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October, 2016

31, пн

Vladimir Lidsky's tragicomedy "Little fool and the convict" was included into the repertoire of Northern drama theater. The little fool – not an insult, the little fool – unfortunately, the diagnosis. There was a girl, the student of philosophical faculty, but there was an accident – the girl hit the head and mind disappeared somewhere. And desire needed to be loved. Whether the thief and the criminal can love? What good can happen from this meeting of two such different people? The play attracted the director Konstantin Rekhtin with sincerity. The audience, probably, too – specially at their requests additional display of a premier performance, but in November is delivered.

31, пн

Unique performance the audience of the Buryat academic theater of Namsarayev — “Has seen Flight. Bilchirsky history” it is created following the results of a creative expedition of troupe of theater to Osinsky district. The director Soyzhin Zhambalova has connected Valentin Rasputin’s story “Farewell to Matyora” and real stories of residents of the area — from this there was a history of people who had to leave native villages because of threat of flooding at construction of the Brotherly gidroelektostantion. Premier displays will be continued in November.

27, чт

In Novosibirsk again fall and Chekhov. The version of “The Cherry Orchard” is submitted today by the director Andrey Prikotenko in Old House theater. Chekhov bequeathed the comedy, Prikotenko puts the comedy — not without tragic element, of course. The large rate in a performance is made on actors: having seen Larisa Chernobayeva and Anatoly Grigoriev, the director has right there understood — here his Ranevskaya and Lopakhin. In addition Gayeva in one of structures plays Konstantin Telegin invited from “A red torch”. The performance about Paradise Lost which each person has can be seen on October 27 and 28, and after — in November.

26, ср

The important mission was undertaken by the Achinsk drama theater — the Make a Step project is ready to implementation here. The project is directed to inclusion in creativity of children with development violations. Only in Achinsk about 400 children need closer attention, and the theater wants to give it of the Project manager director Dmitry Nuyanzin is sure that “the theater can help with work with special children because it is constructed at the game”. “Shchucha” based on the Russian national fairy tale “Turnip” will become the first performance game — children will become participants of action under the leadership of experienced teachers and psychologists. Today the debut of children on the viewer, and tomorrow — an official premiere will take place.

To hold so, Achinsk.

25, вт
Gold mask

The day before at a meeting of the Secretariat of STD the structure of Advisory council of the national award “Gold Mask” of a season 2016-2017 was approved. And it is joyful to us to see in it dear people — members of advisory council and jury of “The new-Siberian transits” of different years Tatyana Tikhonovets, Oksana Efremenko and Gleb Sitkovsky! We congratulate on this important mission and we wish that the choice was difficult — it means that performances will be only good, excellent and outstanding!

23, вс

The electric train “Moscow Cockerels” will proceed through Yekaterinburg today — the Center of modern dramatic art presents to the prime minister according to hooligan Venedikt Venechke Erofeyev. We think, it isn’t necessary to tell long what waits for the audience: yes — angels with chastushkas and — tall tales about Pushkin and Goethe and — riddles from the Sphinx. Day display today and evening tomorrow, on October 24 — don’t pass an electric train in light ... the future? past?

22, сб

Mitrofanushka started dancing and started singing in Khabarovsk — the regional Drama theater delivered the musical “Greenhorn” according to Denis Fonvizin’s comedy. From middle school age we know and “I don’t want to study, I want to marry!”, and “in case of your eyes mine see nothing”, and “all day long I don’t pokladyvat hands: I quarrel, I fight”. The satire deriding human defects and in a genre of the musical comedy remains sharp and conformable to today. It is possible to be convinced of it on October 22, on November 10 and 19.

22, сб

Multigenre premiere the Theatre of a doll and actor of Roman Vinderman “Buffoon” decided to celebrate own anniversary. To the 70 anniversary of theater the chief director Sergey Ivannikov delivered “A concert for a doll with orchestra”. A performance — a peculiar conductor on the world of art: here both opera, and ballet, and drama, and circus. And even Rolling Stones group! Almost all troupe is engaged in large-scale statement, and the video series is devoted to history of theater. Premier displays — on October 22, 28 and 29.

21, пт

The Shadrinsk drama theater opens already the 120th season! And this time no more no less “Antigone” of Jean Anouilh. Antigone already went on the stage of theater in the 90th years, however now it will begin to sound in a new way. The director Natalya Nikolaeva in the statement puts in the head story about fidelity to himself, the principles and conscience, noting at the same time that the performance will be important for the younger generation, Antigone is the young girl. And the Ancient Greek myth stated by Sophocles and processed by Anouilh won’t just appear in a modern cover, but will be filled with nonfictional reality. A premiere — on October 21, 22 and 23.

21, пт

Each eight years in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk “Chekhov center” grows new “The Cherry Orchard”. Year 2000, 2008 and now the version-2016 — this time from the director Alexey Pesegov. The interesting story develops with cast. For example, the actress Anna Antonova already played both younger Ania, and the senior Varya in “Cherry orchards”, and now she became Ranevskaya. And Firs’s role will be played by the honored artist of RSFSR and Ukraine, the former director of legendary Taganka Nikolay Dupak is a 95-year-old actor last week specially arrived to Sakhalin. Premier displays of the Chekhovian comedy will take place on October 21 and 22.

20, чт

The actor’s drama will be played at the Chelyabinsk academic drama theater of Orlov today — such is a genre of the performance “Swan Song” according to the one-act play of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. It is almost a solo performance about the actor of provincial theater — today he celebrates a benefit performance, bathes in attention, in his honor an applause sounds. But what will be tomorrow? The actor remains alone with himself and own past life. The viewer has left — and before us the person with the pain.

Premier displays of statement of Andrei Lai — on October 20 and 25.

19, ср

The Novokuznetsk drama theater has started implementation of the Live Classics — School project, and the fall will be devoted to “The station inspector” of Alexander Pushkin (by the way, for some reason in the fall in theaters often address this work). The hussar, the provincial maiden, the broken father’s heart, late repentance — a plot of one of “Belkin’s Stories” can be laid in several words, but he lives between us and today. Still subjects of fathers and children, lives and death, offense and forgiveness concern us. Displays of the scenic version of Mikhail Lebedev will take place on October 20, 25, 26 and 27.

18, вт

What to do if you have seriously fallen in love with Leonardo DiCaprio? To study English. To read books. To straighten a bearing. Useful this business — to love a star. But what then? The Ural Center of Modern Dramatic art doesn’t give the answer, but offers options. The second day readings of plays of the Ural playwrights — an initial plot one, and here development and the finals different continue here. Six stories about the love which has changed one person and the world around him are DiCaprio.

16, вс

The actor Evgeny Kazakov loved by theater-goers of the Tomsk region pleases admirers with a solo performance. A few years ago Natalya Korlyakova’s statement “Mister Ibrahim and flowers of the Koran” according to Eric-Emmanyuel Schmitt’s story went in the Seversk theater for children and youth. And now the performance is restored already at the Tomsk drama theater — in chamber space of the main scene. The first display of the renewed story about friendship and a growing will take place today — on October 16.

15, сб

Today the season in the Kamensk-Uralsky theater “Drama Number Three” — and, of course, a premiere starts. “The last woman senhora Juana” is delivered according to Leonid Zhukhovitsky’s play — and guess about whom the speech will go? Of course, Juan equally in Guang, or Zhuan. Only now he is 50 years old, he was tired to death and wants rest. But women aren’t going to release so easily it from the battlefield. The day before there took place special “blogger” display of statement of Dmitry Mikhaylov, today an official premiere, and tomorrow also the beneficiary’s celebration — the honored artist of the Russian Federation Evgeny Belonogov playing the central role in a performance.