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October, 2016

4, вт

For all admirers of Martin Makdonakh this October again a holiday — in Perm the At the Bridge theater holds the II International festival of a name of this surprising playwright and director. Theaters from Poland, Scotland, Serbia, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Iran, Montenegro and, certainly, Northern Ireland. Theaters from Ozyorsk, Tambov, Kazan and, of course, Moscow. And today — theater from Novosibirsk! “The old house” shows at a festival the premiere of last year — the Irish comedy “Lonely West” directed by Sergey Fedotov. The performance “has already stunned”, “has turned”, “has broken off” the Novosibirsk public — turn for festival. Neither down nor feather, colleague!

4, вт

Not one Theatre of the Nations “Clockwork orange” of Anthony Berdzhes is live. The Achinsk drama theater has submitted the version of the mad cult novel, having taken as a basis Sergey Taska’s performance “Death angels”. Dmitry Udovichenko’s statement has received the name “Clockwork World” and has been called not scandalous, but courageous attempt to come for straight talk with the viewer — a conversation on pain which overflows our world today. That we choose: to turn away from problems, having closed in own world, or to take courage and to look to the truth in eyes? In October this display of “The clockwork world” became the only thing — as his fate will be further, depends on the audience.

3, пн
New-Siberian transit

If there is a wish to ponostalgirovat, best of all to do it in October — everything disposes to it. And if you agree with us, then join — we have a reason for warm memoirs. We present you the movie about the IV Interregional festival competition “New-Siberian Transit” — the whole 40 minutes of joy, disorders and great theatrical happiness.

We thank all of you, dear participants and guests of “Transit” — in leading roles of our movie you! Thanks to all thanks to whom our festival was held, and thanks of Studio of television decisions “Scale” for the fact that we have an opportunity for a while to return to the past.

We love you!

2, вс

How many versions the myth about Orpheus and Eurydice already has, but it doesn’t cease to disturb human hearts. Creative people don’t stop trying in own way to comprehend this story of love. More than 12 years the director Alexey Pokhresny bore a dream of statement of the musical “Orpheus and Eurydice”, over a year there was a preparation for a premiere — and today it will take place on the stage of Theatre of the Eastern Military District. Whether the ruthless elements of modern show business are capable to process these feelings? On October 2 and 9 the audience will see today’s Orpheus’s history.

2, вс

Picturesque Italian small streets, dangerous adventures, night robbers and artful villains. We don’t know what you thought of, but all this is about Buratino! Susanna Zirjuc delivered in the Chelyabinsk youth theater the version of Alexey Tolstoy’s fairy tale — certainly, still complete of music and dances. It is possible to meet favourite heroes already today — two day displays wait for residents of Chelyabinsk this Sunday.

1, сб

In Bratsk drama theater the season starts with classics — today here the prime minister on the play Alexander Ostrovsky. “Late love”, perhaps, not the most popular material in theater, but the playwright considered it one of the best plays. The director Evgeny Pindyurin is recognized that he conceived a performance not about Ostrovsky’s time, and delivered before himself and troupe a task to look at today’s world the author’s eyes, to provide it our contemporary. Those who could see delivery of the performance “for the”, say that the audience is waited by the unusual final — “is more multiple-valued, than in the original”. It is possible to be convinced of it on October 1 and 2.

1, сб

Large-scale work at the Amur drama theater approached turning point — the premiere of the performance “Bitter Bread of Albazin”, based on Nina Dyakova’s ballad will be held today. Within a year literary material was created — on particles historic facts about opposition of the Russian pioneers and Manchurian troops in the 17th century carefully gathered. The director Vadim Gogolkov occupied all troupe of theater in a performance. The result will be presented to the audience on October 1 and 2.

1, сб

Surprisingly, but the fact — axiomatic, apparently, Ivan Turgenev’s work “Fathers and children” till today was never delivered in theaters of the capital of the Urals. The Sverdlovsk drama theater at last decided to eliminate this injustice — and here a premiere. The director Dmitry Zimin before working both with Vladimir Nabokov’s stories, and with Irina Vaskovskaya’s dramatic art found the intimate meanings in well familiar all novel. According to him, action isn’t transferred to other era, however the relation to the offered circumstances changed — a role was played in it also by Adolf Shapiro’s performance. How and what this statement will surprise the audience with, it is possible to see on October 1 and 2.

The events is over :-)
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