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April, 2018

22, вс

At the beginning of this week the Tomsk Theatre for Young Audience has celebrated a birthday — 38 years. And it comes to the end with other important holiday — a long-awaited premiere.

Nikolay Gogol’s “marriage” shouldn’t be acquainted with a scene: for years, decades, even the bride Agafya Tikhonovna for centuries made a portrait of ideal future spouse: “If yes to put Nicanor Ivanovich’s lips to Ivan Kuzmich’s nose and to take some forwardness what at Balthasar Baltazarycha and, perhaps, to add to it still Ivan Pavlovich’s portlinesses ...”

The director Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya who is fallen in love to the Tomsk viewer by the performance “Brother of Lys and/or Brother Krolik” has created the gentle and ironic, sated bright images performance, having presented new breath to good old classics.

With a premiere and with the passed birthday, expensive!

Create and be happy!

21, сб

Works about teenagers and for teenagers, despite the increasing address to them of modern writers, are considered at us as a rarity, and therefore value. New work of the Ekaterinburg MDT "Teatron" – one more fine example of involvement of young audience to judgment of subjects interesting to her.

In the center of a performance #iwantinschool according to the eponymous book by Evgenia Pasternak and Andrey Zhvalevsky – history of the uneven-age company of the children adoring training process. Still, it consists not in cramming of boring rules, and in joint adventures: from flight in the balloon before conquest of Everest. Well than not school of a dream? However it is always necessary to fight for the dream is and friends should learn.

The following premier display – on May 6 at 18:00