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March, 2017

25, сб

And again — an appeal to Soviet drama. Boring provincial routine, dissatisfied with life heroes, but there is among them a girl who still believes in the best. The last play by Alexander Vampilov “Last summer in Chulimsk”, written in the very beginning of the 1970s, was staged by the Primorsky Drama Theater. Gorky. Premier show — March 25.

23, чт

The mysterious premiere in “Drama Number Three” — after the successful “Boatman” director Galina Polishchuk was invited for a new production, and she chose the play by American Laird Koenig “The Girl Who Lives at the End of the Street.” However, in the version of the director, the name became more mystical — “Girl from the alley. Halloween ”, while the genre is designated as a crime drama. As Galina Polishchuk says, she wanted to create a terrible story, but how important it is to be able to overcome her fears. For the play, the theater collected books from the poets of the Silver Age and old dolls, and a new actor appeared in the theater — the fawn hamster Gordon. What will happen to all of them in the play, the audience will find out on March 23, 24, 30 and 31!

18, сб

On the stage of the North itself is the temperamental “Hanuma”, ready to melt any ice. The famous vaudeville comedy Avksentiya Tsagareli, staged by Timur Fairuzov, will be the first spring premiere in Norilsk. Music and dances, legends and toasts, national color and love passions — everything is in place. Make sure on March 18 and 19!

18, сб

Recently, Vladimir Zolotar, who left Omsk Youth Theater, now as a free artist presents a new play at the Minusinsk Drama Theater — “Miserable” by the comedy of Jean-Baptiste Moliere. It’s amazing how the plays of the 17th century fall into today’s day — and Harpagon is still recognizable. A sharp comedy of characters — on March 18 and 19.

18, сб

Already today — the very event that Novosibirsk was waiting for: in the theater “Old House” during the day the laboratory “Actual Theater”. We already informed about this wonderful project, which will allow viewers to see three sketches of contemporary prose at once, so now let’s listen to one of the laboratory leaders — Oksana Efremenko and the director of the sketch “Zuleikha opens her eyes” Talgat Batalov:

14, вт

Did you expect comedies from The First Theater? They have it! The new production of Pavel Yuzhakov in the theater is called “a performance-holiday, a performance-cabbage, a stunt-play, a play-farce.” It will be funny for everyone, but for those who are familiar with backstage life — perhaps doubly. After all, this performance was created according to the essay by Karel Chapek “How the play is staged”, in which the pitfalls of “production” are revealed. This is indeed an extremely witty work, and if you are not already familiar with it, then on March 14 and 22 the “First Theater” is waiting for you (acquaintances, too)!

12, вс

Theater "Yellow Window" presents the premiere of the season - the plastic play "Tree". The theme of nature and man is getting sharper and sharper - and once again touched in this performance. A person can live in the rhythms of nature without breaking them, but can interfere, and, having risen above nature, turn into a real monster. It is not superfluous to think about this not only on March 12 and 26, when the shows will be shown.

1, ср

The popular project “Theatre in the school board ’took place in several cities in Russia, and this year is realized in Prokopyevsk Drama Theatre on the basis of the series” Tales of Belkin “Alexander Pushkin. Five performances by young directors during the year — this is the plan of the theater. A start is taken now — on 1 March. “Station Master” on the small stage set third-year student of the Novosibirsk Theatre Institute Pauline Lapaeva, a student of Alexei brained. Next show will be on display not only in the hospital, and to travel to schools and educational institutions Prokopyevsk.