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November, 2019

29, пт

This fall, the name of Alan Turing and the theme of artificial intelligence are once again on the mouth of many. The Knigomans discuss British Ian Makyuan ’s new novel “Machines Like Me” — in the alternative history of Turing live in the 1980s, continuing to make scientific breakthroughs. And now to talk about English mathematics will be able and theatres, however, only Khabarovsk — at the Drama Theatre today premiere “Test Turing.”

Playwright Igor Yakimov defined his play as “a comedy for two people, two mobile phones and one laptop, and a tragedy for a transistor radio receiver.” The action takes place in the near future — maybe “even tomorrow”: a British scientist using a Turing test tries to find out who is in front of him — a man or a machine? The series of comic situations in which he finds himself only highlights the fact that we ourselves today are more robots than humans, because without an electric socket many will not be able to live an hour.

The comedy about computer programs, love and beauty was set by Maxim Kalsin, and this is his second consecutive premiere in the Khabarovsk Drama Theatre — a month and a half ago the audience was presented with the thriller “Portrait of Fear.”

5, вт

The XIII International Theatre Festival of Modern Drama “Kolyada-Plays” continues in Yekaterinburg, the program of which traditionally consists of performances on the plays of Nicholas Stroller, young Ural drama and winners of the International Competition of Drama “Eurasia.”

If last year the president of the festival Nikolai Stroyada was able to invite more than 600 guests, this time the budget allowed to receive only 200 people. However, this also means that in 10 days Eiburzhets will see a total of about 40 performances of theatres from Helsinki, Petropavlovsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Lower Tagil, the village of Velaya Atnya and, actually, Yekaterinburg.

“When I see my students growing up, becoming famous, the heart is filled with incredible pride,” says festival president Nikolai Stroyada. “This year I watched 80 video appearances. From them by different criteria selected productions. As a result, it turned out to be just the perfect program. When I am asked what performances I would recommend to visit, I say — yes all to one! ”

Those who cannot be in Yekaterinburg these days have the opportunity to join the festival thanks to online broadcasts.