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For one evening in Novosibirsk, at once three wealthy gentlemen — which is remarkable, all foreigners — applied to the police with statements about the activities of the new criminal organization. Scammers were looking for a victim from among wealthy people and, spinning a scam on one of the many schemes, robbed the poor fellow before the thread. However, it is worth giving them their due — they did it easily, charmingly, inventing and changing the most incredible images, played before the victims the real ideas: with professional tricks, disguises, fervent dances, heartfelt songs.

The victims admitted embarrassed that they had received tremendous pleasure from what they saw and were even ready to repeat the dangerous experience.

Well, this opportunity will be presented to them on the stage of the Red Torch Theater more than once.

Director Konstantin Kolesnik invites spectators to look at the tricks of the crafty “Adventurers” at the premiere of the performance on December 9 and 10 at 6 pm

9 December 2017