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April, 2017

29, сб

The play, about which you will not understand much until you see it yourself, are represented today in the Tomsk theater of the young spectator. Director Elizabeth Bondar wanted to put “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare, but in the process of work realized that it was “Shakespeare’s Dream on a Midsummer Night” — and this is a fundamental difference. Suffice it to say that the poster says “the author is unknown”, although excerpts from the comedy in the translation of Tatyana Shchepkina-Kupernik are still used. If we talk about the storyline, then the audience will make a short journey through the dreams of a man and a woman — only in this state they can openly talk about their feelings. April 29 and 30 — trip insomnia in the Theater for Young Spectators.

22, сб

In the Khabarovsk drama theater are given to Shakespeare. Yes, what! Not a little embarrassed, quite frankly the director Anton Kovalenko defines his staging of “Windsor scoffers” as an erotic comedy. Why not — because the plot allows: Falstaff carers immediately after two ladies of provincial Windsor, and they pursue their goals, enticing him into a trap. The theater says that the finale is unpredictable — and what exactly, you can find out right now, April 22.

12, ср

The very first shows were shown to the spectator of the new play “Return” at the Ust-Ilimsky Theater of Drama and Comedy. Yevgeny Pindyurin’s staging of the story by Andrei Platonov already receives the first responses, among which the words “superbly” and “strongly” are more often found. The story of simple human feelings is called in the theater this play — about love and duty, treason and fidelity, longing and the ability to forgive. Premier shows “Returns” will continue on April 15, as well as on May 7 and 21.

9, вс

Take a look at the photo and try to guess what kind of premiere is taking place these days in the Altai Drama Theater named after. Shukshin?

Not “Days of Turbins”, but also Bulgakov! Alexei Logachev put “Zoykinu apartment” — so there was another director’s interpretation of the history of Nepman Zoya Pelts and her diverse company. Today, another premiere show, and after the performance can be seen only in May.

7, пт

In early January, the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater hosted the laboratory “The Sinful Righteous Leskov” — and now the sketches turn into performances. On April 7 and 8, the premiere of the parable “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk district” in the Bolshoi Theater will be staged by Denis Kozhevnikov, a young director from St. Petersburg. The tragic story of insane female love, greedy, unquenchable passion, thinking about where that border, when it crossed, light feeling turns into a devouring fire in its way.

1, сб

In the most cheerful on a calendar day in a year — the most cheerful comedy, moreover the most musical. “Hanuma” Avksentiya Tsagareli — on the stage of the Magnitogorsk Drama Theater. Tiflis, Avlabar, Kabato, Sona, Vano — caress the rumor of names and names. A big team worked on the production, including a specialist in Georgian culture — the result is already on the stage: on April 1 and 2 — the premiere screenings.