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May, 2017

30, вт
Nizhny Tagil

The end of May — and theaters gradually begin to close the seasons. The Nizhny Tagil Drama Theater completed the 71st season with the premiere performance — the audience saw Grigory Gorin’s “Memorial Prayer”. The results were also summed up: 222 plays, 4 premieres, Tagil-Moscow project “We, the undersigned” and other events, which make it possible to say that the creative year was a success. On vacation, however, while no one is leaving — the preparations for the next season are already beginning, which starts in September.

25, чт

The annual Festival of theaters of small cities of Russia this time will be held in Tobolsk and will open today with a guest performance "The Nameless Star" of the Theater under the leadership of Oleg Tabakov. From May 25 to June 1, more than 15 performances of theaters from Novokuznetsk, Minusinsk, Novorossiysk, Sarapul, Nizhnevartovsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Togliatti, Yelets, Novokuybyshevsk, Almetyevsk, Sarov, Kansk, Lysvy, Lesosibirsk and, in fact, Tobolsk, will be shown. Extensive geography, a rich program in which, in addition to a competitive poster, is planned and the educational part, a special documentary film program ... "I have no doubt that the XV Festival of theaters of small cities of Russia will be held with great success, and we sincerely wish good luck to all the participating theaters" Said the artistic director of the Festival Yevgeny Mironov.

And we are pleased to join his wish!

21, вс

“Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Greene and today remain for many the most romantic work in the world. How does this flair fit with the style of the director, who was nicknamed the “Yakut Tarantino”? Not bad at all! Sergei Potapov for a week put in the Sakha Academic Theater. Oyunsky performance “Assol” on the staging of Pavel Morozov. "According to the book, the heroine is somewhat eccentric, and I tried to add to her even more of this eccentricity. And Gray, too, I made eccentric. It seems to me that if two such ridiculous people do not meet, then they can perish, "the director tells about his idea. A miracle, a fairy tale, a light in Sergey Potapov’s performance have been preserved, simply without excess gloss. And all this to the music of Philip Glass and the folk Irish music, on which the Yakut songs lie! We would have looked, and the viewers of Yakutsk certainly will not miss the premiere show on May 21.

17, ср

If you think that you know the tale of Kurochka Ryabe by heart, and she does not intend any intrigues, the Northern Drama Theater is ready to dispel such thoughts. Here they staged a play based on the modern interpretation of Mikhail Bartenev and Andrei Usachev, in which the story is told by the Cat Scientist and Oak Green. The oak, however, was rather tired of this simple, seemingly story. But suddenly there is a riddle - one, the other ... To unravel them together the theater invites today - May 17.

16, вт

Surprisingly, despite its fame, the tale “Geese-swans” does not often appear on theatrical stages. However, the Novosibirsk Youth Theater “Globe” ventured — the Russian folk tale in the arrangement of Irina Kuptsova was put here by Anna Zinovieva, turning the Stove, Yablonu, Rechka into fantasy characters. The fact is that the heroine of the fairy tale — the girl Masha — does not just run to save her brother, but gets into the parallel world of her own fantasies and fears. In a world in which everything is possible. In a world in which she has to grow up and understand what responsibility is for another person. Premiere screenings of the fairy tales have passed, but with the heroes in this season you can still meet on June 14 and 15.

3, ср

The Altai Territory Drama Theater has repeatedly staged performances, music for which was written by the Barnaul composer Victor Chattyk — and always it hit the mark. The Waltz from The Seagull, the duet from The Generals of Sandy Quarries, the Adagio from The Dog’s Heart — all of them are still in the memory of the audience. And here’s a new play — completely to the music of Viktor Stribuk: independent director’s work of the actress of Lena Kegelova’s theater “Tango of a lifetime”. The story of the four stages of love: youthful and hot, freedom-loving, mature, forgiving ...

Premier shows will be held on 3 and 4 May.