Regions Events

April, 2011

17, вс
Chelyabinsk Kamensk-Uralsk

Kamensk-Uralsk drama theatre “Drama № 3” on the stage of Chelyabinsk academic theatre named after N. Orlov.

16, сб

Tyumen drama theatre started staging the performance «GRONHOLM METHOD» by the play of modern Spanish dramaturge Jordi Galceran.

15, пт

“To be or not to be” N. Erdman – premiere in Sakhalinsk international theatrical center named after Chekhov (director Daniil Beznosov)

15, пт

Rock-opera “Me – Jeanne d’Orleans”, premiere in Irkutsk academic drama theatre named after Okhlopkov (director – Gennady Shaposhnikov)

14, чт

The performance «Passions» will be premiered in Yakutsk theatre of young spectators . (Director — Alexander Titigirov).

14, чт

A new theatrical festival — “TeArT” appeared in Chelyabinsk. Motto of the Festival is «TeArT — your word in art!».

13, ср

Journal “Theatre”, newspaper “Culture”, “Petersburg theatre journal”, “Strastnoy boulevard, 10”, “New theatrical news“, “Theatre life”

12, вт
Yakutsk (Sakha republic)

Andrey Borisov, minister of Culture and spiritual development of Sakha Republic – what do we need the Forum of Spirituality for?

12, вт

The week “Theatre – to children and youth” in Kurgan drama theatre.

11, пн

Performance of Altay youth theatre “Farewell of Slav” by the novel of Victor Astafiev “Damned and killed“ (Special award “Stage hope” of the Ist Festival “Novo-Siberian Transit”) will be demonstrated of the stage of RAMT in the frames of out-of-competition program of the Festival «Golden Mask» (production director — Dmitry Egorov)

10, вс
Novosibirsk Barnaul

Exchange tour of Novosibirsk theatre «Red Torch» and Altay theatre named after V.M. Shukshin.

9, сб

«Koljada-theatre» participates in festivals.

8, пт

In Chelyabinsk academic drama theatre named after Naum Orlov — there will a premiere by the play of Vitaly Asovsky and Linas Zaikauskas «WHY WATCH NEEDS HANDS?» (director Linas Zaikauskas)

7, чт

In Novokuznetsk drama theatre – premiere «Bullets at Broadway» (director Peter Shereshevsky)

3, вс

In Kemerovo drama theatre named after A.V. Lunacharsky the rehearsals of a new performance «Girl’s Source» have started. It is a free interpretation of O. Bogaev’s play «Maria’s Field», director Oleg Kuharev.