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March, 2019

24, вс

We are not tired to tell about the wonderful premieres born in the Chelyabinsk youth theater, — today “Pillow Soul” was born here. The play by one of the most interesting modern playwrights of Olzhas Zhanaydarov, by recognition of the author, that your any features cannot prevent to find friends and to become happy. And it is very important thought for children and teenagers of today’s quite harsh and intolerant reality. The performance was put by Alexander Cherepanov, but the big role was played also by the director on plasticity Svetlana Novikova. “There was a wish to interweave as much as possible into action dance and to shift the text from the predominating positions, — the director explains. — It will broaden the field of perception of the audience”.

21, чт

To watch the events which are taking place in Buryaad Teatre, always incredibly interestingly. This year in theater addressed a subject of the Buryat heroic epos. And for the first statement the uliger (the national legend in a genre of the geroiko-historical epos) “nshen sagaan botogon”, or “Colt” was taken.

The director Soyzhin Zhambalova does not deny that the tragic story, but adds that it is very necessary to today. The colt who is torn off from mother appears one in the big and terrible world, but he is not afraid of barriers and moves off in searches of mother. The animals who are found on its way help it, and predators are more generous, than the person who constantly overtakes and offends a colt.

Soyzhin Zhambalova advises not too to pay attention to age limit 12, this story out of age: “In general, it would be good that after the performance parents communicated to children among themselves on love, death, compassion, the help...”

The performance “Colt” will go in two options — in the Russian and Buryat languages.

12, вт
Serov - Nizhny Tagil

Unexpected news for many was published in media of Nizhny Tagil and Serov yesterday. Natalia Mozzhakova directing the Serov drama theater for 10 years from now on will head municipal Youth theater of Nizhny Tagil.

The new director is considered as the anti-recessionary manager — last year the posts in Youth theater because of personal disagreements left the director, the artistic director and the director, a part of actors also did not begin to prolong employment contracts, and the building of the theater was closed on repair.

So Natalia Mozzhakova after taking office should appoint on March 25 the chief director and to bring together new troupe of the Nizhny Tagil theater. Who will head the Serov drama theater which is so successfully developing in recent years while it is unknown — the decision is not made yet.

5, вт

The popularity of the play of Alexander Vampilov “Eldest son” reached peak in the 1970th years, but does not cease and today.

In the Magnitogorsk Pushkin Drama Theatre this tragicomedy was chosen for a director’s debut by the actor Andrey Mayorov. It is interesting that he does not intend to surprise the viewer: “Artificially surprising the audience, we often lose traditional classical theater which it so missed. Re-reading this play, I opened in it a chasm of true philanthrophy. Also thought that in principle it about all of us. Much lack simple human heat.

And what can be more relevant, than a conversation on family values in a close circle?” The chamber platform of theater will become such close circle — in March five displays of a premier performance are planned at once.