Regions Events

February, 2012

29, ср

On the stage of the theatre “Old house” — premiere of “Trilogy. Electra. Orest. Ifigenia in Taurida”. Directed by Antonio Latella.

28, вт
Novo-Siberian Transit

Expert council of the Festival visited the theatres of the Urals and the Far East and finishes its work in the theatres of Siberia. On 5 March the playbill of the II Festival-Contest “Novo-Siberian Transit” will be announced.

27, пн

Dear Friends, you are welcome to visit the updated site of Sakhalin international theatre center named after Chekhov.

26, вс

On the stage of Тоmsk drama theatre — premiere of “A Boxer’s heart”.

25, сб

On the stage of Shadrinsk drama theatre — premiere of “My little village” by Vladimir Burlakov’s play. Directed by Igor Malov.

25, сб

On the stage of Novokuznetsk drama theatre — premiere of “An incident which no one noticed”. Directed by Timur Nasirov.

23, чт

On the stage of “The First Theatre” — premiere of "Beautiful Far away"by D. Privalov. Directed by Pavel Yuzhakov.

23, чт

Premiere of the performance by Francis Weber play “Fools’ supper” at Amur drama theatre. Directed by Rinat Fazleev.

22, ср

At the theatre named after A.S. Pushkin they started rehearsals of the first performance on the Big stage in this season. It will be “Black Comedy” directed by Oleg Rybkin, chief director of the theatre.

21, вт

A tour project “Тheatrical pass-2012” starts in Tyumen.

20, пн

Theatre “The gallery” will perform in Italy at the International festival of Arts “Russian Riviera 2012”.

19, вс

Chief director of Оmsk theatre of young spectators Boris Gurevitch started rehearsing “Twelfth Night; or What you Will” by William Shakespeare’s play.

18, сб

The performance “Coalfields” of the theatre “Box” will be shown at the first time in Novosibirsk on the stage of the Theatre under the direction of S. Afanasiev.

17, пт

On the stage of Kemerovo theatre named after A.V. Lunacharsky — premiere of “Killer” by the play of Alexander Molchanov. Directed by Anton Bezjazykov.

17, пт
Sakha (Yakutia)

On the stage of the Тheatre named after P.A. Oyunsky — premiere of “Churapchy aldjarkhaia”. Directed by Lena Ivanova-Grimm.