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December, 2014

4, чт

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of Perm Theatre for Young People. Round date fell right between the two premiers - family drama "Golovlevs" Yaroslava Pulinovich based on Saltykov-Shchedrin is behind us and ahead of challenging and interesting "School for Fools" by Sasha Sokolov. We wish long life to these performances and easy birth as follows - on the holiday and colleagues!

4, чт

National Drama Theatre Kuchiyaka today is "feminine" premiere. Melodrama "bridal chamber" play Valentine Krasnogorova might give someone a recipe to save his love. And on December 8 Mining and Altai waiting another premiere - "The price of tears" with a benefit role Honoured Artist of Russia Iraida Ohrinoy. The famous play "Filumena Marturano" Eduardo De Filippo tells the story of this Italian passion - the man who gave Filomena all his life, finally decided to marry. But not with her, and with her young passion. However, Filomena do not just give up. Two premieres - two hymns woman.

1, пн

Today, his 79th birthday celebrated American genius of the absurd, the great and inimitable Woody Allen. And if you think that this event is not related to the theater, you are mistaken! For example, the Omsk Theatre for Young People did not forget to congratulate Allen. Yesterday there was “a simultaneous readings”, which were presented to six pieces of modern foreign playwrights. These included “Riverside Drive” and “Central Park West” by Woody Allen, which we know mainly as a writer and director. Mr. Allen, we love you in any capacity! And the readings were successful, and the audience could estimate also play Mark Ravenhill, Pera Vittenbolsa, Mihkel Raud and Biljana Srbljanović.