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April, 2021

29, чт


Another event at the Prokopyevsky Drama Theater — Artem Ustinov presented an interesting and unusual performance here. At first there was a sketch — in January, the laboratory “Unknown Classics of Famous Classics” was held at the theater, where Artem Ustinov met for the first time with Leonid Dobrovin’s novel “City of En.” “A subtle delicate sketch in the spirit of studying the text, as if some enthusiasts are digging up ancient civilization today, understanding the layers of text, history, memory,” said theater expert Pavel Rudnev.

And now — for the first time in Russia — the novel fully entered the theater stage. "We tell not the story of the city of En, but also the story of people who are digging into this novel right now, looking for some kind of grain, events, heroes, the realities of that time, which at the beginning of the century consisted of the life of this little boy who is a little not from this world. In fact, we are engaged in research work, and it is very cool that the theater can afford to work with the production team like this, “comments Artem Ustinov.

The premiere shows of the “City of En” will be held on April 29 and 30, May 15, 16 and 21.

27, вт

This is not Ivanov, this is Platonov.

Many directors stage Chekhov, but few turn to his very first play — “Untitled,” also known under the titles “Platonov” and “Fatherless.” Chekhov wrote it at the age of 18, and it was published only years after the death of the author. The stage story seems poor, but everyone knows it from Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “Unfinished Play for a Mechanical Piano.” And today and tomorrow in the Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater named after Alexander Pushkin will be one of the premiere shows of the play “Untitled” staged by Oleg Rybkin.

In the history of a provincial teacher who abandoned a career that lost faith in the ideals of youth, Oleg Rybkin highlights the topic of wasted human life, calling his production a “dark variation.” “The performance is in one action, everything happens on the same evening and on the same night,” the director comments. “This is almost a movie reception — with editing, with solutions that require a constant switch of audience attention.” Drive promises to add musical accompaniment to the performance.

Spectators will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Platonov’s teacher on April 27 and 28, May 5 and 13.

27, вт

The cult play of Tennessee Williams “Tram” Desire “" last weekend entered the repertoire of the Novosibirsk City Drama Theater under the direction of Sergei Afanasyev. Director Regina Toshchakova and artist Olesya Beselia tried to preserve the atmosphere of the industrial region of America in the mid-20th century — it was important for the directors that the audience get an emotional, aesthetic impression, while reading the main idea.

“I have no goal to side with one of the heroes, to divide the characters into” positive “and” negative, “" explains Regina Toshchakova. “I want the viewer who came to this performance to look at himself and his entourage from the outside. Our rejection of other people’s opinions, categoricity in judgment, division of the world into ‘black’ and ‘white,’ limit the scope of perception, deprive it of colors and half tones. ”

The next shows of Tram Desire will be held on May 5 and 25.

21, ср

We have already talked about the theater laboratory “Electrification” held in January in the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater — and today is the premiere that grew out of this project.

The story of Andrei Platonov “Cow” on the Small Stage was staged by Angelina Migranova and Rodion Sabirov. Together with the artists — Andrei Kovzel, Ilona Litvinenko and their son Vladimir — for a long time they explored and worked out the feelings of loss, expectation, ignorance, the collision of life and death embedded in the story.

Even before its premiere, the performance — according to the results of the sketch at the laboratory — was already invited to the poster of the XI Platonic Art Festival: screenings in Voronezh will be held on June 12 and 13.

16, пт

Today, the Tomsk Theater of Young Spectators celebrates its birthday!

41 years ago, on this day, the premiere of the first performance took place — “Blue Horses on the Red Grass” based on the play by Mikhail Shatrov, from which the theater counts. The Youth Theater could not celebrate its “round” birthday last year, so today, we hope, the theater will be able to do this with double joy.

Access to the online screening of the premiere documentary film by Honored Artist Yulia Ratomskaya, dedicated to the history of the theater, has already been opened. And tomorrow in the lobby of the Youth Theater there will be a reading of the very play with which it all began. Director Dmitry Gomzyakov called this event “Next: Reading. S.K.N.K.T. “and occupied in it some of the actors who played in the first performance of the theater — the reading will be part of the large performance-project” Next, "which is scheduled for premiere in late April.

15, чт

The Novosibirsk Academic Drama Theater “Red Torch” steadfastly survived last year’s blow, when all the anniversary celebrations, the preparation of which was spent a lot of effort and resources, had to be canceled due to the pandemic. And today — already on its 101st birthday — “Red Torch” will nevertheless present to the audience and guests a documentary performance dedicated to the centuries-old history of the theater.

The name “My” Red Torch “" is very suitable here — in the play, along with facts from the life of the theater, absolutely personal, sincere stories of the actors who make up the modern troupe of the “Red Torch” sound. So — from pieces, puzzles, passages, monologues — a confession of love grows to the theater that I want to say “mine.”

Exclusive screenings of the performance of Timofey Kulyabin, created on the basis of a specially written play by Olga Fedyanina, will take place on April 15 and 16 — happy birthday, my Red Torch!

14, ср

The story of Boris Vakhtin “One Absolutely Happy Village” in the theater world thundered in 2000, when Pyotr Fomenko released the play and today is going on with full houses. The chief director of the Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theater “Globe” Alexei Kriklivy tried to get away from the famous production as much as possible and present his version of the story, in which a romantic story unfolds in the outlandish space of the Russian village, where even Scarecrow and Kolodets share thoughts about life and love, war and peace.

“The text is fantastic. It is so energetically charged that it is impossible not to connect to it, “says Alexei Kriklivy. — This is a great professional test for me. It seems that nothing was more difficult in my practice. I recycle this story every day and can’t be satisfied. The text is so multi-level, I so want to multistage this not to destroy, find the right move. Vakhtin combines biblical, pagan, mystical. But in the center, of course, the struggle for human happiness. ”

For various reasons, the premiere was postponed several times, but on April 14 and 15, Novosibirsk will finally see “One Absolutely Happy Village,” after which the show is expected only on May 24.

13, вт
Golden Mask festival

We cannot but note that today, as part of the National Theater Award and the Golden Mask festival, two performances participating in the Novo-Siberian Transit competition poster will be shown at once!

Just a few hours remains until the first show of the production of Sergei Levitsky based on the story of Yevgeny Zamyatin »Flood.« The performance of the Russian Drama Theater named after N.A. Bestuzhev was announced at the Mask in five nominations, and, as the Minister of Culture of Buryatia Soelma Dagaeva noted, »for us to enter the Golden Mask competition program is already a victory and a huge achievement for the region.« Representatives of the theater also agree with her, telling the creative group of the performance: »For the first time in its 90-year history, the Bestuzhev Theater entered the competition program of the award. This is your merit and Sergey Levitsky, because it was he who led the team to this event! «

In the evening, another screening of »Floods« will take place, and in parallel, the performance of the Sharypovo City Drama Theater »I Hired a Killer« will go on the CIM site. The production of Galina Saltzman according to the script of Aki Kaurismäki is announced at the Mask in six nominations.

At the festival »New Siberian Transit« »Flood« and »I hired a killer« will be shown on May 20 and 24, respectively.

10, сб

Tales for adults, alas, too often look like reality. Eugene Schwartz’s plays, based on the fabulous stories of Hans Christian Andersen, will confirm this idea best. Once they were censored, now they are increasingly penetrating the theater scenes — and today the Chelyabinsk Drama Theater named after Naum Orlov presents its version of “Shadow.”

What happens if our shadow, our dark side, lives its own life? As soon as secret desires or external temptations disturb the balance of Black and White, Shadow and Light, a process of destruction begins in man. And a titanic effort must be made to restore the lost harmony.

Director Yakov Lomkin staged “Shadow” as fantasy — grotesque, ironic, visually spectacular, similar to carnival aesthetics. On April 10 and 25, viewers will plunge into this element and plunge into the shadow sides of human nature.

8, чт

Pre-premiere fever swept today the Yekaterinburg Theater of Young Spectators — one day remains before entering the Small Stage of the play “Marriage.” Director — artistic director of the Youth Theater — Grigory Lifanov did not argue with the author and retained the genre designated by Nikolai Gogol — “a completely incredible event.” The artists also tried not to change the Gogol spirit: “a little fabulous atmosphere” was embodied by the stage designer Natalya Mos, and the tailors recreated crinolins, fracas and cylinders under the direction of Niki Bragina.

Under the seemingly comical plot lies a deep and squeaky story about loneliness, unfulfilled hopes and defenselessness in the world of other people’s manipulations — and all this sounds as acute as 180 years ago.

The premiere of “Marriage” will be held on April 9 and 10.

7, ср

The second season to be! And we are not talking about the series, but about the factory of the narrative theater “Discipline.” The Novosibirsk Old House Theater again announced the acceptance of applications from authors who were ready to work on their new plays under the guidance of script teacher Rodion Beletsky and eventually create stories with a fascinating plot and bright modern heroes.

In the second season, the Old House attracted the Moscow Practice Theater, the Kaliningrad Drama Theater and the South Sakhalin Chekhov Center — it was on these stages that the winning plays will be staged. Recall that according to the results of the first season, “Old House” chose the plays “Natasha” by Marina Krapivina and “Inside Out” by Karina Besolti, which will soon enter the repertoire.

The deadline for submitting an application is until April 18, the form and all the details are on the project website.

6, вт

Exactly a month after the first premiere of the year, the second took place at the Tomsk Drama Theater — the famous comedy of Nikolai Kolyada “Baba Chanel” entered the repertoire. Director Sergei Steblyuk has repeatedly worked with the troupe of the Tomsk Drama, and in a new production he gathered, according to the press service of the theater, a star cast. In the story of the ensemble of the Russian song “Naitiye” and its “rebranding,” the director also included characters absent from the play. Those who managed to attend the April premiere shows are pleased with the new performance.

And in less than a week, on April 12, the theater will host the most fun event of the year — the Monday Children’s cabbage festival, at which actors will traditionally compete and find out who is the brightest and most sparkling. The festival evening is called “A star by the name of the stage, or is there life in the theater,” and the audience will also be able to get on it and support their favorites.

3, сб

Say “playwright, Ireland”, and one of the first options in response will surely hear Martin McDonagh. Love for him does not fade away in Russian theater directors, who turn not only to his latest plays, but also to the very first ones. For example, to the opening trilogy about the Aran Islands black comedy “Cripple from the island of Inishmaan”.

Today, almost a year after his birth in the period of a pandemic, the premiere at the Bestuzhev Russian Drama Theater comes out to his audience. The story of people crushed by everyday life and hopelessness, crippled, if not physically, then spiritually, was staged in Ulan-Ude by Anton Kovalenko.

“The time of the play is the moment of the birth of Hollywood. What has this industry played on, that it managed to take over the whole world? And what can be opposed to it? We are still fascinated by what Hollywood has to offer — it will find an opportunity to buy everyone with giblets. This story, if not totally, then, in fact, in some way tries to resist the Hollywood worldview. Martin McDonagh gives an opportunity to see from the outside that we are drowning in this “Hollywood”, which has replaced our dream, "says the director.

It will be possible to understand your desires on April 3 and 4 at the premiere screenings.

2, пт

Beautiful, terrible, unhappy — this is how they describe the main character of today’s premiere in the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater.

There is no role for mother and wife — she did not choose her. There is no substitute for love by contract. No aunts with vulgar hats. No deceived faith. These are Gedda Gabler’s principles. 130 years ago, the play of Henrik Ibsen was received by many with bewilderment, and today its plot is increasingly relevant. Does Gedda break the lives of others for the sake of her own dreams or does she break herself? Or is she just looking for beauty and freedom that she can’t find outside her room?

Director Misha Lebedev and artist Natalya Chernova, who had already worked in Novokuznetsk on the performances “Cyrano de Bergerac,” “Nose,” “Everything happens,” built a concise and functional space and brought the production closer to the European style. If you are ready to live a couple of hours in the society of the ruthless and painfully outspoken Gedda Gabler, you are expected in the Tesmanov house on April 2 and 3.

1, чт

Festival seasons are gradually gaining momentum, and, fortunately, the Omsk Drama Lyceum Theater this year has the opportunity to hold the III All-Russian CHAT single-play festival as usual, and not online.

From April 1 to 5, viewers will be able to see 11 performances, and the geography of the participants is quite extensive: directly Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Kineshma, Vladimir, Samara, Skopin, Moscow. The farthest guest will be the Magadan State Musical and Drama Theater, which will present a performance-reconstruction according to Andrei Platonov “Dreams of Ivanov” — quite unusual for the audience. In total, 40 spectators will be able to get to the production, while 12 of them will sit at the same table with the actress and will be as involved in the story as possible.

The festival will open tonight with the performance of the Vladimir Academic Drama Theater “Dreams of Hamlet” based on William Shakespeare.

Good luck to all participants!