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What is the apocalypse? Everyone has their own answer to this question. For the 16-year-old Sasha (who calls himself Moth) the collapse of the universe is the split of his “strong, loving family.” Unsettled, the suffering of the closest people lead to the fact that the Moth closes more and more from the society, finding a rescue in a strange friendship with the woman living in the underground passage — Lizanka. Director Anna Bychkova for the first time brings to theatrical stage the heroes of the play Anastasia Bukreeva “Gandhi was silent on Saturdays”. The process of forced growing up under the influence of difficult circumstances understands the performance through the mind of the adolescent. His understanding of the new, incomprehensible world Moth will entrust viewers of the Kemerovo Drama Theater on November 10 at 19.00. On Friday — until Gandhi was still silent.

9 November 2017