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May, 2012

24, чт
Novo-Siberian Transit

Behind the scenes of the fifth day of the festival.

24, чт
Novo-Siberian Transit

Novokuznetsk and Yekaterinburg. The Journal of the festival is renewed. Ywo more days are described. 21 and 22 May.

22, вт
Novo-Siberian Transit

Tymen. The Journal of the festival is replenished with description and new pictures of the second festival day — 20 May.

20, вс
Novo-Siberian Transit

Ceremonial opening. The crew of the aircraft “Novo-Siberian transit” welcomes first participants and spectators of the festival. Day two, flying over Tyumen. Everything is OK.

20, вс
Novo-Siberian Transit

Novo-Siberian transit: Second day of the Festival. Press-conference devoted to the beginning of «Novo-Siberian Transit» will take place at the «Red Torch» caf?. We wait for our dear guests and spectators on the square in front of the theatre that turns into airport for the period of the festival. An exciting theatrical welcome performance will take place here. After, at 19:00 Tyumen drama theatre will perform «Moliere» on the Big stage. You can see the Ceremony online on the site of the Group of companies МegaCom.

19, сб
Novo-Siberian Transit

Novo-Siberian transit: Barnaul. First day of the festival started with transit literally. Novosibirsk spectators went to Barnaul to see the evening performance of Altai Regional drama theater named after V. Shukshin “Mother Courage and her Children” on the home stage.

4, пт

Premiere of “Don Guan” on the stage of Novokuznetsk drama theatre. Director — Roman Feodori.

3, чт

“Solo for striking clock”: premiere at Afanasiev Theatre. Production director — Nicolay Soloviev.

2, ср

The director Anton Bezjazykov started rehearsing the performance “Inspector” by N. Gogol’s works at Кemerovo drama theatre named after А.V. Lunacharsky.

1, вт

Оmsk drama “Fifth theatre” prepares the premiere of “The bus” by the play of Bulgarian playwright Stanislav Stratiev. Valery Alekseev works on staging of this performance.

The events is over :-)
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