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September, 2019

29, вс

A year and a half ago, the whole young Novosibirsk blew up Andrei Prikotenko ’s performance “Sociopath/Hamlet” in the theatre “Old House”.

The generational hero participated in the rap battle and from his energy simply slammed. So the premiere about another cult character here was expected not that with impatience, but with awe. Yesterday the first show of the director ’s version of “Idiot” on the novel by Fedor Dostoyevsky took place, tonight — the second. “Indescribable,” incredible, “amazing” — thrilled those who managed to get to the premiere, and it was not easy, because the configuration of the stage space cut off most of the auditorium, so there were very few seats.

Andrei Prikotenko turned into Myshkin each — more precisely, each carries a Myshkin complex. In fact, the performance is an attempt by the director to answer the main question: “Can there exist today a man who loved this world so much that the life of another becomes for him the highest value?”

28, сб

Already traditionally in September the Omsk Academic Drama Theatre presents two premiere at the same time. On the Main stage Boris Pavlovich, who had already worked with the troupe earlier on the performance “Life,” will present the performance-film “Berchal. The Air of Childhood. ” At the basis of the production — two film scores of Gennady Spalikov, the first and the last: on none of them the film was never made. Artist Olga Pavlovich created an empty shooting pavilion. ’And into that empty space, the actors and I will go in to try to imagine those films — what they might be like.

From the euphoric lyrics “Quay,” in which the main character wanders through night Moscow, before in the morning getting married and sailing on a barge into a serious adult life, to a harsh sentence of illusions in the “Air of Childhood,” — comments Boris Pavlovich.

At the same time, scenes from village life will unfold on the Chamber named after Tatiana Ozhigova — the chief director of the theater Georgy Tshvirava set “Uncle Vanya” Anton Chekov. It is interesting that with a duration of less than three hours the performance will go with three anthracts.

27, пт

In 2018 at the festival of young drama Lubimovka there was a reading of the play Svetlana Petriychuk "Tuesday a short day." Immediately after that theatre critic Pavel Rudnev wrote in one of his accounts: "Before what beautiful this play, it is necessary to put." The South Sakhalin Chekov Center agrees with this - and today there will be a pre-repair show of the performance.

Director Alexander Sozonov made a decision to make the performance immersive - the main action takes place in a moving bus. "The viewer goes on the way with the heroes. Where 's he going? How will this journey end? This new theatre genre is necessary for modern people - an alloy of new-style quest, modern drama and powerful acting works, "- says the director.

"Tuesday a Short Day" is a drama about a saleswoman from Blagoveshchensk, whom his son is drawn into transporting a spice from China to Russia. Her monologue in the play echoes the images of heroines-mothers of classical Russian literature, and the central question becomes: does the strongest love justify any crime?

26, чт

Predyubileyny, 99th, season Chelyabinsk Drama Theatre named after Naum Orlova opens today with the play “Time of Women.” The novel of Elena Chizova was repeatedly staged on the scenes of Russian theatres, in Chelyabinsk the production was carried out by the chief director Alexander Zykov. His “Time of Women” is a poetry performance, the emphasis in it is on huge, all-defying love, which helps to survive and preserve humanity. It is an attempt to give viewers faith in the best — and judging by the reviews after the premiere show, it succeeded.

21, сб

The State Theatre of Nations within the framework of the program of support of theatres of small cities of Russia continues to hold creative laboratories on modern drama — and today three sketches will be shown in Cheremhov Drama Theatre named after V. Gurkin. From the list of plays we will immediately highlight “All Shakespeare” by Jess Borgesson — not so often it can be seen and heard on laboratories: in Cheremhovo the sketch is made by Vladimir Zolotar. Also Lisa Bondar will present the sketch “It is all her” according to the play by Andrei Ivanov, and where without drama Dmitry Danilov — the current “Man from Podolsk” will be born thanks to Kirill Vytoptov.

The sketches will be shown again on September 23 on the stage of the Irkutsk Theatre of Young Audience within the framework of the out-of-competition program of the XVIII Baku International Festival “Man and Nature” named after V. Rasputin.

18, ср

The Altai Regional Drama Theatre named after Shukshin starts a kind of marathon from today — from September 18 to September 26 there will be a festival of performances on the works of Basil Shukshin “Hello, people!.” For the first time in Russia on the stage of Barnaul theatre will gather collectives from different cities to present to the audience performances created on the basis of the works of Shukshin.

Theatres of Moscow, Tver, Omsk, Novokuznetska will show a total of 7 performances, which will see almost 5000 viewers. On September 26, the festival will close with the performance “Shukshin Stories” of the Moscow Theatre of Nations.

17, вт

Theatres of Kuzbass gradually open a new season and today it is the turn of Novokuznitsky Drama Theatre. To the question of what happiness is in the modern world, here will try to find an answer with the help of “Peak Lady” Alexander Pushkin. The mystical anecdote turns into Andrei Sidelnikov ’s production into an endless game, which is supported by the presentation in the lobby of the theatre — card tricks and thematic photo zones will wait for all those who came to the premiere show.

17, вт
We congratulate!

A few days ago the All-Russian festival “Real Theatre” came to the end, and in the status of its art director, the great Oleg Loevsky there were changes — from now on it should be called no other than Cavalry Loevsky!

Last night it became known that the Minister of Culture of France Frank Rister signed a decree awarding Oleg Semisovich the Order of Merit in Art and Literature in the degree of Caver. This is the contribution to strengthening cooperation and creative exchange between France and Russia.

Dear Oleg Semenovich, congratulations on this proud title, which suits you so much! Love, embrace and, of course, look forward to another meeting at “New Siberian Transit”!

15, вс

Some theatres opened the season very recently, others are only preparing for this event. Novosibirsk during the last month managed to get a lot of theatrical impressions, and for this purpose it was not even necessary to sit in the auditorium: familiarity with new forms of street theatre took place right in the space of the city. Local collectives, guests from both capitals and abroad, many different routes and locations, from the center to the outskirts, are all the festival “Three Crows,” organized by “First Theatre”.

And today the large-scale forum closes with the performance “Svinopolis” of the eminent Polish Teatr Biuro Podrozy. Director Pavel Shkotak, through the history of small piglets who learn to be correct citizens, explores the mechanism of the totalitarian regime, which refers to George Orwell ’s story “The Cattle Yard.” “Amazing street performance with water meters and fire” will take place on the Mikhail embankment, and the weather, let ’s hope, will not become an obstacle to it.

13, пт

“Woe from Wit” can flaunt aphorisms from the comedy by Alexander Griboyedov, apparently, any Russian-speaking person — sometimes even without knowing authorship of the quote. But whether we can tell with confidence that we understand this play? The “analysis of the work” which is jagged from the childhood for a literature lesson is definitely not useful at a premiere of the Irkutsk drama theater of Okhlopkov. Director Stanislav Maltsev and command of a performance “Woe from Wit.: ...!-?” (no, nobody fell to the keyboard — the name it) urge the viewer “reject nightmares of school compositions” and “trust in a sacrament of theater”. The last will precisely make work, the history will be first of all about love.

12, чт

Having not managed to “leave” Chelyabinsk, again there we return — this time to celebrate the recent premiere of the Chamber Theatre. Director Alexey Mukin decided to understand “what is good and what is bad,” having addressed for this purpose the play of modern drama Svetlana Bazhenova “In the soul a good man.” How are moral principles and values formed? Is it possible, once betrayed by a loved one, to remain faithful to himself? What are we willing to pay for the “full list of our desires”? A new attempt by the theatre to understand the psychology of the consumer will be made today. Perhaps the audience will agree with the director that “the blind cat becomes the most human in this story.”

11, ср

Yesterday Barnaul already managed to evaluate “Our town,” a repeated opportunity will be presented to them today. No, it is not about any review excursion — at the Youth Theatre Altai the premiere of the performance on the play of the same name Thornton Wilder, awarded in 1938 Pulitzer Prize took place.

The daily and, at first glance, minor circumstances of the life of a provincial American town provoke the narrator to ask truly existential questions — about the meaning of existence, the ability to feel every moment, human complexity, the understanding of the incomprehensible.

St. Petersburg director Alexey Serov complements the action with new characters, following the author ’s idea of “theatre in theatre,” which makes the viewer feel that he is present at the same time at rehearsal and at the performance.

10, вт

Chelyabinsk Youth Theatre volunteered to prove to the audience that the playing space can become not only a stage, but also any location chosen by the director — whether it be a bar, a ferret wheel or even a welding shop of the plant; And the way artists interact with the audience can be very different from the usual.

From September 10 to September 15 this will be confirmed at the festival of immersive theatre PULSE, within the framework of which will be shown, as you have already guessed, immersive performances of different cities and experimental laboratory sketches are created, and the capital critics will tell in their lectures about peculiarities of this type of theatre.

“Immersive Theatre seeks to destroy the boundaries of audience perception, to go beyond the relations” object-subject, “stage-auditorium.” The theatre seeks to change the micromir of the viewer forever, having changed itself, "- said the artistic director of the festival Ivan Minevtsov.

8, вс
Barnaul Michael Prokhorov Foundation

The month Shukshina opens in the Altay drama theatre premiere “And horses played in the field...” — and it became the tenth in the history of the theater production on works of the Altay writer.

The title contains a line from the poem by Basil Shukshin, and the basis is 13 stories. The performance is conditionally divided into “urban” and “village” parts, generally making up a frank dialogue with the viewer “about the most important,” as director Maxim Astafiev says.

7, сб

The Tomsky Drama Theatre will turn into Ancient Greece tonight and the Olympic gods will merge in the crowd with the audience. All this precedes the first premiere of the season — “Micropole” according to the new play of the famous Russian writer Eugenia Vodolazkin was set by the chief director of the theater Oleg Molipvin. This dramatic work was created, according to the author himself, in a completely new and non-trivial format: the play has an antique colour and a share of healthy absurd, but at the same time it addresses modern and topical problems.