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December, 2011

31, сб
Happy New Year!

Dear our spectators and colleagues — we wish you the Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let every day of the New Year be full of happiness and warm your dear peoples with love! We wish you creativity in all fields!

29, чт

The tour of the St.Petersbourg theatre “That theatre” will take place on the stage of Tyumen drama theatre.

28, ср

The action “Immersion” was terminated on the stage of The New Art Theatre. During this action all three parts of the performance “Demons” (scenic experiments by the novel of F.M. Dostoevsky) were shown in one day.

27, вт

On the stage of the theatre “Globe” the premiere is prepared “Mummies” by Vladimir Zuev. Production director Denis Maljutin.

26, пн

Theatre “The Gallery” will perform “On the top of the forces” at the homeland of the author.

25, вс

On the stage Chelyabinsk drama theatre named after N. Orlov ceremonial evening devoted to the 90th anniversary of the theatre.

24, сб

On the stage of the “Fifth theatre” — premiere of the performance “At busy place”. Director Nikita Grinshpun.

23, пт
Sakha (Yakutia)

Dear friends, you are invited to visit a new site of the theatre named after P.A. Onuisky.

22, чт

Premiere of “Summer Night Dream” on the stage of the theatre “Old House”. Director Boris Zeitlin.

21, ср

Performances “Heathens” and “Gorko!” by Prokopievsk drama theatre will be presented on the stage of the Center named after Vs. Meierkhold in the frames of out-of-competition program “Mask plus”.

20, вт

The performance “Mother Courage and her children” of Altay regional drama theatre named after V.M. Shukshin will be shown on the stage of Moscow Art Theatre.

19, пн

Kemerovo drama theatre will present the performance “Cellophane” by the director Dmitry Petrun at Russian contest festival “Christmas Parade” in St.Petersbourg.

18, вс

Week of premieres at Krasnoyarsk theatre named after A.S.Pushkin.

17, сб

Premiere of «The History of Glupov-town» on the stage of the «Red Torch» theatre. Director Dmitry Egorov.

16, пт

On the stage of Novokuznetsk drama theatre — premiere of “Some explicit polaroids” by Mark Ravenhill. Director — Peter Shereshevsky.