albert Likhanov’s novel was staged for the first time — it is called the most tragic of the writer’s cycle about the fate of Russian teenagers. In the center of the story is the fate of a 16-year-old village girl, drawn into the cycle of war. To save her life, she takes a step that becomes the cause of the alienation of the people around her. Creating the novel, Albert Likhanov relied on the real story of young Alena Nikishina.

The director Yevgeny Gomonoy, following the author, is trying to answer the question whether the heroine committed a betrayal or found the only possible way out: “But the main thing is, do we have the right to evaluate and judge these actions? Everyone will decide for himself. ” The premiere screenings of “The Unforgiven” will take place today and tomorrow, after which the performance can be seen in October.

2, чт

The Chekhov Center will begin its September with “Meek” — the story of Fyodor Dostoevsky was staged by the artistic director of the theater, Alexander Ageev, for the finale of last season. According to him, he lived with this text for four years: “I read it, came back, discarded it, came back again. And, it seems, is now ready for it. ”

The chamber story of love and hate sounds like the confession of the protagonist, performed by Leonid Vsevolodsky: "He is pathetic, unpleasant, but this is a man who has never been loved, an outcast has grown up and is trying to take revenge for past humiliations. Everything has already happened irrevocably, and we are only reconstructing the event, rewinding the tape back. You can consider that this is a glitch performance, everything that happens on the stage exists only in the mind of my hero, “says the actor.

One of the central symbols of the production is the doll. In the opening scene, there is already a detailed mannequin molded from the female lead Anastasia Soldatova; dolls are scattered across the stage, hanging from the ceiling, and the composition of the “Picnic” group “A doll with a human face”, which sounds like a refrain, crowns it all. And after such a frank image, how will the final phrase of the hero sound: “People, love each other”?

1, ср

Summer is behind us, but the hottest days are just beginning in theaters — almost everyone left their vacation and started new productions. The news of Novo-Siberian Transit also returns to the previous regime — we are ready to share the events of theatrical life in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

One of the first to open the season was the Sharypovo Drama Theater, while merging with the Lesosibirsk “Poisk” and the Motygino Drama Theater. Traditionally, at the end of August, interesting creative laboratories are held here under the leadership of Pavel Rudnev — the current one was named “Berlin 23/1”. "Well, now — dreams come true. For many years in a row I have been trying to equip a science fiction laboratory, to somehow unleash the theatrical potential of fantasy, science pop. I came across a number of stereotypes: it is expensive, non-theatrical, pointless to compete with cinema, etc. And in the legendary Sharypovo, from the second visit (the first was eaten by a pandemic), it seems, it turns out, “Pavel Rudnev shared on social networks.

On the final day, three sketches were shown: Alexander Barkar presented “Hamlet at the Bottom” based on the story of Leonid Kaganov, Nikita Kobelev — “Sleeping” by Marius Ivashkevichus, and Lyudmila Ismayilova — “What a lovely school” by Lloyd Biggle Jr. I’m curious if the theaters will take the sketches for further development — we will follow the news!

June, 2021

30, ср
See you later!

Many theaters have already gone on vacation, it’s time for us to take a break. Thank you, dear colleagues, for giving so many excellent reasons for the news — may the next season be even richer and more interesting!

We were happy to see you at Novo-Siberian Transit −2021, and so that the time before the next meeting would run faster and more fun, we share our memories of the festival, captured in the album Star Nonsense.

29, вт

The final point of the season at the First Theater will be the premiere of the play Maryino Pole — the play by Oleg Bogaev was staged by the artistic director Pavel Yuzhakov. He has already worked with this play — in 2019 he released Maryino Pole with his course at the Novosibirsk Theater Institute. "We thought for a long time about the expediency and possibility of transferring the performance to the theater. I always wanted this, because the application that we made with the students, it seems to me, worked out. Now we have a lot of new artists, some moves have changed, but the general concept has remained the same, “the director told the portal.

The three women who accompanied their loved ones to the war spent their entire lives waiting. And now, 60 years after the victory, they go to meet their husbands at a distant station — this is how a series of mystical events begins, and the launched flywheel of time shows the audience completely different heroines whom they met at the very beginning.

In composition it is a typical road movie, in plot twists it is a phantasmagoria, and yet Pavel Yuzhakov gave the performance a genre definition of “mystical comedy”: “This is a conversation with time and death through fantasy and epic. Making their journey, the heroines combine the present and the past. Their path is a kind of time machine ”.

Premiere screenings of “Maryina Poly” — June 29 and 30.

25, пт

The Kolyada-Plays International Theater Festival of Contemporary Drama, which opened in Yekaterinburg on June 20, has passed exactly half of the way to the current moment. This year the festival is being held for the fourteenth time, and its program, as always, includes performances by Russian and foreign theaters based on the plays of Nikolai Kolyada and his students.

The festival received almost a hundred applications, of which 29 performances were included in the final program, including “I (do not) love Almaty” by the Kazakh art-refuge “BUNKER”, “Russian Death” by the Serbian theater “Atelier 212”. There will also be organized a video broadcast of a Bulgarian production based on Oleg Bogaev’s play “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District” by the National Academy of Theater and Cinematography named after Kraste Sarafova.

For the first time, it was decided that the performances will be evaluated by the audience, not by experts — there is a ballot box at each site. The results will be announced on June 30 at a ceremony.

24, чт

The Khabarovsk Regional Drama Theater is preparing to close the season with two premieres at once. First, viewers are offered to travel back to the second half of the 19th century and live the story of the heroes of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky “The Last Victim”: a young widow, blinded by feelings, is ready to do anything for a rake who squanders her fortune — is he able to appreciate this sacrifice?

The premiere screenings of Nikita Shiryaev’s production will take place on June 25, 26 and 27.

And in early July, the premiere of the documentary project “Women of Sergei Yesenin, or the Love of a Bully” will take place. For the first time, Valentina Lyubicheva’s production was shown at the “New Facets” independent acting competition and received the “For the Acting Ensemble” prize. The performance is based on the poet’s letters, memoirs from the diaries of those closest to him — the audience will meet with Yesenin, who was an unrestrained natural element. The premiere of the performance will take place within the framework of the “Year of Literature and Poetry-2021”.