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Ahead of the Altai Youth Theater is an exciting month — all the performances postponed due to quarantine finally go on stage. Today and tomorrow, perhaps, one of the main premieres of autumn in Barnaul is William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Staged “Hamlet” Tatyana Bezmenova, known in the city as the author of plastic decisions for many performances. However, she will not make her debut as a director — on the stage of the MTA, she has already staged “Crazy Day, or the Marriage of Figaro” by Beaumarchais.

For work, the director chose the translation of Mikhail Morozov — not the most seemingly obvious, but very interesting: prose translation-study with a lot of comments.

The artist Alexei Panenkov, based on the director’s plan, came up with a space in the form of a giant library, simultaneously referring to Hamlet’s children’s room. "The essence of the scenery is that they become a mousetrap inside the palace, into which all the characters fall. We have the opportunity to emphasize the main idea: when you build a mousetrap, it is very likely that you will find yourself in it, as well as loved ones and loved ones, "the director comments.

In a few hours, the first audience will try to find answers to the main questions: what awaits us outside the world, is there immortality of the soul or is there only chaos ahead and there is no point in the fight?

24 September 2020