Regions Events

December, 2012

25, вт

"The Wonders of Malachite Box" - New Year's premiere at the Irkutsk Academic Drama Theater. Director - Elena Odintsova.

24, пн

"Jolly Roger" - a pirate action on stage Chelyabinsk Drama. Director - Nicholas Osmin.

24, пн
St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Theater magazine (PTJ) - 20 YEARS. CONGRATULATIONS!

23, вс

Premiered at Theater dramvticheskom Shukshin "Who will go into the New Year" Director - Paul Yuzhakov.

23, вс

Drama is the premiere musical fairy tale “The Flying Ship”. Director — Nicholas Pokotylo.

22, сб

Premiere of New Year show "Birthday Maiden" in Ekaterinburg Youth Theatre.

21, пт
Yakutsk (Sakha republic)

The premiere of the historical drama "Wal kuolakal" ("Sons of the bell") in the Sakha Theater. Author, director Sofia Baranova.

21, пт

Omsk Drama Theater "Gallery" is a new show, "Vasily Shukshin." Director - Vladimir Vitko.

20, чт

Shadrinsk Drama Theatre invites you to a New Year's premiere of "Snegurushka".

19, ср

In the theater of the drama of Alexander Pushkin started rehearsals following the premiere performance of "Wii" on the play by contemporary playwright Natalia divination.

18, вт

In Sverdlovsk Drama Theater will last premiere in 2012: dance company "TantsTeatr" will present its third work - play mix «3DANCE».

17, пн

In "Fifth theater" premiere of "Carmen." Director - Rinat Bektashev.

16, вс

Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre named after Alexander Pushkin shows "Barbarians" directed by the chief director Oleg Rybkin - his first in the 138 th season premiere!

14, пт

In the Amur oblast drama theater premiere of "you is Taimyr" Alexander Galich, S. Isaev. Director - Sergey Yashin.

12, ср

Documentary show Krasnoyarsk Theater of Young Spectators “Teenager from the right bank” (directed by Roman Feodor) recommended by the experts of the festival “Golden Mask” to be shown in the project new play, which is included in the competition program “The Mask plus.”