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June, 2021

30, ср
See you later!

Many theaters have already gone on vacation, it’s time for us to take a break. Thank you, dear colleagues, for giving so many excellent reasons for the news — may the next season be even richer and more interesting!

We were happy to see you at Novo-Siberian Transit −2021, and so that the time before the next meeting would run faster and more fun, we share our memories of the festival, captured in the album Star Nonsense.

29, вт

The final point of the season at the First Theater will be the premiere of the play Maryino Pole — the play by Oleg Bogaev was staged by the artistic director Pavel Yuzhakov. He has already worked with this play — in 2019 he released Maryino Pole with his course at the Novosibirsk Theater Institute. "We thought for a long time about the expediency and possibility of transferring the performance to the theater. I always wanted this, because the application that we made with the students, it seems to me, worked out. Now we have a lot of new artists, some moves have changed, but the general concept has remained the same, “the director told the portal.

The three women who accompanied their loved ones to the war spent their entire lives waiting. And now, 60 years after the victory, they go to meet their husbands at a distant station — this is how a series of mystical events begins, and the launched flywheel of time shows the audience completely different heroines whom they met at the very beginning.

In composition it is a typical road movie, in plot twists it is a phantasmagoria, and yet Pavel Yuzhakov gave the performance a genre definition of “mystical comedy”: “This is a conversation with time and death through fantasy and epic. Making their journey, the heroines combine the present and the past. Their path is a kind of time machine ”.

Premiere screenings of “Maryina Poly” — June 29 and 30.

25, пт

The Kolyada-Plays International Theater Festival of Contemporary Drama, which opened in Yekaterinburg on June 20, has passed exactly half of the way to the current moment. This year the festival is being held for the fourteenth time, and its program, as always, includes performances by Russian and foreign theaters based on the plays of Nikolai Kolyada and his students.

The festival received almost a hundred applications, of which 29 performances were included in the final program, including “I (do not) love Almaty” by the Kazakh art-refuge “BUNKER”, “Russian Death” by the Serbian theater “Atelier 212”. There will also be organized a video broadcast of a Bulgarian production based on Oleg Bogaev’s play “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District” by the National Academy of Theater and Cinematography named after Kraste Sarafova.

For the first time, it was decided that the performances will be evaluated by the audience, not by experts — there is a ballot box at each site. The results will be announced on June 30 at a ceremony.

24, чт

The Khabarovsk Regional Drama Theater is preparing to close the season with two premieres at once. First, viewers are offered to travel back to the second half of the 19th century and live the story of the heroes of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky “The Last Victim”: a young widow, blinded by feelings, is ready to do anything for a rake who squanders her fortune — is he able to appreciate this sacrifice?

The premiere screenings of Nikita Shiryaev’s production will take place on June 25, 26 and 27.

And in early July, the premiere of the documentary project “Women of Sergei Yesenin, or the Love of a Bully” will take place. For the first time, Valentina Lyubicheva’s production was shown at the “New Facets” independent acting competition and received the “For the Acting Ensemble” prize. The performance is based on the poet’s letters, memoirs from the diaries of those closest to him — the audience will meet with Yesenin, who was an unrestrained natural element. The premiere of the performance will take place within the framework of the “Year of Literature and Poetry-2021”.

23, ср

The closing of the season at the Krasnoyarsk Theater for Young Spectators is approaching, and today at the Blackbox site is one of the premiere screenings of the play “Anna Karenina”.

Yes, Leo Tolstoy’s novel has long been overgrown with a variety of versions, interpretations, analyzes — and, of course, it is quite difficult to pull out from under this thickness a passionate story about living people, and not characters, each of which already has its own idea. Nevertheless, the director Alexander Plotnikov decided on an experiment and created “a psychological ballet in one act.” He transferred the huge novel to a small stage box, turning it into a chamber, even intimate performance — only 50 people can see it at the same time.

In this “Anna Karenina”, according to the theater, “there is a lot of physicality, a lot of emotions, which are manifested not so much in words as in silence. And all in order to get to the living, to the point that forced Tolstoy to rewrite the novel nine times, to that basic need of the human soul to love and be happy, to that inevitable and inevitable destruction that takes over people and turns their life into a prison ” ...

17, чт

Despite the fact that the main season of the Kamensk-Uralsk “Drama Number Three” has already closed, the theater continues to work within the framework of the summer project “PostScriptum” and even releases premieres. Today, viewers are invited to the “antediluvian family comedy” At the Ark at Eight.

The play by Ulrich Hub began to conquer the hearts of the Russian audience about 10 years ago and its popularity does not fall. Still — there are charming heroes, humor, and a parable plot. Penguins quarrel, reconcile, fight, sing, dance and even argue about God. And with him, by the way, too. After all, when the Flood begins, contrary to the command of “a pair of each creature,” three of them climb onto the ark — friends are forced to hide a stowaway passenger: will it be possible to hide him from the all-seeing eye?

In the production of Yaroslavia Kalesides, penguins, like children, learn about life through play — or maybe all of it is play?

The premiere screenings of At the Ark at Eight will take place on June 17 and 18.

16, ср

The State Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Pushkin has approached the release of a landmark performance for itself — here the premiere of the comedy “Tearaway” based on the play by Viktor Krylov is being prepared.

It was with this play, in fact, that the history of the Yakut theater began — in 1889 the performance was staged by the artists of the Circle of Music and Literature Lovers, and a year later “Sorvanets” made a great impression on the Governor-General of the Irkutsk Region. On May 10, 1891, the Charter of the Yakut Circle of Music and Literature Lovers was approved, and this day is considered the date of the foundation of the first professional theater in the north-east of Russia.

Of course, “Tearaway” of today will be completely different — and in something, according to the director and artistic director of the GARDT Alexander Lobanov, even unusual. Director Irina Astafieva pays a lot of attention to the musical part of the performance — especially for the production, the actors have assembled their own jazz band.

The premiere screenings of “Tearaway” will take place on June 19 and 20, and with this performance the theater will end its 130th season.

15, вт

“He is stingy with words like De Niro, only the patient argues with him.

You can’t fool him on the chaff, he knows the ways underground.

If the sky falls to the ground, the grass will stop growing,

He will come and silently correct everything — a man from Kemerovo. ”

The song of Boris Grebenshchikov was released in 2003, but now there is a chance to hear the real voices of people from Kemerovo — the verbatim performance “Man from K” has entered the repertoire of the Kuzbass Drama Theater.

What occupies the thoughts of the people we encounter every day on the streets, bus stops, in stores? Why do some people leave, while others do not exchange their hometown for any other? Can a person who loves his city speak badly about it?

Director Anton Bezyazykov and playwright Vyacheslav Durnenkov conducted their research, and then, together with the actors of the Kuzbass Drama Theater, created a stage composition from monologues of ordinary townspeople, possibly giving an answer to the question: what is the uniqueness of a person from Kemerovo?

The authors dedicated the play “Man from K” to the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass. The last show this season will take place on June 17th.

11, пт

This story began in 2019. It was then that the director of the Novosibirsk theater-studio “Struna” Svetlana Kremarenko conceived a series of interviews with residents of the ObGES microdistrict. Gradually, from these conversations with completely different characters with their own destinies and collisions in life, the idea of ​​a documentary performance began to grow. To test themselves, the creators decided to post fragments of the video interview on the social network — and the interest of the viewers, their lively, emotional responses strengthened the creative group in the decision.

Theater “String” first encountered documentary material, but each actor sincerely fell in love with his hero. “We all hope that our experiment will appeal to the audience, touch the soul, and they will want to know their family history, to be more attentive to the older generation,” the participants in the process say. The play "ObGES. The human factor "can be seen already on June 12 — it was decided to make the entrance free for the premiere screening, which will take place in the Primorsky recreation center.

10, чт

The worn-out expression — “work is in full swing”, but you cannot describe the current process in the Altai Regional Drama Theater named after Shukshin. Tomorrow, the creative laboratory “Spaces of History” will start here, however, it starts only for the audience, but the actors have been immersed in the process for several days.

The laboratory under the supervision of Alexander Vislov is timed to coincide with the theater’s centenary, and for the sketches the directors were offered plays staged in the very first season of 1921-1922. Of course, it is curious how 100 years later Nikita Tversky’s Vlast, The Death of Nadezhda by Herman Geyermans, Days of Our Lives by Leonid Andreev and, of course, the famous Trilby by Grigory Ge based on the novel by George du Maurier, will be read. and the history of the theater began. Directors Timur Fairuzov, Anton Bezyazykov, Dmitry Ogorodnikov and Galina Zaltsman are working on the sketches.

Screenings will take place on June 11 and 12 at different venues of the theater — from the Big Stage to the audience lobby. A discussion will take place after each sketch.

9, ср

In the Krasnoyarsk Theater for Young Spectators, these days there are premieres of two performances of the Small Stage at once. Today the audience will have to try on a terrible Icelandic story that has become a national myth and a trauma at the same time — “Reykjavik ’74”. Polish playwright Marta Sokolowska wrote a play based on a documentary story that shocks with its twists and turns. In 1974, in Reykjavik, two unrelated people disappeared without a trace — their bodies were not found. Despite the lack of evidence and evidence, six young men were arrested and convicted based on the confusing testimony of the accused themselves. The play by Alexander Plotnikov, following the play, reconstructs the relationship between the participants in this strange process and the phenomenon of creating a “false memory” — memory distrust syndrome. The production, among other things, becomes a kind of attempt to replay what happened, to return to the moment when several unfortunates incriminated themselves and became victims of a miscarriage of justice.

And on June 10 and 11, Iceland will be replaced by Russia — the tragicomedy by Dmitry Bogoslavsky “Catapult” will be presented by director Nikita Betekhtin. “Catapult” was born quite recently — in 2021 it was first presented at the readings of the factory of the narrative theater “Discipline” of the Novosibirsk Drama Theater “Old House”.

This is the story of a man who grew up in the 90s, and so he hung there — Vadik is outwardly adult, but inwardly immature. Vadik’s whole life is in flight, as if he was launched from a catapult in an amusement park playing with lights, without wearing a seat belt. Here there is lyricism, and sad humor, and tragedy — and a “cast of a dying era” in the end.

8, вт

The first promenade play in the city appeared in the repertoire of the Kurgan Drama Theater. The play by Mikhail Kheifets “To Save the Chamber Junker Pushkin” is a monologue of our contemporary Mikhail Pitunin, in whose life the great Pushkin invaded with his creativity and details of his biography. Although, in fact, the play does not speculate on the imposing image of “our everything” and “the luminary of Russian poetry,” there are no moralizing intonations — on the contrary, it is in many respects hooligan and ironic.

Pitunin’s monologue in Yuri Terentyev’s play “The Secret of Pushkin’s Rescue” is decomposed into the voices of other characters in this story, and these voices sound, as the theater says, “in your head” — or rather, in audio format in your headphones during the actual promenade. The route of the performance includes, in particular, the Tobol River embankment and the Central Park of Culture and Leisure — in an hour and a half, viewers manage to walk about four kilometers.

The premiere of the play took place symbolically on Pushkin’s birthday, and after that it will be played twice a month — the next show is scheduled for June 12.

4, пт

The Chelyabinsk Youth Theater presents a hot premiere — the play “I dance like a moron” based on a completely fresh play by Igor Vitrenko, presented at the Lyubimovka festival of young drama in the fall of 2020. This is a story about freedom within oneself, about a person who does not feel at his age. Even as he grows up, he wants to remain himself — free and dancing. But for many, he looks like an absolute freak — however, this is what attracts people.

The performance is also built on elements of the modern dance direction Vogue — a style based on model poses and catwalk gait. Choreographer Ekaterina Kazantseva was specially invited for the rehearsals: “The theater artists are great professionals, they diligently and persistently joined this style. Vogue is an opportunity to try a new role for yourself, to become not who he is in life. ”

We are all a little Toliki, says director Ivan Minevtsev: “I personally don’t want to grow up. Youthfulness of soul is very important for me, I am afraid of an uninteresting, boring, stereotyped life. ”

The premiere screenings will take place on June 4, 5 and 25.

2, ср
The Festival of Theaters of Small Towns of Russia

Emotions from the past “Transit” will warm our souls for a long time, but the time has come to remember our everyday worries: so, we continue to follow the life of the theaters of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East and share interesting news with you!

The Festival of Theaters of Small Towns of Russia has long won the status of one of the most significant cultural events in the regions and every year it is more and more asserting itself in this position, expanding the theatrical geography of the country. The forum, organized by the Theater of Nations and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, includes a competitive, non-competitive and extensive educational program.

The playbill of the XVIII Festival, held in Naberezhnye Chelny from June 2 to June 9, included performances from sixteen theaters, among which we are happy to see close friends of Novo-Siberian Transit: Prokopyevsky Drama Theater, Sharypovo City Drama Theater, Kamensk-Uralsky Theater “Drama number three”, Cheremkhovsky Drama Theater named after Gurkin and Novokuznetsk Drama Theater.

We cheer for you, dear ones! And, of course, we wish all the participating teams successful shows, a warm welcome and a fair assessment of the jury, which this year is headed by Olga Ostroumova, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.