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October, 2019

11, пт

The Sverdlovsk Academic Drama Theatre continues to issue premiere on the mountain, and today — the time of the “Republic of SHKID.” However, at the basis of the performance not only the story of the same name by Gregory White and L. Panteleev (Alexey Eremeyev) — director Dmitry Yegorov brought it together in a production with the novel of former Shkidians Pavel Olkhovsky and Constantine Evstafiev, where SHKIDskie orders and the creator of the School-commune Victor Soroka-Rosinsky are subject.

In addition, the show uses unique documentary materials provided by White ’s granddaughter Elena Nazaryan. All this makes it possible to reveal in depth the theme of the Teacher ’s importance in the life of every person and to see in the heroes of real people who wanted to create a “country” where it is possible to live according to the laws of free creativity and real friendship.

5, сб

Its 87th season, the Makism Gorky Seaside Drama Theatre opens a joint project with the Los Angeles Theatre Movement Bazaar, backed by the U.S. Embassy. American producers chose a classic to work with Vladivostok actors and adapted Francis Scott Fitzgerald ’s novel “The Great Gatsby” for the stage. “We wanted to choose a story that perfectly reflected the” American spirit, “but at the same time concluded his criticism. And that is why we were attracted by Fitzgerald, who best depicted the jazz era of the 1920s, a time called “one solid party with an atmosphere of exploitation, rampage and cheating,” said director Tina Cronis and staging author Richard Alger.

It is interesting that in the production plans for the season at the Maritime Theatre there are two other very different, but in their cult novels — “Master and Margarita” Mikhail Bulgarian and “Pride and Prejudice” Jane Austen.

2, ср

The Festival of Theatres of the Far East did not finish in Khabarovsk, as the time for a new major event came — all moved to Vladivostok, where these days the Far East Theatre Forum of the STD of the Russian Federation “Russian Theatre — XXI Century” takes place. About 300 people take part in daily creative workshops, trainings, seminars and laboratories. Important points of today will be, for example, round tables on the topics “Theater — viewer — Internet” and “Director in modern Russian theatre — synecura or galleys?.” The forum will last until October 4.