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November, 2018

27, вт

Clever, beautiful and strong, strong, strong — the heroine of the play of Yaroslava Pulinovich “Zhanna” became an embodiment of the woman who made herself. From the dashing nineties it jumped in, apparently, successful the 2000th, however here it is watched by unexpected weakness. And when she dares to become weak, she is waited by blow. Zhanna’s history — generation history, Zhanna’s history — history of the woman: in Novokuznetsk drama theater it was put by the director Yury Pechenezhsky, premier displays — on November 27 and 28.

20, вт

In Novosibirsk summed up the professional results of the past season — in the evening solemn delivery of the XXIX professional theatrical award “Paradise” took place on November 19. The new “Output Monday” theater in the city became the all-around champion on figurines unexpectedly — the performance “Bastards” according to the play by Maxim Gorky “At the bottom” received both the Grand Prix, and prizes for the best male roles (Lavrenti Sorokin for Luka and Anatoly Grigoriev for Vaska Pepl) and also won spectator vote. Absolutely near it by quantity of awards — the statement causing a storm of emotions in the audience: “Sociopath” of Old House theater.

The complete list of winners can be seen on the page of the award “Paradise”, and “The new-Siberian transit” congratulates all and wishes a new victorious season!

14, ср

Advisory council of the Russian National award in the field of theater for children “Harlequin” summed up the results of the work and announced the competitive program of a festival-2019 — eight performances became nominees. We congratulate theaters from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tver, and very much we rejoice for Theatre of the Ob-Ugrian people — the Sun from Khanty-Mansiysk, puppet theater of Gulliver from Kurgan and also for the winner of the New-Siberian Transit festival — the performance “Father’s Trace” (on a photo) Northern drama theater of M.A. Ulyanov (Tara). Also as guests of a festival the advisory council invited actors Natalya Gitlits — the performer of a role Ann Sullivan in the performance “Created a Miracle” of the Seversk theater for children and youth, Evgeny Muzyka — the performer of a role Michael in the performance “Skellig” of the Kansk drama theater, the director of a performance “The book of the jungle. Ricky-Tikki-Tavi” Norilsk Polar drama theater of the Vl. of Mayakovsky of Timur Fayruzov and director, head of Youth studio theater “Dominanta” (Gubakha of Perm Krai) Lyubov Zaytseva.

The festival will take place in St. Petersburg from April 18 to April 26, 2019 for now it is possible to watch all news on the official site of an award.

10, сб

Years run, and the person so changes a little that the plays written more than hundred years ago sound today still sharply. The next surge in scenic popularity — at “Lucrative post” of Alexander Ostrovsky. The difficult choice which the young official Zhadov has to make is absolutely clear to the modern person. And in the next few days the audience of the Seversk theater for children and the youthes which have come to new statement of Alexander Zagorayev will be convinced of it. By the way, the “premier” audience will also be able to see an exhibition of sketches of the suits created to a performance by the artist Irina Smirnova and to participate in a comic competition for the right to take “lucrative post”.

10, сб

In spite of the fact that we grew on books by Alexander Volkov from the cycle “Wizard of the Emerald City”, all know that the Soviet writer as a basis has taken the fairy tale Laymena by Frank Baum “The wizard of the country of Oz”. And original history was taken by the director Irina Myakisheva for statement in the Irkutsk Theatre for Young Audience — here in the next two days to children will present not just the tale of good and honor, but a bright action musical. Music to a performance was created by Gleb Matveychuk and it isn’t similar to animation melodies familiar to us — the composer has added the drive, and on the stage fate and jazz will begin to sound. But, of course, the main thing has remained: this performance will tell the young audience, first of all, about how it is important to have kind heart and loyal friends.

6, вт

The summer was postponed to fall — traditionally July “Kolyada-plays” this year has opened in November, and from now on so to that and to be! The festival of modern Ural dramatic art takes place already for the twelfth time — within 10 days honor theaters from three tens cities of Russia and the abroad will represent the most interesting performances according to modern Russian plays. Certainly, in the program — statements according to plays by Nikolay Kolyada and his pupils, but not only. If you are ready to break at once to Yekaterinburg, completely it is possible to study the poster of a festival on the website “Christmas carol Theatre”.

6, вт

The Novokuznetsk drama theater celebrates the anniversary today — 85 years! Of course, this event wants to divide collective with the viewer therefore here have prepared festive evening with bright caps, balloons, live music, photozones and cake. And also guests are waited by a divertissement of “85 bright impressions” which fragments from the most known statements of theater have entered.

“The New-Siberian transit” congratulates staff of Novokuznetsk drama theater — we wish that all plans and dreams came true! Creative and happy life to you!