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September, 2016

30, пт

The useful performance for children issues the Tomsk theater of a doll and the actor "Buffoon" today – "The tale of the gone teeth" is included into the repertoire of so-called "theater on pillows". What can occur if not to care for own teeth? To the girl Masha, for example, there was terrible – the unfortunate thrown teeth ran away from the hostess at night. Now she can't neither eat apple, nor to eat nuts moreover and the grandmother ceased to understand what Masha tells. Whether it will teach the girl to be more responsible? Children of three years are invited to learn it on premier displays – on September 30 and on October 1.

30, пт

This week in Chelyabinsk every day there is a premiere — and the academic drama theater of Orlov suggests to meet the beginning of a week-end on “A ball of thieves”. Jean Anouilh’s play is designated by the author as the comedy ballet, and this genre in theater was tried to be kept, having created alloy of a pantomime, plasticity and having diluted all with the atmosphere of a carnival. And whether it is possible to do without carnival in the history about three small swindlers, one of whom has managed, to steal not only diamonds, but also heart of the local beauty. She still should learn what of the worlds is more honest — the world of thieves or the world of lords. And together with the beauty it should be opened also for the audience — on September 30, on October 1 and 16.

30, пт

If not everything, then the popular movie with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni «Marriage in Italian» is known to much — not less popular play of Eduardo De Filippo «Filumena Marturano» is behind this name. And whether you what classical material has hidden in the name of a new performance of the Nizhnevartovsk city drama theater «Distributings in Italian» will guess? Honestly we admit, we haven’t guessed. Meanwhile, it «Skapen’s Tricks» of Molière! The director Margarita Zaychikova has kept the scene of action of the well-known tricks — everything occurs in Naples. But! The plot spins around mafia clans now. What passionate mix has turned out as a result, the audience will see on September 30 and on October 8.

29, чт

“Zoykina the apartment”, “Frank polaroid pictures”, Ivanov, “Misters Golovlyov” — what unites all these names? The fixed audience of “The new-Siberian transit” will easily answer a question: of course, these performances in Novokuznetsk drama theater were delivered by Pyotr Shereshevsky. And here the list is replenished — today and tomorrow here a premiere of the comedy of Beaumarchais “Mad day, or Figaro’s Marriage”. But Beaumarchais has that the comedy, and here that Shereshevsky will have — still a question. The subject outline is transformed, the play becomes similar to a dream, and for actors the fantasy method of existence is chosen. In official group of theater “Dirty Harry” from “Gorillaz” goes music to the poster of a performance — whether it will be the main track of the statement, it is possible to learn on premier displays on September 29 and 30 and on October 5. v=lJ0ellf0w5g

28, ср

And again in touch Chelyabinsk — this time Drama chamber theater. And here as always the curious author — the American playwright and the screenwriter Itamar Moses, by the way, one of screenwriters of excellent series “Underground Empire” is taken. In Russia it will be the first statement of the play “Bach in Leipzig” — the truth renamed in “Bach and job seekers”. Based on the real facts, the play tells about tender of the organists of the 18th century aiming to take a vacant position in Saint Foma’s Cathedral — without shunning deception, blackmail and treachery. The director Larisa Alexandrova, of course, passes the bridge presently when for the sake of achievement of success people run roughshod over each other other’s feelings. XXI is designed to connect a century of XVIII and and the invited DJ Artem Kulikov — dressed in a baroque era suit, before the beginning of the performance he will play several works of Bach in modern handling.

Premier displays — on September 28 and 29.

27, вт

The unique performance has appeared in the repertoire of the Chelyabinsk drama youth theater — Alexander Cherepanov’s statement “Let’s not depart anywhere, the Hedgehog ...” has age restriction 6+, but goes at the same time in the evening. The matter is that she is interesting to the audience of any age, besides kids can discuss unusual action with the parents. In the history the Hedgehog, the Bear cub and the Hare participate — each of them lives in the world, but having made friends, the friend without friend can’t any more. It was planned that it will be classical story for children about friendship, love, treachery, loneliness. But in the course of work the director with the artist and actors have decided to try to leave from words and to play a performance more likely as a pantomime. The first audience has accepted statement with delight — is sure, as will be farther also!

25, вс

To pass for a side of reality invites all Youth theater “Globus” today. The performance “Arab Night” directed by Alexander Sozonov has appeared in the repertoire of theater in April, 2015, however now he begins new life, to be exact, there is a reset of the scenic world. It means that the audience will have a field for new interpretations — and even if you already tried to put this puzzle, it is necessary to start everything anew. And for an hour and a half prior to a performance of the audience will ship in the “ZAgranew” project — will send them to the mystical travel deep into themselves promising to turn life. Are intrigued?

You hurry — the beginning early today.

24, сб

It is impossible even to present how many efforts it costed to the Omsk academic drama theater, however today here at once two premieres from the directors entering a holder of the best. Alexey Kriklivy will perform Friedrich Gorenstein’s “Atonement” on Big stage — “the real genius, unfortunately, a little at us known and readable”. At the heart of the work and the performance going after it the life story in post-war time — life as ordeal lies. On September 24 and 25 the audience will be able to understand that there is the real atonement.

In the same time on the Small stage — “Life” directed by Boris Pavlovich: a performance based on Leo Tolstoy’s story “Ivan Ilyich’s Death”. The author’s group of a performance enters dialogue with Tolstoy and invites to him the audience — a certain collective reflection about beauty and fragility of life turns out.

24, сб

From the Krasnoyarsk theaters each news is grandiose. Today, for example, day of a premiere of a new performance of Roman Feodori “Per Gyunt” in the Krasnoyarsk Theatre for Young Audience has come. The history written by Henrik Ibsen and translated anew by Zhenya Berkovich is epic in itself, and directed by Roman Feodori (by the way, the best director of IV “The new-Siberian transit”), undoubtedly, will play new meanings. The beautiful and terrifying story, an exotic picture full of fantastic images, the drama of delusions — the audience will carry out nearly four and a half hours with heroes in search of themselves and meaning of life.

“The person could become anyone, find himself, but all his gifts of destiny leave as sand, through fingers ... To earn paradise or even hell, it is necessary to make something very serious in life, and by result ninety percent from us don’t deserve either that, or another. At best we should be melted and given the second chance”, — Roman Feodori says in an interview about a performance.

On October 1, 20, 27 and 28 — don’t miss for anything those who have an opportunity to get on premier displays on September 24!

23, пт

In Ulan-Ude it is time “An autumn marathon” — the Russian drama theater of Bestuzhev opens a season a premiere according to Alexander Volodin’s play. Sergey Levitsky who subdued IV “The new-Siberian transit” of Frontovichkaya delivered a performance about feeling of the person in the world this time. The main character Buzykin is broken off among themselves present and need to live, matching strangers of himself to expectations. The tragicomedy, grotesque, irony — all this waits for the audience who came to premier displays on September 23 and 24.

22, чт

One day before official start, but guests begin to gather already now — tomorrow in Youth theater of Altai the II All-Russian youth theater festival of Valery Zolotukhin will open. The Barnaul audience will see remarkable “Auditor” of the Novosibirsk theater under the leadership of Afanasyev then there will come time of the competitive program. For the right to become the best theaters from Almetyevsk and Magnitogorsk, Tyumen and Kemerovo, Biysk and Arkhangelsk, and Barnaul will compete, of course. On September 27 the chairman of jury Olga Drozdova will announce names of winners. Good luck to participants!

21, ср

In the Kansk drama theater — the premiere capable to be beyond the city. The director Danil Chashchin delivered “Boys stories” of Zakhar Prilepin after successful display of the sketch on Rough Tender Age laboratory a year ago. It is interesting that all heroes are played by a female part of troupe, creating thus an additional sense: as if mother, the wife, the sister treated patsansky “concepts”, patsansky life. Danil Chashchin claims that he does theater for people who don’t love theater. But we think, fair dialogue after all will be interesting to all. Premier displays of “Boys stories” — on September 21 and 22.

20, вт

The Novosibirsk city theater under the leadership of Sergey Afanasyev already indulges the audience another premiere — this time the artistic director chose the play “Reverse Side of the Moon” of Arkady Pasman. The household phantasmagoria — so determines a performance genre Sergey Afanasyev, and in theater add that the audience is waited by the intriguing story about love and success. And if you want to see Andrey Yakovlev as “very strange person” or Platon Kharitonov, “solving all problems”, then on September 20 and 21 you hurry in the Novosibirsk city theater under the leadership of Sergey Afanasyev.

18, вс

We admit frankly: while we were on a holiday, the Irkutsk drama theater of Okhlopkov worked at full capacity and has released a premiere – the first display of Macbeth has taken place on July 13. And here – display of the second, and we have no to hold back it the right! The director Valery Anisenko has turned Shakespeare's tragedy into a large-scale show, having to the maximum excluded from him a mystical component. The foreteller witch is at all not witches, and skeletons which are in a case of any person: secrets, secret aspirations and feelings. And they can lead both to madness, and to a crime, and to death. Premier displays – on September 18 and 25.

17, сб

"Romeo and Juliette's Russian history" in which actors will be sung will dance to the heart's content and direct round dances – at the Altai regional drama theater a premiere of "Lady peasant" of Alexander Pushkin. Alexander Zykov's performance the anniversary 95th season in which it is not the only Pushkin premiere will open. Not only actors of theater, but also students of the Altai academy of culture and arts are engaged in "Lady peasant". It is possible to see action on September 17 and 18 in Barnaul, and to read an interview with the director directly here and now: