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September, 2021

30, чт

The Seversky Theater for Children and Youth plunged into reflection — here they decided to open the 58th season with “Duck Hunt”. The play by Alexander Vampilov is truly immortal — no matter how much and whenever it is staged, it does not lose its relevance and depth. In Seversk, they are making another attempt to understand Zilov’s personal crisis and the impact of society on him.

“Everyone in life has difficult periods that we are going through hard, and no one is individual in this. If we feel that we are not comfortable in society and in the world, we feel that we are strangers in a new movement, then I would like the audience to understand one important truth after watching our performance — they are not alone in this feeling, it just needs to be experienced ”, - says the director of the play Yuri Popov.

Will those around them become assistants or an obstacle in the search for harmony of the protagonist, whether Zilov will overcome the internal crisis in the Seversky version — the audience will find out the answers on October 1 and 2.

29, ср

The Chelyabinsk Drama Theater named after Naum Orlov opened the season with the lyric drama “A Nameless Star” based on the play by Mikhail Sebastian. The play was staged by Daria Dogadova — in Chelyabinsk she is called the youngest director. The reading of the plot, of course, is the author’s — the director filled her performance with metaphors, symbols, and even the train that brought the main character Mona to the provincial town is personified here.

For Daria Dogadova, the production of The Nameless Star has a special meaning: “This is my mother’s favorite film — she admitted that she even wanted to call me Mona. I was shocked by this story, its volume, sound. And from the second year, I felt that it was my duty to stage the ‘Nameless Star’. I walked, imagined, recorded some images ... ”

The director made his dream come true, but the performance remained about an unrealizable dream: “After all, only then will there be any sense in living on, waking up every day, looking at the stars every evening and looking, looking, looking.”

Today is the second premiere on the Big Stage, after which the performance can be seen on October 9 and 30.

28, вт

The premiere weekend was held in Tomsk - both the Drama Theater and the Youth Theater opened the season here.

The drama decided to continue the story that began in November 2019, when, as part of charitable events, a sketch based on the play by Dmitry Danilov “Seryozha is very dumb” was performed. "The absurdity with three unknowns" then fell in love with the audience, and the director Artem Kiselev was delighted with the text. It could not be otherwise - just remember how many times Danilov's plays have been staged in Russian theaters in the past five years. Now the sketch has turned into a full-fledged performance - the next show will take place on October 8.

The Tomsk Theater for Young Spectators turned to the play by the Bulgarian playwright Hristo Boychev "The Titanic Orchestra". The heroes of the story are lonely vagabonds, abandoned by fate to some surreal forgotten station. They are waiting for the train, which finally stops, and they can get out of here, but the trains rush past. And suddenly a fraudster, illusionist, conductor and showman Harry Houdini bursts into their lives, believing that "life is just a show for one person." According to director Yevgeny Rogulkin, "The Titanic Orchestra" is a performance about choice, about vocation, about illusions that transform reality. The next premiere screening will be on October 14.

27, пн

Is there the first phrase of the novel better known than this: “All happy families are alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”? The director Andrei Prikotenko pushed off this Tolstoy axiom and created his Anna Karenina at the Stary Dom theater in Novosibirsk, where an intimate plot grows with modern problems and pains. The fact that events are taking place in the 21st century is already hinted at by the play’s poster.

“The story that we can feel today in this novel cannot be conveyed in the language of Tolstoy,” Andrei Prikotenko believes. “Of course, one can invent a performance while remaining in the context of the era. But then there will be a great theatrical convention, we did not want that. Our performance is an attempt to study the nature of violence, the nature of cruelty and love in order to become better, no matter how pompous it may sound. Here we coincide with Lev Nikolaevich. ”

The premiere screenings of Anna Karenina of the era of bloggers and tiktokers were sold out last weekend, but there are chances to get to the performance on October 6, 7 and 31.

24, пт

The 148th season of the Omsk Academic Drama Theater will open in French. Danil Chashchin staged the play “The Deceivers” based on a play by the famous contemporary playwright Alexei Zhitkovsky, but he, in turn, wrote it based on the script of the 1958 film by Marcel Carnet.

The film follows the quest of a lost generation in the 1950s. The main characters are a company of young people who deny the generally accepted norms of life. They prefer not to waste their time studying and working and have no goals in life. Among them — Mick and Bob, who fell in love with each other.

“Mick and Bob are in a sense Romeo and Juliet,” says Danil Chashchin. — Only in “Deceivers” there are no warring families, but there is a crowd that rejects such concepts as love and family. Feeling completely free from any obligations, the guys seem to be playing a game — “don’t get caught”. The main condition is not to be attached to anything or anyone. It is easy, fun, enjoyable and at the same time dangerous game. A game against everyone, a game against yourself. "

There is no secret — everything in the film does not end with a happy ending. The audience will see how the situation unfolds in the play on September 24 and 25.

23, чт

The Kurgan Drama Theater is preparing to open its 79th season — tomorrow director Yegor Grishin will present the audience with the farce major “Baba Chanel”. The play by Nikolai Kolyada was repeatedly staged on the stages of theaters in different cities, including those in the capital, and everywhere it was a success.

Egor Grishin in his work makes the main idea that a person can face loneliness at any age. The ensemble of folk songs, which includes the heroines of the play and the performance, is their outlet. “They really live by this, it gives them strength, — the director is sure. — I know for sure, because among my mother’s friends there are such people. For them, this is a second youth, a second life. It inspires them, does not let them get bored. ”

The participants themselves call their performance “hooliganism”. And for the audience, the story will be sharp and, rather, soul-saving — you can be sure on September 24, 25, 29 and 30.

22, ср

Theaters of Novosibirsk together with the project "Children and Ancestors. Reboot “three premieres for teenagers are being prepared in the next month. This time the performances were based not on modern stories, but, one might say, classical literature.

This week the Youth Drama “First Theater” will present the play “A Guy from the Underworld” based on the fantastic story of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. The main character Gag — a cadet of a military school that trains fighters for elite military units called “Fighting Cats” — finds himself in a completely different world. There is no need to constantly defend yourself, but will it be easy for Gaga to understand this world and adapt to it? The premiere screenings of Pyotr Zubarev’s production will take place on 24 and 25 September.

And almost immediately — the second premiere. The Gamma Theater Company invited director Gemma Avetisyan to stage the novella “Wild Dog Dingo” by Ruvim Fraerman. The project is being prepared with the participation of NSTI students — the premiere will take place on September 27.

And in October, on the Small Stage of the Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theater “Globus”, director Artem Terekhin will present the play “Boys” based on the story “The Side is the Wind” by Vladislav Krapivin. “If the” boys “of Dostoevsky have all the hope in the future, then the” boys “of Krapivin are already cool, they are about the present,” says the director.

Well, after such plans, I just want to say thanks to “Children and Ancestors” for the implementation of important projects!

21, вт

Premiere week at the Lesosibirsk Drama Theater “Poisk” — the drama by Henrik Ibsen “A Doll’s House” was released here.

Once they tried to make dolls look like people, but now we ourselves are more and more like dolls. We do not notice that we are turning into automata, repeating the same actions, as if executing a program laid down by someone. What happens if this chain breaks, if a person wakes up from a doll’s life?

Director Mikhail Egorov presented a performance-reflection on the destruction of illusions and an honest dialogue, revealed through the physics and physicality of the actors. The viewer becomes an X-ray of family relations in a sterile space.

The premiere screenings took place on September 17-19, the second block will take place on September 24, 25 and 26.

17, пт

The Norilsk Polar Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky is on the verge of opening the season.

Tomorrow, viewers will see the premiere that will end the previous season — “Bloody Wedding” by Federico Garcia Lorca was staged by Sergei Potapov. There is no doubt about the spectacularity and dynamism of this tragedy, because the Yakut director is known for his expressive manner in his work.

There are still some interesting events ahead — the premiere of the comedy based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s play “Mad Jourdain” directed by Alexander Isakov, the laboratory of modern drama “Polyarka” dedicated to Scandinavian plays, and on November 6 a gala evening dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the theater will take place.

May all plans come true — success and victories to you, colleagues!

16, чт

Non-binary opens its season Novokuznetsk Drama Theater — today the premiere of Martin McDona’s black comedy “Executioners” will take place here. The play takes place in 1965 in the UK. Harry Wade is the owner of the pub, and at the same time the second best executioner in the country, experiencing the abolition of the death penalty. And now the pub is filled with people who have various motives regarding Harry’s profession.

As the performer of the central role Andrei Kovzel notes, “Executioners” is “a fairly light, seemingly, performance, behind which there is a deep psychological and philosophical work.” Director Yaroslav Rakhmanin confirms that the work was carried out on a large-scale basis, but at the same time emphasizes: “It is important for me that the play be liked by me, artists — generally everyone who is busy in the process, so that everyone cares.”

We hope that the audience will also experience these feelings — the premiere screenings of “Executioners” will be held on September 16 and 17, October 3 and 24.

15, ср

The Altai Regional Drama Theater named after Vladimir Shukshin quite often holds a variety of creative laboratories, and September was not without one of them. Last season, the plays of the very first season of 1921-1922 were taken for sketches, and now they have turned to modern drama here, calling the project “PRESENT.”

Now there is a rehearsal process: Peter Nezluchenko is working with Oleg Mikhailov’s play “Oath Maidens,” Dmitry Akimov chose Alexei Zhitkovsky’s Cosmos, and Polina Borodina’s Exodus by Artem Terekhin. Oleg Loevsky leads the project “father” of all directing laboratories.

Sketches will be shown on September 18 and 19, and it is likely that some of the names will be included in the theater’s repertoire.

14, вт

The festival of young directing «ARTMIGRATION» started in Moscow.

Since 2013, this initiative of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation has been ongoing, and every year bright performances of young directors working outside Moscow and St. Petersburg come to the capital. This time National Theatre of Karelia, the Buryat drama theater of Hots Namsarayev, the Novosibirsk «First theater», Buinsky state drama theater, the Tyumen Youth theatrical center «Kosmos» and the Theatrical workshop «Subject», the Kazan MOÑ occurred in the poster, and today the audience will see «Gold» of the Prokopyevsk drama theater.

We wish all participants of successful shows!

13, пн

The performances, postponed due to the pandemic, still continue to appear, and the Surgut Music and Drama Theater opened a new season with such a premiere.

“Treachery and Love” based on the drama by Friedrich Schiller was staged by Antje Weber, head of the acting course at the Ernst Busch Higher School of Performing Arts in Berlin — now she had to direct the final stage online.

The events of Schiller’s play have been carried over from the 18th century to our days — the director believes that the problem of misalliance has not disappeared today, but, on the contrary, has become aggravated: social relations are riddled with inequality. “In Germany, I would probably stage this performance differently, reflecting the realities of this country,” says Antje Weber. “But in any case, we have an actual, very human story — not only for Russia, but for the modern world in general.”

The main characters have to fight for their love not with villains in powdered wigs, but with a whole state corporation.

After the premiere screenings, “Cunning and Love” will go on tour to Khanty-Mansiysk, so it will not be possible to see the performance on the home stage in the coming weeks.

10, пт

The novel by British writer Mark Haddon “The Mysterious Night Murder of a Dog”, released in 2003, is still popular in different countries — both among adults and adolescents. The plot revolves around 15-year-old Christopher Boone, a special boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. Starting to investigate the murder of a neighbor’s dog, he moves to find answers to important questions for himself: how to trust people? How to find your place and make your dreams come true?

The novel was soon adapted by Simon Stevens into the play of the same name and began to quite actively fall into the repertoires of theaters. On the eve, the next premiere took place — “The Mysterious Night Murder of a Dog” was staged at the Altai Youth Theater.

“I really hope that the viewer will understand the importance and necessity of the theme of the work and the performance — they are not about autism in fact, but about interpersonal communication,” says director Andrei Vorobyov.

The next screenings of the “equation with two unknowns” will take place in October.

9, чт

The Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theater “Globus” presents today the first premiere of the season — on the small stage, the chief director Alexei Kriklivy releases the play “The General and His Family”.

Timur Kibirov’s novel, which was the basis, received the Big Book award last year — the author positions it as historical. The action takes place in the 1970s — Major General Vasily Ivanovich Bochazhok is expecting the arrival of his daughter Anna, but he cannot assume that this meeting will put him in front of a difficult choice.

Aleksey Kriklivy believes that Kibirov gave the names to his heroes for a reason: “This should be a historical anecdote. Our stage method is not a parody of reality, but a play joke, comic strip, and sketches. Meaning, in this story, it is important for me that children accept their parents as they are. We must not blame them for our, perhaps not very successful fate, not blame our own failures on the mistakes of upbringing, but try to understand and accept them. ”

The premiere screenings of “The General and His Family” starring the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Ilya Pankov will be held on September 9 and 10, October 1 and 23.