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June, 2018

14, чт

In a distant exotic journey, the collective of the Kemerovo Theater for children and youth left: it will have to subdue the spectators ... of Beijing and Kunshan! From June 12 to July 8, Kemerovo residents will show 32 performances in China and even hold eight master classes. Such lengthy tours were organized at the invitation of The A.S.K. (Art space for kids) Beijing.

And the rest of the troupe is preparing for the closing of the season at the same time, under the curtain of which will be a new premiere — “The film is being shot” based on the play by Edvard Radzinsky staged by the artistic director of the theater Irina Latynnikova. In details of the shooting process, you can dive on June 20 at 18.30.

13, ср

In the meantime, on the opposite bank of the Yenisei, viewers are introduced to a comedy of a completely different type: Roman Feodori put the latest premiere in the season of the Krasnoyarsk theater of the young spectator in the fashionable Stand-up genre, based on the play by contemporary playwright Valery Shergin.

To shine on stage in a new play is destined only for the representatives of the beautiful half of the troupe — this story is about women. “They act without thinking about the consequences, as if a catastrophe is about to occur, — some supernova will explode, two suns will appear in the sky, all living things will perish and nothing will ever happen again. Or maybe a catastrophe is already happening in souls and heads? Awareness of this is the first step to salvation. ”

Revelations of girls Krasnoyarsk people will be able to hear today, June 13, at 19.00

7, чт

Someone might think that the closer the closing season, the less interesting the events in theaters. Nothing like this!

We are happy to continue our festival theme: just about the bands from Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Krasnoturinsk, Yekaterinburg and Moscow will embark on the “Irbit stage” − 2018. Interregional Theater Festival, which has been counted since 1993, will be held this time from 9 to 17 June. And its owners will open — the Irbitsky Drama Theater. A. N. Ostrovsky will present the musical comedy “Hanuma” in the production of the main director Vyacheslav Dobrovolsky.

We wish all the participants good shows, and the audience — new vivid impressions!