Regions Events

October, 2012

31, ср

In the theater, drama anniversary of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Omsk Legends scene — Elizavetty Romanenko.

31, ср

From October 31 to November 3 in Kostroma will tour "Kolyada Theater" at art spaces "Station" under the "path".

28, вс

Premiere of the musical drama, James Crews' Tim Thaler, or Sold Laughter "on the stage of the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theater. Director - Pauline Struzhkova.

27, сб

The premiere "Man, animal, virtue" L. Pirandello stage Drama Theater "Red Torch". Director - Peter Shereshevsky.

26, пт

We invite you to the new site Nizhnevartovsk Drama Theatre.

25, чт

Team Academic Theater. N.P.Ohlopkova congratulates Honored Artist of Russia Capitolina Mylnikov an anniversary!

25, чт

In Irkutsk Theatre School - Jubilee!

24, ср

Altay Regional Drama Theatre named after Vladimir Shukshin started rehearsing the play "Island Ricote» Natalia Moshina. Director - Alexander Sozonov.

24, ср

On the Main Stage of the Omsk Drama Theater rehearsing a play by Mikhail Bulgakov "RUN." Director - George Tshvirava.

23, вт

In Magnitogorsk Pushkin Drama Theatre is a creative laboratory "Theatre Lab" by the famous theater personalities, artistic director of the National Festival "Real theater" Oleg Loevsky.

18, чт

In Kemerovo Drama Theatre of Lunacharsky premiere of "Waiting for the Examiner." Director - Anton Bezyazykov .

17, ср

107th season with performance "Dygyn Darkhan" the drama of Ivan Gogolev - Kyndyl opens Sakha Theater of Oiunskii.

15, пн
Krasnoyarsk - Novokuznetsk

On stage, the Novokuznetsk drama theater started touring Krasnoyarsk Youth Theater.

12, пт

The premiere of the play "Romeo and Jeannette" Chelyabinsk Chamber Theatre will open a new theater season. Director - Victoria Meshchaninova.

12, пт

Surgut Music and Drama Theatre opens the season premiere of "Point of no return ..." based on the novel E.M.Remarka "On the Western Front." Director - Vladimir Matiychenko.