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October, 2021

29, пт

At the beginning of the 20th century, the play by Leonid Andreev “Ekaterina Ivanovna” had the fame of shocking, provocative, annoying. Today, just over a hundred years later, it is easy to recognize oneself and the surrounding society in the heroes. “The classic situation is suspicion, betrayal, blackmail, revenge: everything that is in the air around us, it’s all here,” says Oleg Molitvin, director of the premiere performance “Katya” of the Tomsk Drama Theater.

What can destroy an idyll? Why does a faithful wife go all out? Is this revenge on the husband for unfair accusations or the desire to experience life in all its diversity? The directors of the Tomsk version are looking for an answer: how to live with a feeling of fullness, without losing moral purity?

For greater immersion, the audience is brought as close to the heroes as possible — they seem to be in the circle of the Stibelev family. However, at the same time, there will be no classical observation from one point — in the first and second acts, the witnesses of what is happening will have to look at the events from different angles.

The premiere screenings of the drama in two parts with a break “Katya” will take place on October 30 and 31.

28, чт

The Serov Drama Theater named after Anton Chekhov prepares its audience for the sad story.

But do not be alarmed — we are, of course, only about the premiere of “Romeo and Juliet”. Shakespeare’s drama about love and hate was staged in Serov by Alexander Sysoev, who decided to use the classic translation of Boris Pasternak, but put it in the mouths of quite modern characters. Instead of Verona — a harsh Ural city, Montagues and Capulets from nobles turned into nouveau riches, and sword battles gave way to street showdowns. What awaits Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century in these realities — will the outcome remain the same?

Those who came to the opening of the 80th season will be the first to know the answer to this question, the premiere screenings will be held on October 29, 30 and 31.

27, ср

The Norilsk Polar Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky is preparing for the opening of the 9th laboratory of modern drama »Polyarka«. This time it is dedicated to the plays of Scandinavian authors, whose work in Russia, let’s be honest, is not widely known. »The land of picturesque fjords and majestic mountains, mythical trolls and legendary Vikings, the birthplace of Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg, Ingmar Bergman, Seren Kierkegaard and Lars von Trier, Edvard Grieg and Edvard Munch ...« - in a romantic spirit, the theater announces the current theme.

It is interesting that directors from different countries — Russia, Denmark and Norway will work on the sketches. The play by Anna Clemensen Bro »FEAR (from thoughts)« will be staged by Emil Rostrup of Denmark, Arne Lugre by Norwegian Jörlev Frude, Arne Lugre’s »Man Without a Purpose«

In addition, the laboratory will host lectures on modern Scandinavian theater and drama, which will be delivered by Oksana Kushlyaeva and Elena Rachinskaya.

26, вт

The special room of the Novosibirsk Youth Theater “Globus” today will receive another premiere — a show of the independent work of actors Ruslan Vyatkin and Nikita Sarychev will take place here. The play “Cherry Martins” by David Gau was chosen for the experiment.

Formally, this is a duel play, a duel between a liberal lawyer and his client, a skinhead who committed an involuntary murder. The audience will witness an ideological battle, a painful search for truth that provoked turning points in the fate of each of the heroes. How deep are the roots of our prejudices, where mutual hatred and aggression originate — they suggest finding answers to these serious questions in the Globe on October 26 and 27.

25, пн

The Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater named after Pushkin approached the 200th anniversary of Fyodor Dostoevsky uncommonly — the story “The Double” was chosen for the production, but it was transformed into a modern history “Ya.Realny?”.

The playwright Svetlana Bazhenova worked on the text, and on the Small Stage it was embodied by the chief director Oleg Rybkin. The theater decided to explore a modern young man who, like Dostoevsky’s Golyadkin, dreams of achieving success at any cost — in this reading, by creating a virtual double. The heroes are office workers leading an active life in social networks — here they put on masks, building an ideal existence, shouting: “I am successful!” This desperate desire to be popular is shown by Rybkin as grotesque, but this is no less scary — after all, fakes from the smartphone screen are so easy to flow into reality.

Premiere screenings of the play “Ya.Realny?” took place on October 23 and 24, now it can be seen on November 25 and 27.

21, чт

The week-long festival-competition “KUZBASS-FEST: the theater is here!” Has finished in Kemerovo. Its main feature is that it unites the entire spectrum of contemporary theatrical art — among the participants there are drama and musical groups of the region, and puppet theaters. Performing art was also presented in the poster — the residents of Kuzbass were promised that they were in for a real immersion. Indeed, it was the audience who became the performers in the sketch for the biopic play “All the Things She Said”, based on the biography of t.A.T.u.

Ten performances took part in the competition program, and the best was “City of En” by the Prokopyevsk Drama Theater named after the Lenin Komsomol, and the director Artyom Ustinov was awarded an award for the director’s method. However, there were also other winners in the director’s nomination — Angelina Migranova and Rodion Sabirov for staging Andrei Platonov’s story “The Cow” at the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater. The acting ensemble “Cows” was also awarded by the jury. The “Gorka” of the Kemerovo Theater for Children and Youth also received two awards: “The Art of a Theater Artist” (Mikhail Gerber) and “Acting Art” (Olga Tkachenko). The jury did not pass by the musical performances, noting the actors of the Bobrov Musical Theater of Kuzbass Vyacheslav Sobolev and Lyubov Efimova for the opera La Traviata.

"The theater has literally burst into the daily life of the region, Kuzbass has become a large theater venue. We have implemented the task that we set ourselves — keeping traditions, using new forms and approaches to the theater, "- summed up the Minister of Culture and National Policy of Kuzbass Marina Yevsa.

20, ср

Of course, Dostoevsky was staged in theaters always and everywhere. But the year of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the writer gives even more performances based on his works, and mostly large ones. The Amur Drama Theater decided to clear the novel Crime and Punishment from school clichés — director Andrei Kazakov offers his own reading. Although it will not be radical, the focus is still on the moral quest of a person who has committed a crime under the influence of his own ideas, which allow him to imagine himself to be exceptional.

«We tried to preserve as much as possible the text, word order, style and syllable of Dostoevsky, his way of expressing thoughts,» says Andrei Kazakov. «We approached the novel very carefully.» But nevertheless, they do not intend to recreate the 19th century on stage in the theater: «After all, the very history of Raskolnikov’s life is not tied to any specific dates, we can say that it is outside of time.»

The premiere screenings of Crime and Punishment will take place on October 22, 23 and 24.

19, вт

For more than 20 years on the basis of the Omsk “Fifth Theater” the festival “Young Theaters of Russia” was held, but more and more often the idea of ​​its transformation began to sound — this is how the All-Russian Theater Festival “LITERATURA” was born. “The organizers of the festival, having rethought its concept, have chosen an unmistakable tactic. Indeed, in reality, all the “young” theaters of the 90s have matured, gained experience in search of new forms and theatrical expressiveness, and today they have the opportunity to present their skills in a new format, in my opinion, very interesting, “said the chairman STD RF Alexander Kalyagin.

The name “LITERATURA” refers to the main task — the festival, according to the chief director of the “Fifth Theater” Maxim Kalchin, is devoted to the study of how a non-dramatic text is staged in the theater. The first festival is devoted to great prose — both Russian and foreign. Theaters from Moscow, Magnitogorsk, Kaluga, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Sterlitamak, Lesosibirsk will present performances based on the works of Alexander Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Mikhail Bulgakov, Sergei Dovlatov, Evgeny Vodolazkin, Maya Kucherskaya, Zakhar Prilepin, Narine Karine Abgaryan, John Mustatai , Moni Nilsson. During 9 days of the festival, 16 performances will be played.

In addition to the main one, there will also be an educational program with lectures, master classes, creative meetings with famous theatrical and literary figures.

18, пн

“CHAOS” reigned in Novosibirsk. The international festival of contemporary theater, invented two years ago by the Old House theater, has taken over the city again. Perhaps, one cannot say that it began right now — “CHAOS”, long before the immediate start, regularly implemented many non-standard events: info-weekends, podcasts, art residences.

Nevertheless, the official opening day is considered October 17 — yesterday there were four events: performances, the opening of the exhibition and even the telegram performance “Paths”. From today, a showcase of new theaters in Novosibirsk will be held, in which seven performances of non-state groups will take part, opening in conjunction with the main themes of “CHAOS-2021”: information, body, ecology, ethics.

Well, from October 22 to 31, spectators are expected at the main program of the festival, which fulfills the task of the organizers — to acquaint with theaters that fundamentally work in different artistic and organizational systems. From Bogomolov’s Demons of the Theater on Bronnaya to the musical Dear Mr. Smith by Alexei Frandetti at the Comedian’s Shelter, from the documentary Chernobyl Prayer by Dmitry Yegorov at the Voronezh Nikitinsky Theater to Dmitry Gomzyakov’s participation in TYUZHE in Tomsk. “Skid” of the theater “Praktika”, “Bourgeois” Theater for Young Spectators named after Bryantseva, “Le Tartuffe. Comedy ‘of the Moscow Theater on Taganka, Novosibirsk’ Time-out ”" Red Torch “and” Anna Karenina “of the” Old House "- it is not possible to list everything, therefore it is better to study the full poster of the festival on the website and try to grab the latest tickets.

15, пт

The three-day marathon begins today at the Tyumen Drama Theater — the audience is expected to attend the premiere of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Richard III”.

Director Gleb Cherepanov has staged epic works more than once, but this is the first time he has worked with Shakespeare — before that he only used fragments of his plays, for example, skillfully weaved them into the Novosibirsk theater’s Red Torch play Arturo Ui’s Career based on Bertolt Brecht. These two stories, by the way, overlap in many ways — power, career, diktat, born of the attitude of others.

The role of the hunchback Richard is played by the Tyumen “superman” Nikolai Auzin. “I originally had the idea that Richard should be played by a very charismatic artist,” explains the director. “Our hero is a handsome man who, if necessary, pretends to be a holy fool, because it is more profitable, more convenient to achieve his goal.”

The production team (artists Themistocles Atmadzas and Olga Atmadzas, lighting designer Ivan Vinogradov) placed their heroes in a post-apocalyptic world, a “new Middle Ages” in the style of cyberpunk.

Very unusual, very interesting, very musical “Richard III”, despite all the entertainment, will broadcast an important director’s thought: “This story is not about someone special villain, but about all of us, just personal Richard is not activated in many, but enough one flash ... ”

14, чт

"Brandavuan! Illuminate magically! .. «- will be heard tomorrow on the big stage of the Norilsk Polar Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky. Here they are preparing to present the premiere of «Crazy Jourdain» — «Molières in three acts» by Mikhail Bulgakov. The play brings together the heroes of several works by the famous French comedian and, of course, is a real treasure for the actors.

For director Alexander Isakov, «Loony Jourdain» is a landmark work. Once he himself played Brandavuan, and later turned to Bulgakov’s «Molière» as a stage director.

«For some time the violent element of the Game, the unbridled power of Imagination triumphs ... And it seems that there is more Light than Darkness, and Joy and Fun more than Sadness and Disappointment ...», - the theater announces the premiere. Well, let it not seem, but it will be so!

The premiere screenings of «Loony Jourdain» with Sergei Rebriy in the title role will take place on 15 and 16 October.

13, ср

Several years ago, the laboratory of young directors “DramUlёt” was held at the Tomsk Drama Theater.

And now “ComedyUlet”, which started the day before, is saying hello to her. As the name implies, for the sketches, texts were taken that can conditionally or unconditionally be called comedies. Directors Soyzhin Zhambalova, Alexander Plotnikov, Timur Kulov, Alexander Kudryashov chose Aristophanes’ Birds, Jean-Baptiste Moliere’s School of Wives, Nikolai Erdman’s Suicide and Don Nigro’s Animal Stories, respectively.

The curator of the laboratory, Niyaz Iglamov, set the directors the task of revising the standard scheme for creating a comedy performance, experimenting with the genre and creating something new, unique, and unpredictable.

The audience will choose the favorite — after each show, discussions will take place, and in the end it will be decided which sketch will turn into a full-fledged performance in the near future. The work is already in full swing, and the shows themselves will take place on October 16 and 17.

12, вт

The Russian Drama Theater named after Bestuzhev opened the season with another author’s performance by Sergei Levitsky, full of emotions, pain and revelation.

"Theatre. The Inside Out "was completely invented by Sergei Levitsky — he is both the director and the author of the text, scenography, costumes and musical design. This is a drama in which the paradox of the theater sounds especially acute: when they talk about humanity and mercy from the stage, and in the process of releasing the premiere, all these qualities are emasculated from those who should be their guide.

According to the plot, the ambitious director puts on Brecht’s “The Kind Man from Sichuan”, but two weeks before the premiere, the leading actress ends up in the hospital. And the director decides to take a desperate step: he introduces an actress from the “eternal extras” for the role. “This is her last chance to prove her talent, what she has been waiting for all these years,” says Elizaveta Mikhailova, who played the “extra” Vlad. “But fate played a cruel joke on her, she has to make difficult choices that literally drive her crazy.”

Such is the terrifying magic of the theater, they say in the Russian Drama: it can break, disfigure, drive you crazy, but at the same time there is nothing more beautiful than it.

The next screenings of the premiere "Theater. The Inside Out "will be held in Ulan-Ude on November 13 and 14.

11, пн

Vampilov’s autumn was outstanding this year. Last weekend, two Ural theaters at once presented premieres based on the plays of the Soviet playwright.

The Shadrinsky Drama Theater has proved that time passes, and little changes in human souls, using the example of “The Elder Son” — director Oleg Kurtanidze helped to tell the family story. “In those moments when you are ready to lose faith in humanity, you need to reread” The Eldest Son “. This is a great play about absolute love, which rare people are capable of, ‘they say in the theater. The director notes that the play is neither a reconstruction of the life of the 1960s, nor a reference to the famous film: ‘I wanted to tell a human story in modern language’.

Kamensk-Uralskaya ‘Drama Number Three’ chose ‘Duck Hunt’ for the October premiere, preceding it with two epigraphs: ‘A disease that has a cause / It would be high time to find a reason, / Similar to an English spleen, / In short: Russian blues / He took possession of him little by little ... ’,’ And it seems that everything is there, and even the cat has fur, but something is all wrong, and it is not clear what. ” Thus, the director Dmitry Zimin and the team declared the absolute kinship of the heroes of Pushkin and Shnur — did they not write about the same thing, was it about our neighbor, was it about us?

After the premiere screenings, both productions can now be seen in November.

8, пт

The Chekhov Center opens its 91st season together with the already familiar and beloved director - Pyotr Shereshevsky staged the tragedy of Yevgeny Zamyatin "Atilla" here. The play was banned in the 1920s, and the current production will be the first in its entire existence.

Zamyatin tried to reflect on the events of his time through the history of Ancient Rome, Shereshevsky added another optics, looking through the prism of the work at the XXI century. “Our performance is a kind of alternative scenario for the development of today's events, a terrible scenario. The story is about what it would be like today if social tension burst and there was a revolution, ”explains the director. The artist Nadezhda Lopardina built an iron hangar space on the stage, rather aggressive, but at the same time conditional. At the junction of reality and metaphor, the heroes of the play exist. Pyotr Shereshevsky continues his experiments in combining the theatrical and cinematic languages ​​- filming at Atila plays an important role.

In the theater, the play is called nothing more than a "huge", admitting that its epic character is striking. This is confirmed by the director himself: "When you read it, you get the feeling that this is Shakespeare, who wrote at the beginning of the 20th century."

The premiere of "Attila" will take place on October 9 and 10, after that it will be possible to see the tragedy only on November 21.