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March, 2021

31, ср

The March series of premiere screenings of the philosophical comedy «Terrace» at the Norilsk Polar Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky ends. Director Anna Babanova opted for the play by Jean-Claude Carrière — and, we are sure, did not lose.

Carrière, who passed away in February 2021, occupies a significant place in the history of cinema — he is the winner of the Oscars, BAFTA, Cesar, laureate of the Cannes International Film Festival, permanent screenwriter Milos Foreman, co-author Luis Bunuel.

All this is enough to not consider Terrace a standard comedy — Jean-Claude Carrière created more complex worlds in his plays, bizarre plots that combine subtle observations of life with vivid metaphoricity.

"I dream of a life of porcelain. But I certainly don’t have it. I have a glue life..., «says one of the heroes of the play. Each of them is aware of loneliness and defenselessness in the face of the unknown, and the «terrace» becomes here a symbol of waiting for the upcoming step towards the inevitable.

30, вт

Today is the final day of the first regional drama festival “Drama of Kuzbass,” which is held at the Kemerovo Lunacharsky Drama Theater.

Actor Anton Ostapenko oversees the festival, since 2015 he has been leading the Small Stage laboratory project and constantly working with modern drama.

“Two wonderful girls appeared in Kemerovo, whose plays have been seen more than once at all-Russian drama competitions, such as LYUBIMOVKA, Eurasia,” Anton Ostapenko tells about the birth of the idea of ​ ​ the festival. — We thought that it is necessary to give an opportunity to be heard and other Kemerovo authors. And who will do this, as we do, the project-laboratory “Small Stage”? They announced the acceptance of applications, and thus a certain cut of people who are interested in the theater appeared, write plays and are simply embarrassed to send them to major competitions. “

Plays were selected for reading: “Black dumplings” by Anastasia Rusanova, “Conversation” by Pavel Glushkov, “Lisa Scum” by Anastasia Kondrina, “Abuse” by Roman Orlov, “Wonderful holidays on the island of Crete in the summer of 2020” by Ivan Baking. The expert council, led by theater expert Maria Kozhina, after each reading, conducts a professional discussion of competitive work.

"In the future, there are plans to work with those guys who went to the festival program. But we want to establish contact with those who did not pass the selection. We have some plans that we do not want to disclose yet. We hope that everything will come true, "comments Anton Ostapenko.

27, сб

We know that theaters meet today’s professional holiday as usual at work. The stage does not tolerate the weekend, and even more so on World Theater Day! We wish you to continue to do so — a lot of interesting work, successful premieres to you, dear colleagues, and let there be no forced or random timeouts!

But in the “Red Torch” “Time Out” will be — we are talking about a new performance by Pyotr Shereshevsky, which will premiere tonight. For the most part, the director turned Marina Krapivina’s household play into a fantasy — the heroine, social worker Lyudmila, wanders in the labyrinths of the “domesticated” supermarket, as if matured Alice in wonderland. A large role in this phantasmagoria was played by artists Alexander Mokhov and Maria Lucca, who thought out the scenography to the smallest detail, and composer Nick (Vanechka) Tikhonov, who layered fragments of the text of the play into different-genre music.

On “Time Out” spectators are invited March 27-28, April 9 and 22.

26, пт

An important premiere will be held today in the Altai Regional Drama Theater named after Vladimir Shukshin — important both for the theater itself, for the troupe, and for the audience. Vladimir Zolotar, who worked here as the main director from 2002 to 2008 and literally gave the theater a new breath, will present his new performance on the Big Stage. It is symbolic that for his “return” he chose the play by Fernand Krommelink “Heat and Cold, or the Idea of ​ ​ Mr. House.” After all, the “Golden Age” in Barnaul began with the production of the “Magnanimous Horn Bearer” by the same Krommelinka. The director confirms that he is really attracted to the non-trivial view of the Belgian playwright on love paradoxes. However, if in “Rogonosets” it was about male jealousy, then in “Heat and Cold” — already about female.

"It’s a farce, plus it’s a bodily love story. There is a lot of life here not so much of the human spirit as of the human body, “says Vladimir Zolotar. — The main task of space in this case is to create an opportunity for the manifestations of this body. The scenery in this situation is not so much a metaphor as a playground. ” Natalya Zubovich worked on scenography and costumes, and light artist Alexander Ryazantsev created beautiful visual paintings, making the built “house” transparent.

The premiere of “Heat and Cold, or the Idea of ​ ​ Mr. House” will be the first in the anniversary year for the theater — the centenary will be celebrated here in November.

25, чт

New Year in March? Easy! So decided the Kamensk-Ural Theater “Drama Number Three” and today presents the audience with the premiere of “Dures We, Durs.” The play, designated as “a female New Year’s tale with fate,” was directed by Inga Mathis based on the play by Damir Salimzyanov. Salimzyanov, the artistic director of the Parafraz Theater, created it on the basis of documentary stories by Glazov residents.

Tanya, Larisa and Naila are long-standing old friends who are ready to come to each other’s aid at any time. And, it seems, another such moment came on the eve of the New Year, when Larisa and Naila, who themselves were without “halves,” decided to meet Tatyana’s holiday, and at the same time arrange her personal life. And here all the means are good!

The premiere of the play will take place on March 26 and 27 — so “Drama Number Three” will celebrate World Theater Day.

24, ср

One of the premiere shows of the important, social performance “Korea 03” will be held today at the Buryat Academic Drama Theater named after Khots Namsaraev.

The production of Soyzhin Zhambalova was created in the verbatim genre, Ulza Ulzytyn helped structure the texts. However, as the director explained, “in any case, theater is a conditional space in which there is a certain chain consisting of symbols, metaphors. Any documentary text, however real, in the theater gains volume. ” The performance is based on the real stories of Buryat illegal immigrants who lived and worked in Korea in different periods of the last two decades. Someone wants to close debts, someone runs from hopelessness and poverty, and someone — in the hope of arranging a personal life. They are united by hard work, the fear of being caught by the migration service and the dream of a happy and prosperous life.

"This is a performance about a certain concept of the Motherland. For the Buryat people, this is a very sacred thing, at some mental level, “says Soyzhin Zhambalova. “And therefore it is more about the search for this Motherland in itself or in this Motherland.”

23, вт

Ken Kisi’s own stage version of the cult work “Over the Cuckoo Nest” appeared in the Sakhalin Chekhov Center. Director Alexander Barannikov immediately warned that if there are fans of the famous film adaptation of Milos Foreman among the audience of the premiere, then they should discard what they saw earlier. The staging was created precisely according to the original text, and the play, in general, has nothing to do with the film.

“Ken Kesey is an outstanding writer who has written a novel for all time,” the director emphasized. — Time passes, but the relevance of the text remains. It can be called the “Gospel of Bromden.” After all, it is on behalf of the Indian Bromden that the story in the novel goes. The author prophetically predicted the processes and cataclysms that occur in modern society, which, in my opinion, is important and necessary to talk about. “

For the performance, an interesting artistic solution was invented that works on the general meaning of history. “The director and I tried to create on stage not a mental hospital in its pure form,” commented the artist Kirill Piskunov. — Rather, it is a factory, a factory for the manufacture of human “bollards.” The main conflict of our performance: the confrontation between the person and the system. McMurphy loves life, fights for humanistic ideas and, of course, for freedom. And this is not about freedom as permissiveness, but about the freedom of the inner person, when a person can develop, create and be himself. "

18, чт

Two weeks remain until the season closes on the historical stage of the Minusinsk Drama Theater, and during this time two more premieres will be held here. One of them will be held today — the audience will be presented with the melodrama “Libra” based on the play of the famous modern playwright, actor and director Yevgeny Grishkovets directed by Sergei Bykov. The action takes place in the reception room of the maternity ward, where several men are excited to expect the main moment in life. “There is no classical conflict in the play and it’s very simple to talk about difficult things,” the theater says. — This is a performance about daily fears and disputes. A touching, lyrical, life production will make you think about the future and at least try to improve it. "

In March, the shows will be held on the historical stage, but in May — already on the site of the Center for Cultural Development of Minusinsk.

17, ср

Today, the Chelyabinsk Drama Theater named after Naum Orlov invites the most curious, in a good sense of the word, spectators to take 10,000 steps — this is the new format of the usual excursions. In the theater, this walk is positioned as “a special non-standard look at the 100-year history of the theater with elements of detective, satire and absurdity.” Interestingly, the warning: “Comfortable clothing, second shoes without heels — mandatory, physical training — welcome!”

Well, those who are used to the traditional pastime in the theater are waiting tomorrow at the premiere of “Under One Roof.” A comedy of nervous circumstances based on the play by Lyudmila Razumovskaya was staged by director Daria Dogadova. This story is about the difficult relationship between three women of different generations living under the same roof and in constant conflict and contradiction. Relatives see in each other only a barrier to personal happiness, but this situation should once break!

13, сб

This spring, judging by the announcements, we expect several Romeo and Juliet at once in the theaters of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. And the first among the series of productions was the premiere at the Russian Drama Theater named after Mikhail Lermontov. Director Evgenia Kolesnichenko chose the classic tragedy of love not only because she had long dreamed of working with Shakespeare's drama, she updated the material and set interesting tasks for the troupe. Firstly, a change of point of view - all events are shown through the eyes of Juliet. "A young girl in a climate of enmity finds love and loses it. Before her, a difficult choice is to continue to live or leave. Does it make sense to continue to live if there is a war outside the window?, "The director asks questions.

Some characters were reinterpreted - for example, Benvolio and Tybalt play actresses, in connection with which the microhistories within the plot received a new reading. "In our version, Mercuzio and Tybalt look, in general, like Romeo and Juliet, but in a different reality. These "couples," not suspecting it themselves, repeat the fate of each other - they die for what they believed they loved more than anything else in the world, "says Roman Cremzukov, performer of the role of Mercuzio.

The director also emphasizes that the performance is plastic: "We talk more about the body."

Today will be the last premiere March show, after which you can see "Juliet" in April.

12, пт

The dear public! Whether" You know, the dear public, what price of cheerful clownish numbers? What hides behind a mask of people, devoted himself to art? What happens to the actor when impetuous circus fun comes to an end?

The clownish make-up from faces is washed away in the play by the playwright Oleg Antonov and after him the director Anastasia Neupokoyeva who decided to put “High wire act” in the Omsk Theatre for Young Audience. In spite of the fact that the main characters — clowns, on the stage there will be not a circus, and the mystical buffoonery filled with psychology and philosophy at all.

By the way, the Omsk Theatre for Young Audience for this premiere was necessary to develop the new scenic platform — the building of theater is closed on capital repairs till 2023. The first display of “High wire act” will take place today, March 12, on the stage of the House of the actor and also performances will go in various Omsk recreation centers.

11, чт






Your new stoker Valentin. ”

So begins the play “Choir” by Natalia Milantieva, which was included in the short list of the competition of new drama “Remarka” −2020 and in the program of the Volodinsky festival “First Reading.” Today she expects the start of stage life in the City Drama Theater Sharypovo.

“We read this text on the Remark. Time has passed, and I feel that this text holds me, asks for a stage, ‘says director Snezhanna Lobastova. — And the topic seems so relevant. Now, when there is a lot of fuss, uncertainty, I want to exhale, I want harmony. Whatever our life may be, the soul is always drawn to the bright. ’

‘Choir’ immerses in the life of a dying village, where the disgraced priest Valentin falls. He gathers a choir from local residents to perform church chants. In his performance, the choir must save the village. ‘The choir is a saving sect, but apparently this is the only way to keep a person from falling,’ theater expert Pavel Rudnev wrote about the play. — The final event gives an opportunity to talk about the tragic in the theater, where tragedy is no longer possible as a pure genre. ”

The advance premiere of the social comedy “Choir” in Sharypovo will be held on March 11, 12 and 13.

Recall that Novo-Siberian Transit is looking forward to the theater at the festival in May with the play “I Hired a Killer,” which, by the way, will be presented on April 13 and 14 in the Golden Mask competition program.

10, ср

Anniversary a year later — this is how the circumstances of the celebration of the birthday of the actor of the Kamensk-Ural Theater “Drama Number Three” Vyacheslav Solovichenko developed. Last year’s pandemic did not allow him to release the play Avalanche on the Small Stage, and today, finally, the production will see the light of day.

The play by Turkish playwright Tunger Dzhuzhenoglu has already been staged in more than 40 countries, and it is written on the basis of real history. Residents of a high-mountain Turkish village nine months a year are forced to talk only in whispers, so as not to provoke an avalanche. And only three months you can have fun, laugh, scream and... giving birth to children. However, not always everything goes according to an artificially established schedule.

Of course, the playwright wrote a play not about a natural phenomenon, but about people: “Everyone has his own avalanche.” Maybe it’s the generation of fear in our minds... "

Vyacheslav Solovichenko acts not only as the director of the play, but also as the performer of one of the main roles. You can see a new production with a hero of the day on March 10, 11, 18 and 19.

9, вт

On holidays, "Kolyada-Theater" presented the premiere with a humanistic message - Nikolai Kolyada staged his own play "Green Finger" in the genre of tragicomedy.

It all begins on the day of the 60th anniversary of Semyon, a successful and rich man who, according to beliefs, decided to celebrate his anniversary in the "Made in the USSR" restaurant. But everything goes wrong, and the joint statement of his grandson and his friend Brian, from which his grandfather is ready to go crazy, becomes the cherry on the cake. The scandal is joined by tamada, waiters, invited actresses...

The performance, however, is not about scandal. And the fact that we are all different, we have many complaints and even dislike each other, but we need to somehow live together, try to understand others, even if sometimes you have to compromise some principles for this.

7, вс

Omsk Academic Drama Theater turns to enduring values ​ ​ and presents the audience with the premiere of “Further — Silence....” The stage version of the American Vina Delmar became known in Russia after the performance of Anatoly Efros and Valery Gorbatsevich with the unforgettable Faina Ranevskaya and Rostislav Plyatt in the lead roles. Today, she rarely appears in the repertoires of theaters, and perhaps in vain — because she reminds people of the main thing: about feelings, about family.

"It’s a rare love story. We all saw couples who were lucky to meet once and for all — they arouse interest from others, even envy. The story about one of such couples, it seems to me, is interesting to show, “says director Roman Samgin.

However, “Further Silence” is not just a love story. The main characters — Lucy and Barclay — have been together for 50 years, and now they have to part not only with the house laid down in the bank, but also with each other. After all, none of the five Cooper children agrees to take both parents under roof.

“Roman Samgin at the rehearsal voiced a very accurate idea: melodrama is a clash of truth with untruth. And drama is always a clash of truth with truth. The parental truth and the truth of children in this case, “says actress Anna Hodyun about the play. — There are no good and bad, there is no outright evil and frank good. We are all living people and can manifest ourselves differently in certain circumstances. And in the process of rehearsals, we were just trying to transpose the material to the drama genre. ”

The audience of the first show has already shared emotions and are sure that everyone after watching the performance will certainly want to hug loved ones and say how they love them.

The closest shows are “Further — Silence...” — March 7 and 17.