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January, 2016

16, сб

Tours “Kolyada Theatre” in Moscow can already be called traditional — that this year in the Urals more than two weeks migrate to the capital. Yesterday the tour was a hit open “Masquerade”, and today is already beginning to “races” in two or even three of the play! Muscovites will see not only the most popular, but also new productions of the theater — “Richard III” Oleg Jagodina in the title role (in the photo), “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “Club of abandoned wives.” A warm welcome to you, Yekaterinburg, and sold-out shows!

14, чт

While many enjoyed dropped out days of rest, Gorno-Altaisk Creative experimental studio not too lazy to release the premiere. Piece Seeds Zlotnikov "came a man to a woman" today is in many theaters, but the interpretation of the TPP - "much more fun to the traditional interpretation." Dean and Victor by Aruna Telbekovoy and Alexei Sinkova (pictured) quarrel, make up, trying to catch up and answer the question: why should a man a woman, a man and a woman?

13, ср

Without exaggeration, a large-scale event in Novokuznetsk Drama Theater — Laboratory started here “Mayakovsky lights ... the stars.” Looking at the program of the laboratory covers any theater-goer awe. Already, the project will take place the premiere of “The Thirteenth Apostle” from the main theater director Andrei Cherpina, and then — the daily sketches of lyrics and poems from different periods of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Directed very interesting — Anton Bezyazykov Alexander Ogarev, Elizabeth Cooper and even the head of the laboratory of Alexander the Vistula. And in the final day will be represented by Dmitry Shapiro On the sketch — one of the most “high-profile” modern directors. But if that was all ... No, the audience also expects to show a guest of the festival — Theatre Lensovet bring from St. Petersburg show “The Backbone Flute” directed by Maxim Didenko. Novokuznechane sincerely advise you not to miss any events!