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June, 2019

30, вс

Friends, all of us nicely worked in this saturated season – it is time and to have a rest!

"The New-Siberian transit" goes on leave till September and wishes you to gain strength for further fulfillments. Excellent all summer!

29, сб

In spite of the fact that the 145th season at the Omsk academic drama theater is already complete, the audience is waited by an epilog – on June 29 and 30 there will take place premier displays of the performance "Dragon". To remind a plot of the play of Evgeny Schwartz, we think, there is no need, and it is not possible to open secrets of statement of Marat Gatsalov – details from official and informal sources does not arrive. It is known only that the director and the artist Vera Makarenko offered non-standard scenography in connection with which it is necessary to redistribute places among the audience who acquired tickets. By the way, all tickets for both displays are sold out. Well, we wait for the first impressions!

28, пт

In the end of a season “Kolyada Theatre” still will manage to please the audience with a premiere — Nikolay put own play “Nosferatu”. He put it on the actor Alexander Zamurayev who plays a title role — Amalia Lvovna Nosferatu. Amalia Lvovna wants to give to the director of the regional drama old things for performances: there is a teapot, here a napkin, here “The book which treats”. And gradually from these things the whole life of the little person is developed ...

“At Zamurayev a brilliant job is got. The performance goes an hour and a half. It does not leave a scene and works just wonders. On general I call nobody because called theater and reported that on June 28 from 9 in the morning to 17 o’clock in the evening will not be in our region of electricity, any repair. All of us will equally hold a run, with lamps — ‘frogs’, with the tape recorder on batteries, that music was, but all this not for public, and for itself, just that once again to stake out everything, to hammer with nails”, — Nikolay Kolyada writes in the social networks.

Well, and it will be possible to see a premiere tomorrow, on June 29, — after that in August.

27, чт

The Kurgan drama theater finishes the next creative season a premiere – already today the audience will see the family drama "Bury Me behind a Plinth" in the autobiographical story by Pavel Sanayev. Dmitry Akrish already familiar to residents of Kurgan on the performances "Morphine" and "LEAR" turned a small scene into "box" where chairs for the audience are placed under different corners – on the movement of an hour hand. On some chairs soft toys which will have to appear on a lap the audience sit. The director prior to a premiere does not open many secrets, speaking only: "This exact hit in relevance, is not present policy here, there is no pathos, there is only a sincerity of the relations. And actors feel the text extremely close".

By the way, Pavel Sanayev met Dmitry Akrish to discuss the concept of statement, but the writer will already see a performance in the next season.

26, ср

The fourth season of the project of “Art laboratory” — in the heat. The international festival school of the modern art “TERRITORIYa” and the Sibur company hold a series of creative educational events and laboratories in regions of Russia again. This year Nizhnevartovsk, Tomsk, Tobolsk and Nizhny Novgorod were among lucky.

And these days in the Nizhnevartovsk drama theater just there passes the New Meanings laboratory under the leadership of Pavel Rudnev. Yesterday already displays of the sketch “For a white rabbit”, carried out by Roman Kaganovich according to the play by Maria Ogneva took place. And today the audience is waited by two more displays: Alexander Barkar will present “The disappeared cyclist” Konstantin Kostenko, and Ivan Minevtsev — Alexey Zhitkovsky’s “Hill”.

After displays the audience will be able to vote for the sketch which is most pleasant to them, and 2019 it will be finished prior to a full-fledged performance.

21, пт

The grandiose premiere — the most expensive and large-scale performance in the repertoire presents today the Russian drama theater of Bestuzhev to Ulan-Ude.

The artistic director Sergey Levitsky decided on statement of “The fairy tale of wanderings”, having taken as a basis Alexander Mitta, Yuli Dunsky and Valeri Fried’s film script — on the theatrical stage “The fairy tale of wanderings” was not embodied yet. The philosophical parable about friendship of the tramp and thinker Orlando and the girl Marta was supported with powerful scenography and the difficult plastic score for which the famous director-choreographer Igor Grigurko is responsible.

What is told by the first audience who happened to see prepremier display? “Mix Bosch’s pictures with Cirque du Soleil, season with a pinch a stimpanka and decorate with Luc Besson’s branch of times of ‘The fifth element’”. The M-mm, is a pity that in this season only two displays will take place — on June 21 and 22 — and we will not manage to reach Ulan-Ude ...


20, чт
Nizhny Tagil

The sketch turns ... The sketch turns ... of course, into a performance. In the Nizhny Tagil drama theater “Misters Golovlev” just about will be born. The director Daniil Beznosov and on September Laboratory of young direction “Theater — to generation Z”, and now works with a performance of Yaroslava Pulinovich created based on the novel by Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin. Process of dying of a family of landowners Golovlev refracts through a prism of his main woman — imperious Arina Petrovna. Actually, the performance “Golovlev is also called. Mammy”. Premier displays will take place on June 21, 22 and 26.

13, чт

Today in Chekhov center the large-scale theater festival “Sakhalin Stage” starts — he will for the first time act as IV in the status of international. From June 13 to June 30 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will accept 15 theaters among which there are collectives not only from Russia, but also Kazakhstan, Serbia, China and Finland — the total number of participants approaches 400. Owners — Chekhov center — will present two performances: “Danger” to Alexander Ostrovsky directed by Alexander Sozonov and premier Tyorkin according to the poem by Alexander Tvardovsky directed by Evgeny Zimin. Within the festival also children’s program and director’s laboratory are planned.

“This year ‘The Sakhalin stage’ will become record on duration and saturation. We as organizers, we try to leave and fix in it all the best that was earlier and by all means to add something new”, — the director noted Chekhov center Tatyana Korneeva.

11, вт

With approach of summer the unique Novosibirsk project “Children and Ancestors” does not lose activity — within June some more performances will be presented. What special is healthy, so is that statements are carried out on the modern nursery and teenage literature. In them the subjects which, perhaps, are not always convenient to adults, but on which it is necessary to speak with the children are brought up. Here questions not only “can sound why the father does not live with us now?” or “what is death?”, but also “how to teach the child to care for relatives?”, “how to cultivate politeness and keenness?”.

The day before premier display already of the seventh in the repertoire project of the performance “In chicken-scratch” according to the book by Ann Fayn took place — Darya Suprunova’s statement united actors of City drama theater under the leadership S. Afanasyev and NGTI.

We congratulate on replenishment!

And, by the way, on June 16 wait for the audience on displays of the doll performance “The Grandmother on an Apple-tree” according to the story by Mira Lobe.

9, вс

Tyorkin was born in Chekhov center and today will be for the first time shown to the audience. The performance of the poem of Alexander Tvardovsky was created by Evgeny Zimin — he carried out statement.

“For our performance ‘The Book about the Fighter’ — a reason for dialogue, — the director notes. — It would be desirable to construct synthetic action in which Tvardovsky’s text, Nikolay Morozov’s music, the plastic decision of Margarita Krasnykh, decorating of Kirill Piskunov, Alexey Tarasov’s art design are remarkably combined.

These are absolutely equivalent components of a performance”.

Vasily Tyorkin turned in statement into the nominal character — as it was conceived by directors, each viewer has to feel that he in is mute there is a particle of this “ordinary” hero.

8, сб

“In Russia in a year about 200,000 applications for missing persons are written. And there are every year about 100,000 people. Question: where do other 100 thousand disappear?” (Russian News agency, 2017)

Kostik was gone. On New Year’s Eve he suddenly disappeared, and nobody can find him. His mother moves off in searches to others city where Kostik studied. The only person who connects her with the son is his former girlfriend Alyona. Searching they should unite and to pass together through cold of official offices and fire of mutual recriminations. And time will inevitably run away ...

The mystical melodrama according to the play by Maria Ogneva in the Shadrinsk drama theater was put by the director Victoria Pechernikova — this premiere will finish the 122nd season today.

7, пт

“Hills” continue to grow — the play by Alexey Zhitkovsky written under an impression of a parental chat of group of kindergarten instantly found popularity at directors. Today the version in “The fifth theater” will be submitted by Ivan Komarov. A piece of life of the young teacher of Sibiryachok kindergarten to whom charged to deliver a New Year’s morning performance and to build the hill on the site, appears in Omsk “Hill” not as household history.

Characters of the play turned into the exaggerated, theatrical figures, and in the bright world of a light slumber the subject of loneliness of the main character, history of search of the real feeling is shown.