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April, 2022

29, пт

It seems that no one but Oleg Rybkin should stage Nikolai Erdman’s The Suicide — one of the first “black comedies” in Soviet literature, as this play is called. And now the stars have converged — tomorrow at the Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater named after Pushkin, the premiere of “a comedy for helikon with an orchestra” will take place.

“Suicide” is both a parody and a farce with a tragic tinge. How else to characterize the story that your own death suddenly becomes a hot commodity, and the number of people who want it is growing? A dead soul is worth more than a living one. “It is no coincidence that many drew parallels in the creative method between Erdman and Gogol as the great Russian satirists,” says Oleg Rybkin.

The central role — Podsekalnikova — is played by one of the leading actors of the theater Vladimir Puzanov. “The last words of the play: “Podsekalnikov is right, it’s not worth living.” This is such a self-assertive comedy. But it will be fun. This is in our Russian character, “says the actor.

The premiere screenings of “Suicide” will take place on April 30, May 1, 19 and 31.

28, чт

Tomorrow, the Khabarovsk Regional Drama Theater will present the old and new sitcom at the same time on the main stage. How did it happen? The fact is that the play “Joe” or “Catch Me, I’m a Killer” by the famous French playwright Claude Magnier, although written in 1964, was translated into Russian only in 2020.

“The translator decided to modernize the play — there were jokes about covid, the characters use cell phones. But we refused all this, — director Sergei Listopadov comments. — It makes no sense to modernize at the expense of banal things. We will not emphasize the charm of France with cell phones. Here the question is not in the form, but in the content. Our task was to make a quality comedy. And, in general, we wanted to take the audience into the atmosphere of that old France.

The detective story with many evasions is very cinematic — it is no coincidence that the American film Arbor and the French Joe were filmed on it. The more interesting how it will look on the theater stage. In Khabarovsk, the premiere of the play “Who Killed Joe?” will take place on April 29 and 30, and already on May 8 the residents of Komsomolsk-on-Amur will see the comedy, where the Khabarovsk residents will go on tour.

27, ср

The Norilsk Polar Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky at the end of the week is ready to present to the audience the horror drama “The State of Two” — Timur Fairuzov’s production is based on the novel “Mother Darkness” by Kurt Vonnegut.

Vonnegut in his work wove a network of espionage history and philosophical quest. The book is essentially a fictionalized autobiography by Howard W. Campbell, Jr., who writes it in prison while awaiting trial for war crimes. As the researchers noted, Vonnegut “in cold blood and with incomparable gallows humor explores the role of a single spy in the fate of the nation and the inner world of the spy himself.”

Vonnegut had a chance to go through a military experience, and he talks quite consciously about the dialectic of good and evil. Of Mother Darkness, he said: “This is the only one of my books whose moral I know ... We are just what we want to appear, and therefore we must take seriously what we want to appear.”

The premiere screenings of “The State of Two” will be held on April 29 and 30.

26, вт

Having received its first Golden Mask a few days ago, the Tyumen Drama Theater is celebrating another pleasant event this week. A new stage opens on the fifth floor of the theatre, which it was decided to name “Youth”. And the first premiere here will be Alexander Tikhonov’s solo performance Van Gogh’s EarThe legendary Dutch painter, whose paintings are on the list of the most expensive in the world, Van Gogh today is also part of popular culture. His paintings and self-portraits are replicated on T-shirts and jewelry, mobile phone cases and wine labels. And, of course, the very personality of the eccentric genius attracts. The bright and polyphonic reality of the creator, cut off from the everyday world, is what Roman Gabria will try to reveal in his production.

“I want to make the performance as original as the painting and life of Vincent van Gogh were, with his quirks and rebelliousness. Life is dark and bright at the same time,” says the director. — The play “Van Gogh’s Ear” is, first of all, the mystery of his work. In it, in its secrets and paradoxes, we — together with the thoughtful and versatile artist Alexander Tikhonov — will try to figure it out.

Van Gogh’s Ear will premiere on April 28, 29 and 30.

25, пн

Can we imagine our life without a smartphone? Is it easy to switch and try to wean yourself from the Internet attachment? How quickly can results be achieved?

These questions have been relevant for several years now, and the Novosibirsk Drama Youth “First Theater” in search of answers decided to turn to a particular example, albeit an artistic one. A year ago, within the framework of the Discipline narrative theater factory, playwright Igor Vitrenko created the play Stuck, which is now staged by director Pavel Yuzhakov.

The story of math teacher Eduard, who decided to radically change his life and get off the “digital needle”, shows the clash of two extremes: a painful dependence on gadgets and the desire to completely abandon them.

The theater itself, as one of the ways to get rid of it, offers to independently create for itself as many positive emotions as possible, and for this it invites you to its performances! “Stuck” can now be seen on May 12 and 22.

22, пт

The 5th theater festival “By the Bratsk Sea” has started at the Bratsk Drama Theater. It was first held in 2016, and its main goals were the need to develop theatrical traditions, serve to create creative ties among the participants, and the emergence of joint projects. Over the past years, the geography of the festival has expanded, and today it is interregional.

“Our festival is already known as very warm, chamber, hospitable, truly ‘fraternal,’ says the director of the Bratsk Drama Theater Lyubov Kudryashova. — We managed to organically combine the festival for spectators and the festival for the professional community, to find a balance between them. Therefore, theaters tend to come to Bratsk again and again.”

This year, the Cheremkhovo Drama Theater named after Gurkin, the Ust-Ilimsk Drama and Comedy Theater, the Volsk Drama Theater, the Omsk City Drama Theater “Studio” Ermolaeva, the Motyginsky Drama Theater, the Tomsk Drama Theater and, of course, the owners themselves — the Bratsk Drama Theater theatre.

"We always try to create a playbill in such a way that each viewer can choose a performance for themselves. There are three parables presented at this festival. Time is such, it assumes simple forms and deep content. All festival performances are distinguished by the search for new techniques, meanings — both in the material and in its embodiment, — sums up Elena Chaikovskaya, head of the theater.

The festival will run until April 25th.

21, чт
Golden Mask

On the eve of the announcement of the winners of the National Theater Award “Golden Mask”. This time it was again held in an online format, already tested in 2020. And we are very happy that among the winners there are representatives of the theaters of Siberia and the Urals.

We sincerely congratulate Marina Baboshina, who received the award in the category “Supporting Actress for the role of Dolly in the play of the Krasnoyarsk Theater for Young Spectators ‘Anna Karenina’, and lighting designer Igor Fomin for her work in the play of the Novosibirsk Drama Theater ‘Old House’ Dancing in the dark.”

It is unusual that the Tyumen Bolshoi Drama Theater this year was announced in the nominations of the musical theater, and it is no coincidence that for the musical “The Addams Family” he received

Special Jury Award “For Ensemble and Mastering New Genres”.

Hooray for the new owners of the Golden Masks, and may your talent always warm the hearts of the audience!

18, пн

In 2021, the Altai Regional Drama Theater named after Vasily Shukshin, which was celebrating its centenary, was rediscovering works from the repertoire of its first season within the framework of the Pro100ry of History laboratory. The study of the past has brought creative results — already two sketches that appeared there have grown into performances: in January, Dmitry Ogorodnikov staged “Days of Our Life” based on the play by Leonid Andreev, and last weekend the premiere of “Trilby” took place — by the way, this name was once theater opened.

The plot of the play, written by Gregory Ge at the end of the 19th century, is taken from the incredibly popular English novel of that time by George Du Maurier. In the mystical story of a model turned into a brilliant singer with the help of hypnosis, director Galina Zaltsman is interested in the consumer attitude towards a woman and her position in the male world. And the stylish visuals in the aesthetics of silent cinema, invented by Ekaterina Nikitina, create a sense of mystery, attraction and danger.

We congratulate the theater on a successful release and advise Barnaul viewers not to miss the next show on May 27!

15, пт

For 10 years, the competition of new dramaturgy “Remarque”, created by Oleg Lipovetsky, has become an integral part of the theatrical life of the country. Every year its final is held in different regions, which allows more theaters and audiences to get acquainted with the works of contemporary playwrights. Remarque-2022 is hosted by the Kuzbass Drama Theater from 14 to 17 April.

This season, readers read 873 plays, formed a long list and then a short list. As a result, 12 selected texts-finalists were divided into four categories: “Plays of all genres”, “Comedies”, “Little Remarque” and “Choice of the region”.

Traditionally, all plays are heard from the stage in the format of readings, after which there is an opportunity to discuss what they have heard. In addition, lectures by leading experts — theater historians and theater critics — are held every day within the framework of the forum.

In addition to the main program, on the eve of the final, there was an open screening of the results of the Remarque Lyceum, an educational project during which novice Kuzbass authors improved their profession under the guidance of playwright Sergei Davydov.

Links to broadcasts of all events can be found in the Telegram channel of the contest.

14, чт

What is more difficult: to agree with the goddess or to make a deal with your own conscience? King Agamemnon, the hero of the tragedy of Euripides 407 BC. e., must pay an incomprehensibly huge price for success in the Trojan War - to sacrifice his eldest daughter Iphigenia. Such a condition was set by the adamant Artemis, who sent calmness to the Greek fleet. The problem of a personal decision that will affect the fate of each of the participants in the story, and more broadly - the whole world, is explored in the new performance of the Sharypovo Drama Theater "Iphigenia in Aulis". Playwright Elina Petrova created a stage adaptation of the ancient text, and Nikita Kobelev, already familiar to the artists from the sketch “Sleepers” as part of last year's director's laboratory, worked on the production.

The fateful choice will come true at the premiere shows on April 14, 15 and 16.

13, ср

“Ay, lele lele lele

Hey! Hey! Lele Lele”

For five years, the audience of many Russian and foreign theaters has already heard this ridiculous song in various performances, which accompanies the no less wonderful dance “for the development of the brain.” The protagonist of one of the most popular modern plays “The Man from Podolsk” by Dmitry Danilov, once in the police station, is forced to follow any senseless orders and have strange conversations with extremely unusual law enforcement officers. The world of the absurd, in which the usual logic is lost, and the comic turns sinister, will be revealed in a new way today on the Chamber Stage of the Bratsk Drama Theatre.

Director Valentin Zverovshchikov ironically described the genre of the production as “a day of kindness in one act.” Well, we wish the audience not to miss the next days of kindness in Bratsk: the premiere performances of the play are on April 13 and 14!

12, вт

Is it possible to rejoice at the acquaintance with the world if your relatives hate each other? The protagonist of the play by Rita Kadatskaya “Cards for E.” he is well aware of the shortcomings of each of the members of his family and speaks openly about them — it is a pity that no one understands him yet, because he is ... only two years old! Although at his age, this “completely ordinary unusual child” knows much more than everyone around, because he keeps memories of a previous life. “A little boy is wiser than all the adult characters in the play, but the paradox is that, even with great worldly wisdom, you can find yourself in a situation where a choice is impossible...”, explains the playwright.

A touching, witty, instructive story of a man growing up in an atmosphere of dislike will be told by the artists of the Tomsk Drama Theater in the premiere performance by Vladislav Khrustalev on April 13 and 14.

11, пн

Road movie about two student friends who decide to spend their last vacation on a trip to their native places, during which they had to endure an irreconcilable clash with their loved ones. Familiar plot? Of course, we are talking about “Fathers and Sons” — more precisely, about a new stage version based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev. Just as the writer explored his contemporaries and their concerns, director Kirill Vytoptov looked at the people of the 21st century and today’s reality. And he discovered in it a newly aggravated conflict between the older generation, who zealously guards the past, and the “digital natives” — young people who feel the need for change. The eternal theme connecting the eras will be performed in the premiere performance of the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theater on April 12 and 13.

8, пт

Omsk residents will see a completely original, authentic, unusual performance today, having come to the premiere of the ballad “Bereginya” at the “Fifth Theater”. The musical and plastic action, in which 20 songs, 20 stories are intertwined into one destiny from birth to death, was invented by director and choreographer Igor Grigurko. Once he already created his own “Bereginya”, but now it is different. “She is mature, wise,” says Igor Grigurko. “After 20 years, the plastic drawing, the semantic lines, the philosophy of the performance are completely different.” The musical material is also new here — musicians from Buryatia worked on the arrangements of folk songs.

The actors of the “Fifth Theatre”, having passed Grigurko’s trainings, realize their potential in full. “We have become more resilient not only physically, but also psychologically. This project has brought us incredibly close,” says actor Stanislav Gorenbacher. “I already consider this performance one of the best in our repertoire.”

No wonder tickets for the premiere screenings of “Beregini” on April 8, 9 and 10 have already been sold out, but there is still an opportunity to get on May 6 and 26.

7, чт

At the beginning of the year, we said that the Prokopievsky Drama Theater held a laboratory “Experiment 123”, choosing its theme “Dangerous Age”, — the sketches told about teenagers and were addressed primarily to them. Murat Abulkatinov’s sketch “Do whatever you want as long as I love you” based on the play by Svetlana Bazhenova received the greatest backlash, with 73% of the audience voting for its inclusion in the repertoire “leaving it as it is.” And the theater decided to continue working on it, but, of course, the director made the necessary details and clarifications. “I was very afraid that we rehearsed and rehearsed, and now we will do a run-through — and nothing has changed in the end,” Murat Abulkatinov smiles. “But still, it seems to me that our history has grown and become better.” And the author of the play, Svetlana Bazhenova, who twice herself embodied it on stage, admitted that the director “read and staged it more adequately.”

The story of one girl about love, which can be unrequited, exhausting and cruel, will be able to be seen by Prokopyevets tomorrow — the premiere screenings of the “post-credits scenes” “Do whatever you want as long as I love you” will be held on April 8, and after April 28 and 29.