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September, 2014

23, вт

Last week, Ural Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art in conjunction with the Yekaterinburg Theater for Young Spectators launched the project "Rehearsal of freedom", where the exhibition hall is transformed into a theatrical space, and each viewer and a half months (until November 2) have an opportunity to try to feel the boundaries of contemporary theater, analyze its differences from the classical theater and try to talk to the theater in the same language. The creator of the project - the artist Ksenia Peretrukhina known collaboration with director Dmitry Volkostrelovym and work in the anniversary year of the Group Theater Taganke.Ekaterinburgsky Theatre for Young People (which, remember, will be opened after a major renovation in the next day or the city, November 18) provided "rehearsal freedom" theatrical light and necessary scenic designs. Good news: exhibition ticket is valid for the whole period of the exhibition - and the events of the educational program, too! A great opportunity to pay one time and take everything from life.

22, пн

His 74th season opened creative Norilsk Polar Drama. At the opening of the audience saw “Benefit Gennady Neschastlivtseva” based on Alexander Ostrovsky’s “The Forest” in the formulation of the main theater director Anne Babanova.By the way, in the company of Norilsk — completion: six graduates Krasnoyarsk Academy of Music and Theatre master new latitude, both in geographical terms and in the creative. Work shall be many planned for the production of “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk” Nikolai Leskov, “Sentenced to Death” by N. Sadur (based on the novel B. Astaf’eva “Cursed and killed”), “Hamlet” by Shakespeare and a few tales.Congratulations to our colleagues and wish them a bright opening of the theater season!

21, вс

Baku-born Kamran Shahmardan Kuzbass media confidently called Finnish director. Creator cosmopolitan currently rehearsing in Kemerovo Oblast Drama Theater named after Lunacharsky Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.” Playbill, reminding both movies about vampires and the legend of the samurai, promises blood — and not sovret, because of the tragedy of the great playwright plenty of kills. Shahmardan familiar with the company Kemerovo drama, having already put here Beckett and Dostoevsky, and a new show will be a good gift for the 80th anniversary of the theater — and, of course, the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare. The premiere of “Macbeth” — exactly one month

7, вс
Irkutsk - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Exchange tour of Irkutsk Drama Theatre Okhlopkova and Sakhalin Chekhov Theatre Center held from 3 to 8 September. “A little bit podremontirovannye” Irkutsk drama, for example, now takes on its stage a fairy tale “Light-Moon ”, and on Sakhalin Island, meanwhile, see “Dreams Yermolay Lopakhin.”

6, сб

Opens 140th anniversary season in Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre named after Alexander Pushkin, who managed to get over the summer hashtag #дерзкаяпушка and call on IceBucketChallenge three theater sister. Piece Julia Tupikina "Bah!", Which premiered brilliantly held at the end of last season - romantic comedy for all those who were grandmothers, and who have yet to become them. Next show in September - 18 th.

2, вт
Novosibirsk Omsk Serov

New chief director post! Who left at the end of last season, Novosibirsk "Old House" Timur Nasirova changed Galina Pyanova known performance-medley "Finding Joy. Century XXI ». Galina now working on a new production based on the novel Horrasa McCoy's "They Shoot Horses, is not it?" - Perhaps in October, when the premiere will set a record for the length of the name of the show in Novosibirsk posters. Also in the state of the theater artist's place is now occupied by Anton Bolkunova already worked with Pyanova and in the "Old House" and in the independent theater "ARTiSHOCK." "Fifth Theater", too, has found a creative leader - he was a graduate course Oleg Kudryashov GITIS Nikita Grinshpun. Having worked in many theaters in Russia and abroad, this career take off Grinshpun purchased through the Theatre of Nations and successfully delivered on Chekhov's story "Swedish Match". The play received the "Crystal Turandot", the Grand Prix of the Festival of Russian Art in Nice RUSSK OFF - and a nomination for the "Golden Mask". Experience art direction in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will certainly help the director of making up work with Omsk theater. Finally, in Serov Drama Theatre named after Chekhov became the chief director actor and director Peter Nezluchenko. Former chief director of the theater Serov Julia Baturina took a similar post at the Kirov Theater in the Spassky. 73rd theater season in Serov open only in mid-October, but the plans have already decided: in an interview Nezluchenko admitted that his head they just clogged. We sincerely congratulate all novonaznachentsev and wish him success in your work!

1, пн
Novo-Siberian trnazit

Friends, welcome you! From today we are back on the air and tell you the most current news theaters Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. Pay attention! If you want your news accurately and promptly got to us, they can be sent directly by e-mail. We wish you in the new season of conflict-free relationship with the directors, artistic director and the rest of the creative units, stunningly successful prime minister and various theatrical discoveries!