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March, 2020

27, пт
Happy International Theatre Day!

Today is remarkable for many: in Japan on March 27 - the Holiday of sakura flowering, in France - Cheese Day, it is also possible to celebrate Whiskey Day and at the same time the birthday of Quentin Tarantino. Well, we 're in a hurry to congratulate you on International Theatre Day!

Dear colleagues, viewers, everyone who is in love with the theater - we wish you the strength to cope with daily concerns, inspiration to realize dreams into reality, good luck to always achieve the desired result! Let all the planned premiere be played, the halls are full, and - yes there will be a theatre!

See you at the New Siberian Transit Festival!

10, вт

The holiday is not a time for rest in the theater: here and in the Tyumen drama on the eight-March weekend prepared for the audience a gift — the premiere of the musical comedy «Eight Women.» However, the genre is too narrow for Sergei Zaharin to perform — in fact, it is a burning mixture of detective, drama, black comedy and musical.

Robert Tom ’s play is too famous to resemble its plot, but do you remember François Ozone ’s film «8 Women»? Each character in it was revealed as much as possible, including with the help of a solo vocal number. Exactly the same in the Tyumen performance — musical numbers specially written by indie pop group «OQJAV» taking into account the individuality of each actress and her character.

The director of the theatre Sergey Osintsev has already given his assessment to the premiere: «The performance is mysterious, there is, what to watch, there was a very elegant production, in which the stylist Sergey Zaharin feels.» The audience of the first shows were able to see this — the next is scheduled for March 18.