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January, 2017

29, вс

The performance in real-time — now on the stage of the Amur Drama Theatre is one of the premiere of “Leaning Tower” Hope Ptushkina. Two hours flight delay announced in Rome — and what to spend this time a married couple? Unfortunately, at the showdown. Or fortunately? Is this Leaning Tower will fall — or be destroyed to continue the family?

26, чт

Everyone who was in the 90s in conscious age, remember the television project "Old songs about the main thing." The whole country nostalgia and sang famous artists. And now you can sing in the auditorium of the Kurgan Drama Theatre - here Irina Zubzhitskaya and Egor Grishin staged concert with a familiar name: "Old songs about the main thing." All the action takes place at the station of a provincial town - people meet and say goodbye, weeping and rejoicing, and, of course, sing. Get ready to empathize with the heroes of the 26, 27 and 28 January.

25, ср

Bohemian evening for educational purposes - is not it tempting. Achinsk Drama Theater transformed today into a legendary literary and artistic cabaret "Stray Dog" - St. Petersburg center of cultural life of the Silver Age. In the play "Under the caress plush plaid" which director Dmitry Nuyanzin set within the "Theatre + Education" project will feature poems by Alexander Blok, Gumilev, Vladimir Mayakovsky and other poets, which today would be called a "cult." The first show, "one of the possible meeting of the club" Stray Dog "" - on 25 January.

24, вт

“High relations” begins in the Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater. Pushkin — the main director Oleg Rybkin started rehearsals of the play, which is probably all know by heart, but still go to watch the show. “Pokrovsky Gates” by Leonid Zorin we all love a great love and light, largely due to the film by Mikhail Kozakov (beautiful frame from which — in the photo). Will Oleg Rybkin to surprise the viewer or remain adherent lyrical beginning, it will be announced in March.

20, пт

Traditional January tour “Kolyada-Theatre” in Moscow is about to be over the middle — until the 31st of Yekaterinburg every day playing “Na Strastnom”. As always halls are full, the audience satisfied. Already behind these business cards theater as “Hamlet” and “Masquerade”, but ahead of “Boris Godunov” and “Richard III of” and the premiere of last year, “Queen of Spades” Muscovites can see twice.

By the way, Nikolai Kolyada conceived a new project — to open in Moscow Theater “School of Drama Ural” (shower). The command for this has already been collected, but the negotiations are still underway site. We are looking forward and good luck!

17, вт

Philosophical buffoonery not suspect that she posed for the children, but so it is — in the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre today finally — after deferred December premieres are “Green Bird” by Carlo Gozzi. However, the category of the play though and is listed as “child”, the age limit is 12+, so are invited to view, especially teenagers. Here traditional Tartaglia, Brighella, Truffaldino, Smeraldina, Pantalone. And the Italian temperament, love, humor, and hooliganism. Disclose whether the twins Renzo and Barbarina secret of his birth, viewers will learn today — on 17 January.