Regions Events

January, 2013

31, чт

Petersburg actor and director Anton Kovalenko became the artistic director Kamchatka Drama and comedy.

30, ср

Directed by Andrzej tambourine began rehearsing the play by Biljana Srblyanovich "Death is not the bike, that it was stolen from you" on the stage of the Omsk Drama Theater.

24, чт

In March, Alexander Pushkin Theatre presents two premieres.

23, ср

The chief director of the Northern Drama Theater Mikhail Ulyanov Constantine Rehtin begin rehearsals modern comedy based on the play by German playwright Ulrich Huba "The Ark at eight."

22, вт

On the stage of the "Old House" cast along with director Timur Nasirov and artist Konstantin Solovyov embody one of the most extraordinary legends in the history of Russian culture - episodes from the life of St. Xenia of Petersburg.

21, пн

Altay Regional Drama Theater V. Shukshin presented the first premiere of 2013 - the play "Nikio and great Samurai."

21, пн

In Moscow, at the State Academic Maly Theater of Russia in the framework of the festival "Ostrovsky Ostrovsky in the house" will be shown the performance of the Omsk Drama "The Wise Man Stumbles"

18, пт

From 18 to 27 January 2013 on the stage at the Centre Passionate in Moscow will show their performances Yekaterinburg "Kolyada Theatre".

17, чт
Happy Anniversary!

Today, the whole world of theater is celebrating 150 years since the birth of the great Konstantin Stanislavsky.

17, чт

The theater "Globe" rehearsing the play "Calendar Girls," which premieres scheduled for 7 and 8 February 2013. Director - Alexey Kriklivii.

12, сб

In the theater "Red Torch" prepares premiere of "Not so nothing" based Yosef Bar-Yosef. Director - Alexander Zykov.

11, пт

That ended New Year Marathon. Congratulations to all who passed it with flying colors! Some have come - a little rest, while others - the new responsible premiere. Follow the news.