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January, 2018

27, сб

For three days, the Small Stage of the Khabarovsk Territory Drama Theater turned into an experimental one, which means the opening of the "Winter Director's Laboratory" here. Three young, but already well-known and seriously demanded director from two capitals will acquaint Khabarovsk with his stage versions of plays by contemporary playwrights. In addition to reviewing the sketches of performances, the three-day event is also pleased with the meetings with the critics. Oksana Efremenko (Novosibirsk) looks at the expert "Review of the best performances of the National Golden Mask Festival-2018", and Pavel Rudnev (Moscow) explains "Why there is a director's theater and why you can rethink the classics."

We wish the participants of the laboratory good shows and draw the attention of the audience to their schedule:

  • January 27 at 13.00 "Karas" M. Dadichenko (director Sergei Chekhov, Moscow)
  • January 28 at 19.00 "Seryozha is very stupid" D. Danilov (director Alexei Zabegin, St. Petersburg)
  • January 28 at 19.00 "Application" A. Voloshina (directed by Nikolay Russian, St. Petersburg)

26, пт

In the world literature there are many strong female images that any actress dreams to embody on the stage. But rarely when one can perform several such powerful roles in one work. This unique opportunity was directed by Yevgeny Zenzin to Xenia Boyko, putting the play “The Triptych for One Actress” at the New Art Theater.

All the heroines appeared from the playwright Nina Mazur’s plays, which, in turn, appealed to the famous stories of the classics: in her Medea, Lady Capulets and Nights with Giacomina, the characters and stories of the great Euripides, Shakespeare and Boccaccio are reconsidered.

Three women are united by the theme of motherhood, but each man copes with this important function in different ways. Slandered Medea, according to Mazur, who did not kill her children, is forced to remember the descendants of a terrible monster. Capulet is doomed to live with a sense of guilt for the death of young Juliet. Giacomina, being the most resilient and free of them, transmits this vitality and thirst for bright events to her daughter’s legacy.

How can one actress imagine such unlike archetypes of women and mothers, Chelyabinsk people will see at the premiere on January 26 and 27 at 18.00.

25, чт

If the unprepared viewer of the Tomsk Drama Theater inform during the today's premiere that the performers of the leading roles graduated from the institute last year, he will grin in disbelief - at such a respectable age actors are nowhere trained! But he should see Svetlana Zadvinskaya, Alexandra Zelenskaya and Darya Omelchenko in life, everything will fall into place: the young graduates are really unrecognizable in the images of their "Old women".

Independent student work, interested in the thesis show director Andrei Cherpin, turned under his supervision into a real repertoire performance. The staging in the genre of "post-revolutionary absurdity" based on the works of Daniil Kharms conceals a lot of strange characters, mysterious situations and even a feeling of unreality of what is happening.

The audience, whose seats were transferred from the hall directly to the stage, will fall into the phantasmagoric space on January 24 at 19.00

24, ср

If the Irbit Drama Theater proudly bears the name of Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky, then the plays of this great playwright must certainly appear in his repertoire. And today the heroes of the comedy “Not All Cats Shrove” will be transferred to the Urals. Famous scenes from Moscow’s life are played out under the leadership of Sergei Baliev.

Undecidable dilemmas: spiritual well-being or material security, love or status, happiness of one’s neighbor or one’s own arrangement — seemed to the directors actual in the 21st century not less than in the XIX.

We think you guessed what choice the young heroine and her mother would make, and the details on January 25 at 6 pm.

23, вт

The heroines of the last play of the great Spaniard Federico García Lorca have been hiding in the theaters of the world for more than eighty years to serve as mourners for the head of their family. Last weekend, the door to the «House of Bernard Alba» opened the National Music and Drama Theater of the Republic of Tyva Victor.Kok-oola.

The new production of Suzanne Oorzhak instantly amazes the audience with a visual series: the powerful scenography of the artist Nachyn Shalyk takes high tragic notes, and the incredible costumes that combine folk motifs of Tyva, Spain, Khakassia, Tibet and Mongolia (costume designer Zulfiya Todykova) seem to be an indivisible bar of cultures.

The play has many surprises: what is the solution of the image of Angustias, Bernardie’s eldest daughter? Or the main character herself, which in two compositions is played by different actresses — and, in completely different manners.

Yes, and do not list — the rest will be able to learn only the audience of the Tuvan premiere called «Alba».

19, пт

There are meetings that are not crowned with the notorious happy ending, but they go through the whole destiny of lovers. One of the brightest unfinished love stories, "The Warsaw Melody" by Leonid Zorin, can already celebrate a half-century anniversary on the Russian stage.

Given this fact, director Oleg Hristolyubsky in the new premiere of the Lesosibirsk Drama Theater "Poisk" decided to play with the traditions of the play, referring to the legendary performance of Ruben Simonov in the theater. Vakhtangova (1947).

Dialogue of epochs, as well as timeless relations of man and woman, were organized in a kind of collage, which became a genre definition of work.

A difficult choice that affected the rest of his life awaits Gelen and Viktor on January 19 and 20 at 7 pm