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December, 2021

29, ср
Happy New Year and Warm Christmas!

Dear friends! I really, really want the New Year to bring a lot of light, kindness and love, and everything that worries you will remain in the outgoing 2021. “Novo-Siberian Transit” wishes that each of you has a cherished dream come true, that your ideas and projects come true, that life around you is in full swing and gives the necessary boost of energy and inspiration!

28, вт

The Sverdlovsk Academic Drama Theater will end the year with the most magical and romantic story created several centuries ago by William Shakespeare.

The summer night here, however, turned into a mischievous one, but heartfelt feelings and attraction, born of magic and a love potion, still remained at the heart of the plot. Once in the kingdom of fairies and elves, the heroes endlessly fall in love, thirst, jealous, cheat, but how to figure out what is real in this chaos of passions and events, and what happens only in a colorful dream inspired by spirits?

The mysterious Dream on a Crazy Night was staged by Ulanbek Bayaliev — viewers will be able to solve the riddles of this semi-mystical comedy on December 29, 30 and 31.

27, пн

The year ends, but the premiere is not! Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater named after Alexander Pushkin presented a new production of Oleg Rybkin at the weekend. This time, the main director took “Woe From Wit” by Alexander Griboyedov, and transferred Chatsky and the Famusovs to the times of the Soviet Union.

The action of the Krasnoyarsk “Woe from Wit” takes place in the conditional 1970-80s. “Everyone knows this time of stagnation well. The very same milieu of high-ranking Moscow officials, “golden youth”, who had more opportunities than the average citizen of the Soviet Union. Accordingly, the characters of the classic play have changed, but the important motives that exist in this work remain, "says the director.

Set designer Nikita Sazonov created large-scale interiors of the Moscow metro for the performance, where part of the action unfolds, costume designer Elena Turchaninova dressed the characters according to the fashion and patterns of those years, and the actors sang the hits of the Soviet stage. Any classical work periodically needs to be looked at with today’s eyes, Oleg Rybkin is sure. And the performer of the role of Sophia Asya Malevanova believes that the performance should remind the modern audience how important it is to be sincere with each other, and how verbal games can lead to tragic situations.

24, пт

On New Year’s Eve, fabulous marathons begin in theaters — and “The Snow Queen” or “Twelve Months”, of course, are still popular and loved by the audience. However, some choose to go the other way. For example, the Altai Youth Theater has released a terrible tale for teenagers “Vasilissa” based on the play by the contemporary playwright Maria Malukhina.

On the outskirts of the forest, far from people, a family lives — mother, father and daughter Vasilissa. A girl is like a girl, grows up, does not know grief, only boredom sometimes overcomes. The forest beckons to itself, but the parents strictly forbade going there. However, the ban has to be violated when Vasilissa goes to save the family. The forest is fraught with terrible secrets, and the further the girl plunges into its thicket, the more she realizes that she is not who she considered herself to be all her life.

This is not a fairy tale for kids, but rather a story of growing up. “Vasilissa is a horror story, and teenagers love this genre. But we strive to create a performance for family viewing, — says director Victoria Pechernikova. “It will be great if adults come to it with their children, and then think about how difficult it is for a teenager to grow up in today’s realities, how difficult it is to understand and recognize himself, and how he needs support and acceptance from those closest to him, from his family.”

23, чт

It is always pleasant to receive recognition, on New Year’s Eve the mood improves even more. And we congratulate the Khabarovsk Drama Theater, which became a laureate of the Russian Government Prize for the best theatrical performance based on the works of Russian classics in 2021! The prize was awarded to the play “Two Brothers” based on the fairy tale by Evgeny Schwartz, created as part of the program for the development of theatrical art in the Far East with the support of the ART-MARKET project of the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theater. The production of Ekaterina Maksimova entered the repertoire in February of this year and since then has managed to conquer many children and adults. By the way, the theater is not afraid to declare that this fairy tale is by no means funny, and is aimed not at entertainment, but at a serious conversation. In the meantime, there are very few places left for the January shows.

In January, Khabarovsk residents are expecting screenings and one more premiere — “Jagger, Jagger!” based on the story of the Swede Frida Nelson. And this is also a difficult story of growing up and overcoming oneself. Some viewers are already lucky enough to see Ivan Pachin’s production — the first show took place in a completely renovated theater hall.

Colleagues, let everything continue to work out!

22, ср

Immediately two premieres one after the other come out at the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater. Children will be delighted with the fantastic fairy tale “Mom, I am from the future!” — director Andrei Grachev chose for the production the story of Kira Bulychev “One Hundred Years Ahead”. The boy Kolya finds himself in the distant future, where he has to meet Alisa Selezneva, find alien friends, transfer to a futuristic transport and escape from space pirates. All these adventures, of course, will be supported by vivid reincarnations, humor and music.

And on the evening of December 24, viewers are expected to see the premiere of the main director Yaroslav Rachmanin based on the mystical play by Matei Vishnek “The Story of Panda Bears Told by a Saxophonist who has a Girlfriend in Frankfurt”. This is a trick story that begins with two strangers — He and She — waking up in the same bed. The plot promises a romantic melodrama or an elegant comedy, but the plot goes much deeper — and the saxophonist is waiting not just for a nine-day romance with a mysterious Frenchwoman, but acquaintance and parting with himself.

21, вт

The Krasnoyarsk Theater of the Young Spectator Last Weekend invited viewers on shooting television melodramas. That is how the premiere of the new performance of the novel Feodori “Mother’s Day” was announced here. The plot of the play Jeff Baron really resembles a telechangerian: On Mother’s Day, Estelle is waiting for a daughter and son with his family — everything should be perfect, but, alas, ahead of the mass of unpleasant surprises.

“This is a performance during which the viewer is removed from the viewer and installation is made. We can see the existence of the artist inside the non-dramatic theater, and the film industry, and think about where the game ends and life begins, “says Roman Feodori.

Thanks to this format, the audience can see what happens in the foreground, and the fact that at this moment is hidden, and large plans of heroes. This requires more detailed and fine games from actors. ‘It seems to me that this is a pretty gentle story,’ the leadership of the role of Elena Elena Polovinkina believes. — My heroine after the death of a very favorite husband switched to her adult children. She lacks attention. But she must understand that she cannot receive this love from children, they love her differently. ”

The fault comedy about the ability to hear and understand each other Krasnoyarsa will be able to see the next 14 January.

17, пт

The premiere in the hope that something will change — the Novosibirsk Drama Theater “Old House” presents today the drama “Inside Out”.

The play is based on a play by Karina Besolti, created within the first season of the Discipline Narrative Theater Factory. The plot is built, it would seem, in the genre traditions of a detective story — the girl returns to her native place in order to single-handedly investigate her sister’s suicide. However, a very powerful social layer is wound on this external detective story — the focus is on the standards of a patriarchal society, which carry not only high moral requirements, but also domestic violence.

The play takes place in the North Caucasus, but the playwright confirms that the topic that is exciting her is not confined to the framework of the national context: “My play is the basis for speaking about something greater, about all the women around us, and whose troubles we almost never we do not see, because they take place behind closed doors. And if we see, then we try not to notice. ”

Director Gemma Avetisyan also builds a statement: “We focused on the universality of history. Our mission is to make sure that the audience, after watching the play, come home and try to build communication within their family correctly. So that there are no unnecessary sacrifices. So that the story that happened in the play never repeats itself. ”

16, чт

Is there anyone left who did not take part in the discussions of Scenes from Married Life this year? A new wave of interest in the story told on the screen by Ingmar Bergman in the early 1970s was raised by the critically acclaimed Hagai Levy remake series that broke the hearts of viewers. But the residents of Vladivostok now have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue, also connecting the theatrical context - tomorrow at the Primorsky Academic Theater named after Maxim Gorky the premiere of the drama Scenes from Married Life will take place.

“This is the first time I’m doing a spectacle,” says director Yefim Zvenyatsky. - Usually, if I don't have 90 people running around the stage, I'm sad. Apparently, I have lived up to those years when I can afford to intrigue not by a spectacle, but to make the viewer listen and hear. Bergman's play is a silence that is born of sound. "

During the crisis period of their lives, the spouses are played by a happy theatrical couple - Valentin and Valeria Zaporozhets. “It's difficult for us,” Valeria admits. "We are very worried about each other, and there are moments of clashes where we disagree."

The premiere screenings of Scenes from Married Life will take place on 17, 18 and 19 December.

15, ср

In October, the festival-competition “KUZBASS-FEST: the theater is here!” Was held in Kemerovo, uniting the entire spectrum of modern theater art. And here for the first time a sketch of the biopic performance “All the Things She Said” was shown, which was presented by director Nikita Slavich and actors of the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater. The experience was successful, and it was decided to further show the sketch on the home site.

“All the Things She Said” is the debut English single of t. A.T.u., who headed the main music charts in the world. The biopic is based on the biography t. A.T.u. is a study of the phenomenon of the group, the creation and debunking of one of the most successful myths in Russian pop culture.

The sketch is not an ordinary game performance — the audience themselves enter the stage, which the actors “control” through the headphones. And this works even more on the emotional component.

The next show of “All the Things She Said” will be held tomorrow, December 16th.

14, вт
“Golden Mask” −2022

The secretariat of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation announced on the eve the names of the jury of the drama theater and puppet theater “Golden Mask” −2022. There are a lot of names dear to us on the list, but, of course, first of all, we rejoice for representatives of Siberia and the Far East!

Among those who have to decide the fate of the nominees is a theater critic, Anna Shavgarova, head director of the Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theater Globe, Alexei Kriklivy, actor, artistic director of the Lesosibir Theater Search, Oleg Ermolaev, will take over the Khabarovsk Youth Theater. The jury will be headed by director, teacher, professor Adolf Shapiro.

“Golden Mask,” congratulating the jury, promised them that “it will be fun.” We are sure that so — after all, such a wonderful company definitely should not be boring.

We wish you a pleasant job, dear and dear!

13, пн

Since childhood, we have known the story of “a young red dog — put dachshas with a pig” — a sweet Chestnut, how many tears have been shed over you. The Chekhov story formed the basis of the premiere of the Ostrovsky Irbit Drama Theater, held last weekend. Director Ilya Babushkin turned “Chestnut” into “Circus Monsieur Georges,” and for him this work became an occasion to think about a person at the time of choice. Actors in the course of the action are reincarnated in different characters — and all these heroes balance between dream and reality. Stay in the big city or return to your small homeland? Continue your education or start working to feed loved ones? Very often, one decision changes a whole life. “Circus Monsieur Georges” — in many ways about this. Despite the rather serious theme, the performance goes under the age limit of 6 + and is intended for family viewing.

10, пт

Creative laboratories continue to bear fruit for theaters, and in Achinsk, after the spring DRAM (A) TEAM, a premiere was born by winter.

In April, ten female students of the Graduate School of Performing Arts. K. Raikin of the course of Pavel Rudnev and Mikhail Durnenkov flew to Achinsk to conduct a series of interviews with residents of the city, and then isolate stories from them that could become a dramatic basis for the performance. They wrote several short stories, they discussed each with Mikhail Durnenkov, and as a result, the play passed into the hands of director Artyom Terekhin.

It was decided to classify the play “Club” Baron Munchausen “as a mystery in its genre. “Mystery, in fact, is a reflection of the psychological state of a person, it’s not about reality, but about how we imagine a world where trees seem to be giants and we have to fight windmills,” Mikhail Durnenkov explained the decision.

The stories that sound from the stage add up to the story of two people — a story about accepting each other with all the features and disadvantages.

The premiere screenings of the Baron Munchausen Club have already taken place, and now the performance can only be seen next year.

9, чт

Today is a big holiday for all Chelyabinsk citizens — the Academic Drama Theater named after Nauma Orlova.

We sincerely congratulate our colleagues on this significant date — always be young, full of life, and let the viewer be charged with energy from you!

By the way, the theater has prepared a gift for its spectators — they want to spend a festive evening with friends: “On stage you will not see the century-old history of the theater, you will see the life of the theater, which consists of a million stories. Only here the heroes’ passionate impulses do not subside, here life does not stop for a minute, here are the living emotions of living people, their breath and pulse. ”

Happy anniversary, dear!

8, ср

Last weekend one of the most atmospheric, distinctive, famous and beloved theaters in Russia, Kolyada Theater, celebrated its 20th anniversary.

In honor of such a holiday (and in fact, on the same date, the artistic director’s birthday too!) Nikolai Kolyada decided to close the theater. Close for 4 days — and send the whole team to the recreation center! Well, now everyone is in good health and in excellent mood back to work processes.

Today one of the premiere shows of the play “Good Girls” will be played. A student of Kolyada, director Boris Pivovarov combined two plays related to a common theme — “An ordinary crow” by Mikhail Baturin and “Good girl Lida” by Roman Kozyrchikov. What is friendship in general? Is it real, for life? Can a person who was your faithful friend betray? The heroes of the play reflect on all this and invite the audience to join them. By the way, Boris Pivovarov has already worked with the play “The Common Crow” — a short film was shot based on it. The author Mikhail Baturin only welcomes this combination of circumstances: “I am especially glad, of course, that a performance based on my play will be staged at the Kolyada Theater! I didn’t even think about it! ”

This month the play will only be shown on December 8th.