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February, 2022

28, пн

Today, the Tyumen Drama Theater for the first time will present to the audience the play “Karenin A.” — a look at a famous story from a different angle. Director Roman Gabria created his own staging of Leo Tolstoy’s novel, in which Anna’s life is shown through the eyes of a deceived spouse — Alexei Karenin. Often, following an entrenched way, Karenin is portrayed as insensitive and high-headed. Gabria leaves this stereotype, and in the Tyumen play the drama of not only Anna, but also Alexei is revealed — the love of her husband, who is trying to defend her happiness, her family.

“Karenin A.” is a story about forgiveness, not dividing people into right and guilty, about spiritual power, turning evil into good, but suffering into compassion.

The premiere screenings of the play will be held on February 28, March 12 and 13.

25, пт

“Who started with evil, for the strength of the result, everything again calls on evil to help ...” Today, Shakespeare’s Macbeth will appear at the New Year’s corporate party at the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater — the production of Pyotr Shereshevsky is decided in this wild spirit, but, of course, with the clarification “tragedy”.

"“Macbeth” for me is primarily about “crossing the line,” says the director. — There comes a moment, and a person begins to feel “chosen”, but desires will come true only if you allow to cross over moral barriers. This is the point of no return, killing your own soul first of all. We began to think about this at the beginning of the journey, from this angle we considered the play. But the process led us to other topics ... As a result, in the play we are not studying the genesis of evil, but an attempt to get rid of the pain of losing a person so close that he is a part of you.

Part of the audience will be able to immerse themselves in the story, being surrounded by Macbeth and sitting directly on the stage at the corporate festive table. Others will come to the aid of the principle of “online cinema” already tested by Peter Shereshevsky, which will allow you to focus on the subjective view of the hero.

The premiere screenings will take place on February 25 and 26, and on March 13 and 27.

24, чт

The Novosibirsk Youth “First Theater” is preparing to present the premiere of the drama “The Carpenter” based on the play by Lidia Golovanova, which was included in the shortlist of the festival of young dramaturgy Lyubimovka-2021.

This is the story of a journey of transformation through a labyrinth of strenuous physical effort, told by a woman. Rebuilding the hut, the heroine describes in detail the actions that her body performs and immerses the audience in the atmosphere of what is happening, allowing them to see everything with their own eyes in real time.

“The starting point of the study was the text itself, its atmosphere, the energy of the structure,” say the directors of the play, Angelina Migranova and Rodion Sabirov. — In the world of entropy and chaos in which we exist now, this text is like a refuge, like a place of silence and tranquility, a place where you can be alone with yourself and hear your own emptiness. But not emptiness, as the absence of movement and lack of meaning, emptiness as a healing cleansing.

The premiere screenings of The Carpenter will take place on February 25 and 26, after each of which there will be a discussion with theater critics Yulia Kleiman and Maria Kozhina.

22, вт
Khabarovsk region

Yesterday, the results of the annual competition in the field of theatrical art of the Khabarovsk Territory were summed up — from February 11 to February 20, a jury consisting of critics Gleb Sitkovsky, Georgy Kovalevsky, Lilia Nemchenko and Irina Tarasova watched 14 dramatic and musical productions. “The competition is aimed at raising the level of culture and identifying new talents. For the second year in a row, the laureates receive increased cash prizes in the amount of 100,000 rubles,” commented Yury Ermoshkin, Minister of Culture of the Khabarovsk Territory.

In the nomination “Best Performance”, the jury determined two winners at once, and both — from the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Drama Theater: “The Bird Trap” directed by Nikita Betekhtin and “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” by Dmitry Akrish. “These performances are united by the fact that they are made according to modern prose and dramaturgy by young, but already very well-known directors in the country,” Gleb Sitkovsky noted. Also, theater actor Yevgeny Badulin was awarded for his roles in these performances.

The Khabarovsk Theater for Young Spectators won three awards — Ekaterina Maksimova became the best director, and Sergey Lavor the best artist for the production of “Two Brothers”, Alexander Zverev received a special diploma for his role in the play “Jagger-Jagger”. Aleksey Votyakov was also awarded as an artist for the scenography of “Romeo and Juliet” of the Khabarovsk Drama Theater, and the theater actor Alexander Gusev was recognized as “The Hope of the Stage”.

You can see the list of winners in full at the link provided, but we sincerely congratulate all theaters and wish you new heights!

21, пн

During the celebration of Sagaalgan, the Buryat Academic Drama Theater named after Khots Namsaraev hosted the first performances of the play about the national heroine Balzhan-Khatan “Her name is Balzhan”. The history of Balzhan-khatan is the history of the birth and formation of the Buryat people, their difficult path to liberation from the oppression of enslavers.

The young generation of the theater took on the production of the saga of the Buryat princess — four actresses and four actors, graduates of the Theater Institute. Boris Shchukin, present four views on the mythologized story of a couple in love and the death of Balzhan in the name of the freedom of the people. Director Soyzhin Zhambalova emphasizes that this performance is the creative group debut of the Shchukins on the stage of the Buryaad Theatre. at

The premiere performances took place on February 18 and 19, now the performance can be seen on March 24.

18, пт

This season, the Amur Drama Theater was headed by director Roman Zareev — and today the audience will see the first production performed by him in this position. By the way, it is interesting that earlier Roman Zareev was the chief director at the Kineshma Drama Theater, where the season always began with plays by Alexander Ostrovsky. And Ostrovsky was also chosen for the Amur premiere!

At the heart of the play “Would I marry Balzaminov!” — the famous trilogy of the classics: “A festive dream before dinner”, “Your own dogs bite, don’t pester someone else’s” and “What you go for, you will find” (or, in fact, “Balzaminov’s Marriage”). The love misadventures of the young official Mikhailo Balzaminov have developed into “pictures of petty-bourgeois life”, and the theater promises “a truly spring premiere — with bright colors, cheerful music and excellent mood.”

Premiere screenings of “I would marry Balzaminov!” will be held February 18, 19 and 20.

17, чт

Despite the fact that the Biysk Dramatic Theater, like many, for two weeks already lives in a limpful state and periodically forced to cancel the performances, the premiere here will try to be released in the planned time. It is also important because the director of the new production is Sergey Bobrovsky, appointed in January to the position of chief director. This appointment is not called as a return, because Bobrovsky has already headed the theater from 2003 to 2008.

For the “debut” premiere director chose Erica Emmanuel Schmitt Schmitt “Hotel of two worlds”: “This is modern dramaturgy, and the story happens in a strange place — somewhere between life and death. Such a romantic play on the main values ​​of our day. ”

The premiere shows of mystical parables are scheduled for 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, February 27.

16, ср

Quite recently, a new stage, a chamber stage, was opened at the Bratsk Drama Theatre. Now its active filling is underway - the premiere of the play “The Gift of Fate”, the guitar evening “Song of Bratsk”, the comedy “Save the Chamber Junker Pushkin” have already taken place here. This week, the actors represent a new event for themselves in the genre - chitakl: nested in itself from the words "reading" + "performance". “This is a special theatrical form - a way to get close to the text, unravel the meanings, get emotions, experience a revelation,” they comment in the theater. For the first reading, the director Natalya Korlyakova chose Ivan Vyrypaev's play Illusions - the actors, together with their interests, are explored in the nature of love: should it be mutual, or vice versa, nothing is perceived in return? Where is the truth, where is the lie, where is the dream, where is the reality? What if all our feelings are just illusions?

The only screening of "Illusions" is February 17.

15, вт

The year 2021 gave the theater-goers of Ulan-Ude a new project — the Russian Drama Theater named after Bestuzhev presented “Context”. This project is aimed at acquainting viewers with modern drama — the most interesting, relevant, exciting plays today. The first text chosen by ConText coordinator Peter Prozorovsky was Ivan Vyrypaev’s “Iranian Conference”. And today, the “reproductive dystopia” by Ekaterina Guzema “The Ministry of Good Mothers” is being read on the Small Stage of the Theatre.

Russia of the future. The country is suffering from overpopulation, resources are scarce. The state takes drastic measures and creates the Ministry of Birth Prevention and Population Control. In the center of the plot is 16-year-old Klava — pregnancy was not part of her plans, but far from everything is possible to plan.

At the end of the reading, a discussion is sure to take place, where the audience, together with the artists, try to make out the material, reflect on the issues raised in the play and its problems.

11, пт

Last year, we already talked about the launch of the Zoomers project at the Fifth Theater in Omsk. And now he came close to the logical finish — the premiere of the performance as part of the experimental site “Space 25”.

A large-scale project that would unite several genres of modern theater at once — site-specific, dock, theater of the townspeople — was conceived by the curator of “Prostranstva 25” Ekaterina Kulakova. “According to the theory of generations, zoomers are people born from 1997 to 2012 — those young people who are now actively studying and starting to enter adulthood, guys with expanded boundaries of perception of reality,” the theater commented. And the project became an attempt both to create a portrait of generation Z, and an opportunity to consider Omsk zoomers individually, plunging into their personal stories, thoughts about themselves and the future.

The performance team gradually expanded to 4 master’s playwrights from RGISI under the direction of Natalia Skorokhod, 7 directors of the master’s course at the Moscow Art Theater School under the direction of Viktor Ryzhakov, 12 artists and 11 zoomers. For several months, directors and playwrights collected material, conducted interviews and conversations with zoomers. After that, several documentary novels were written, which formed the basis of the audio route passing through the locations of the Fifth Theater.

The first viewers will be able to connect to the promenade called Zoomers on February 12 and 13, with the next screenings taking place in March.

9, ср

In June 2021, a read-sketch based on the play by Jean-Paul Sartre “Behind Closed Doors” was held at the Tomsk Drama Theater. And immediately after the TOMSK.RU portal noted: “It will be a shame if the Drama Theater does not think about making a full-fledged performance from Behind Closed Doors.” And the theater thought — and today the audience will be presented with the production of “Locked Up.”

Journalist Garsen, the rich beauty Estelle and the modest postal employee Ines, who had not previously met each other, find themselves in a mysterious hotel, in a room from which they cannot get out. After a while, they realize that they are in real Hell, and now they have to be each other’s executioners for eternity.

The production of Artem Kiselev follows the Sartro “Hell is Others,” the audience will see a really alarming existential horror — the premiere shows will be held on February 9 and 10.

8, вт

Modern drama today has finally taken its permanent place in the repertory theater — a rare poster does without it. Despite the clear favorites, theaters love to discover new names, so they closely follow drama competitions. One of the most important among them and, at least, the oldest in age — the leading count since 1990 — the Lyubimovka Festival. Every autumn in Moscow there are reading-presentations of new plays with discussions and debates.

And now — the acceptance of plays for Lyubimovka-2022 is open!

Dear theatres, tell your playwrights you know that Lyubimovka is waiting for their texts until April 1st. Authors writing in Russian, under the age of 45, living in any country of the world, can take part in the festival. Other conditions and application form can be found on the festival website.

Last year, Lyubimovka received 754 plays, from which the selectors formed the main and fringe program, as well as a list of especially noted works. We hope that in 2022 there will be no less talented authors.

7, пн

“Eight Women” by Robert Thomas, it seems, do not intend to give up their positions — the French detective firmly established himself on the theater stage more than half a century ago, and the heroines continue to show their characters today. This year, various theaters in Russia again turned to this play, and the Novosibirsk City Drama Theater under the direction of Sergei Afanasyev was the first to present the premiere. In the theater itself, however, a production in the genre of a detective is considered unusual for themselves. However, despite the intrigues and murder, the play claims a rather serious drama — both for each of the heroines and for the one who usually stays “behind the scenes”. If the viewer does not yet know the ending of this story, we envy!

A feature of the production by Sergei Afanasiev was the double composition of the performers. And if the theater-goers know what to expect from the first one — after all, these are famous actresses of the NGDT, then the second one can come as a surprise — the roles are distributed among the correspondence course students of the Novosibirsk Theater Institute.

The premiere screenings of “Eight Loving Women” took place on February 5 and 6, the next are scheduled for March 7 and 8.

4, пт

The Primorsky Academic Drama Theater named after Gorky is preparing to brighten the gloomy February days with a bright premiere. For everyone’s joy, the most famous play by playwright Claude Magnier, Oscar, Misunderstanding in Three Acts, was chosen. Both Louis de Funes and Jean-Paul Belmondo shone on the French stage in the productions of this play, and the 1967 film with the same de Funes brought her worldwide popularity.

In Vladivostok, director Sergei Rudenok turned the Oscars into a “soapy vaudeville”. After all, the story takes place in the house of the soap magnate Bertrand Barnier — one morning brings real chaos into the life of a rich man. The loss of a suitcase with diamonds, confusion about daughters, pregnancies, suitors and wives bring Barnier literally to a nervous breakdown. And it just so happens that the modest driver Oscar has a special role to play here.

The theater promises to surprise the audience with its visual style: “The performance takes place in colorful scenery, and the characters are dressed in exquisite costumes in the spirit of French fashion houses of the 60s, when recognized masters Paco Raban and Pierre Cardin created their masterpieces. It was this era that inspired the production designer Andrey Klimov.”

Well, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times — the premiere screenings of the Oscars will be held on February 5 and 6.

2, ср

“To celebrate the New Year twice! Such a miracle happens only here,” the Buryat Academic Drama Theater named after Hots Namsaraev rejoices. February 1 in Buryatia, as well as Kalmykia, Tuva and several other regions of Russia, really came another New Year — according to the lunar calendar. This holiday is called Sagaalgan — that is, the “White Month”, lasts the whole of February and is accompanied by folk festivals.

Alas, this time the celebration of Sagaalgan will not be held so widely. Due to the worsening epidemiological situation and Buryaad, the theater had to cancel several screenings of the premiere performance “BAR ZHELEI NAYR NAADAN”. However, no one loses hope of meeting their viewers: “It will be very spectacular and beautiful,” says actress Aryuna Tsydenova. The artists organically combined the images of a tiger and a wave of elements on the stage, and a unique animation was created especially for the performance. The first screenings are scheduled for February 7th and will last until the 12th.