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September, 2015

30, ср

Theater — art annoying: both snow will kindle, and concrete will crumb. The “Theatre behind a Concrete Wall” project in this season again will be included into doors of the updated building of the Ekaterinburg theater of the young viewer. It was thought up in far the 2002nd as a separate niche for performances of the “inconvenient”, provocative, demanding certain spectator courage and openness to dialogue. Within the project in Theatre for Young Audience put brothers Presnyakov and Danila Privalov, Mark Ravenkhilla and Martin Makdonakh — in this season three new premieres, one of them — just on the crackheaded Irish are promised: on “the Lonely West” of Makdonakh the director Semyon Serzin will go. And the new chief director of the Ekaterinburg Theatre for Young Audience Ilya Rotenberg will put “Bento Bonchev’s Class” of Maxim Kurochkin and “Elza’s Earth” — the new play of Yaroslava Pulinovich.

29, вт

Friends! For certain interests many admirers of theater, with what statements the Buryat State Academic theater in a new season as well as that our actors rehearse at present on what argue will surprise us, worry and even cry sometimes with tension... So, the premiere of the comic performance “Ubged+khugshed =” will take place on September 29 and 30. The amusing plot and flashing humour of the one-act comedy performance with the working name “Grandfathers of a +babushka =”, perhaps, won’t leave indifferent even the choosiest viewer. Walls of theater know many cases when the hall in literal sense slipped from chairs, but in this performance the main thing — not only jokes and funny tricks of old men... Main, as a thread the subject of comprehensive good, love and vital optimism, peculiar to generation of our parents and grandfathers acts. Counterbalancing pain — laughter, grieves — a funny thing, tragedies — songs, alarms — prayers, our old men got force and magic ability to look at this imperfect world through a prism of good and humour.

28, пн

The drama theater “Volhonka” continues to cooperate with the Ural playwright Alex Byyorklund — to “Place” and “An apple-tree garden” the performance “The Car Goes to the Sea” was added yesterday. One day from life of three characters: blind old man, his grandson autist and feeble-minded neighbor janitor. Their next meeting in kitchen leads to strange consequences — the developed tragicomedy suddenly shows these people on the other hand, and they seem already at all not those whom were at the beginning. The following display of a ridiculous and sad story about the forgotten people directed by Alexey Yankovsky will take place on September 30.

27, вс

At the beginning of present, the 82nd, a season the management of the Kemerovo regional drama theater declared a name of the chief director — to them, without surprise, there was Anton Bezjyazykov who already spent some seasons to Kemerovo. And here the first “status” premiere — tonight to a scene of theater Franz Xawer Kroez’s comedy “Without me I was married”. The German play in Bezjyazykov’s hands turned into the fairy tale for adults — what isn’t enough today and what the audience missed, according to the director. Perhaps, in this genre the history about the groom who isn’t wishing to marry will sound in a new way.

26, сб

Two prosecutors and their wives, two hitmen, the young jazzman — that unite them in the whole? To learn history of each of them and to see, what misadventures France prepares for them the middle of the last century it is possible on September 26 and 27 at the Chelyabinsk drama chamber theater. The performance «Third Head» according to the sarcastic play of Marcel Aimé was put by the director Victoria Meshchaninova, and this fact, together with a genre — story of a miscarriage of justice with music and dances, promises not dull evening.

26, сб

To whom here today for 20? Yes same the Nizhnevartovsk city drama theater opens the 20th season! Having looked back, the staff of theater found out that during all the time 61 performances were let out, many of which audience remembers still. And the idea to return to the past at least on couple of evenings and to show musical fragments from performances both the flowing, and already left repertoire was born. Live music of live performances in the prime minister “To a lump for 20” — on September 26 and 27!

25, пт

The Bratskii drama theater opens 30 theatrical season a premiere of the performance “Deadline” based on Valentin Rasputin’s story. The touching story of a big family will allow the viewer to think of the relations with native, to realize true values and, perhaps, to rethink own life. Statement of the director Oleg Kravze will be presented on September 25, 26 and 27.

25, пт
Novosibirsk and whole world

The final of large-scale action “Chekhov is live”, the initiated Google, Moscow Art Theatre of Chekhov and the Russian book union, will pass today more than in 20 cities of the world — from Harvard to Hong Kong. Among lucky — Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yakutsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk.

In particular, online readings works of Anton Pavlovich will be conducted on a small scene of Globus theater. At first fragments from stories performed by the readers who passed a project casting will sound, and after — the director Alexey Kriklivy with actors of “Globe” will arrange reading of the second action of “Seagull”. It will be possible not only to watch all this on the YouTube channel, but also personally. And not only it is possible, and it is necessary!

24, чт

Krasnoyarsk by number of laboratories, festivals and other creative projects is persistently beaten out in leaders. From now on here most experimental “Hanger” starts — the V laboratory of actual dramatic art and direction passes under the sign of “TEATRKINODOK”. And respectively, it is carried out with assistance of School of documentary cinema and Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov’s theater. On it sharpness of the project doesn’t come to an end, after all the subject uniting sketches of documentary performances became — “The love for the country knows no limit”. Alla Maximova, Lidiya Sheynina and Andrius Daryala will submit sketches on September 29 and 30. We promise to watch the course of laboratory — be connected also you!

24, чт

Seversky theater for children and young people today opens “a season for adults” — now in the repertoire and evening performances. And once the prime minister — “Don Juan” based on the play by Moliere. The hero of the XVII century boldly steps into the present century, and the viewer can easily find in him their friend, neighbor, and perhaps himself. Not wanting to be a puppet, Don Juan turns to paddle — to protest against the lies and hypocrisy, he wittingly or unwittingly played the fate of human lives and breaks. Interestingly, the statement will be used as a cast and a puppet. First-run parable-phantasmagoria as described performance director Alexander illuminates for the audience Seversk held 24 and 26 September, and in October theater promises to organize a demonstration for the inhabitants of the Tomsk region.

23, ср

Center of modern drama continues the project «hot play» — every week there are presentations, readings of contemporary drama. And today, on the order of play Frenchman Bernard-Marie Koltès «For the night forest» (also known as the «Night at the threshold of the forests»). During the incarnation took the new chief director of the Ekaterinburg Youth Theater Ilya Rotenberg together with actor Alexander Fukalovym.

And tomorrow at the Center for contemporary drama premiere of «The whole truth about my father.» Director Alexander Vahov combined two monopesy — Catherine Guzёmy, which formed the title, and «Happiness» by Alexey Zaitsev. I got a story about teenagers, parents going through a divorce and want attention and love. The first screenings will be held 24 and 27 September.

22, вт

Today Chita will grow several dozen theatrical ministers — though they did not migrate here forever, and come for a special occasion. From 23 to 29 September in the Trans-Baikal Drama Theatre will take place I Zabaikal’skii Festival performances for adolescents “Wings of the future.” In one poster theaters will meet from Chita, Ulan-Ude, Novosibirsk (pictured — a scene from the play “Quinta” theater "On the left bank), Kyzyl and Yakut Peace. Spectators will see and a proverb, and a comedy and musical fairy tale, and the festival will end with a gala concert.

21, пн

Promised news from Irkutsk on the eve of the anniversary started, X International festival of modern drama of Alexander Vampilov. Geography his vast - from Moscow to most of South Korea: Seoul Festival will arrive at the theater "Myung Pum". The program - performances of Alexander Vampilov, Vladimir Gurkin, Oleg Antonov, Anna Yablonska.

20, вс

Nice and noisy opens the season Omsk Drama Theater: famous visionary filmmaker Roman Theodore here puts Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus.” Last week fans of the theater in a social network Instagram got the opportunity to see the characters of the play in its scenic garb, one by one, as the selection. One Mikhail Okunev starring commander Coriolanus which is — seems to be in front of him fading even Tom Hiddleston in a similar role in the formulation of British theater “Donmar”. How do you think?

19, сб

Today in Russia will be another theater on the roof anymore. :) Khakassia National Puppet Theatre "Fairy Tale" opens 37th season and prepared for an unusual performance in an unusual place - a small celebration on the roof of the theater, after which the audience will show a small musical performance "Fairy tale about Vanya." We congratulate our colleagues with the opening and wish a successful and joyful creativity of the season!