Festival Idea

Dear colleagues! We are glad to present you a new festival. This word occurs from Latin “festive” and we hope that “New-Siberian transit” becomes a holiday of our permanent movement, dialogue, friendship and co-authorship.

The idea has grown from the previous project of the theatre — the Regional festival “Siberian transit” which successor a new forum will become. After successful restoration of communication between collectives of all Siberia, the theatrical community has felt necessity for expansion of the  creative space. So the idea of development of the festival appeared. “Novo-Siberian transit” will unite at once three largest regions: Siberia, the Urals and the Far East.

The main purpose of the festival is restoration of theatrical blood circulation of a greater part of the country, establishment of communications, support and development of drama collectives existing outside the central part of Russia.

The festival is a mirror of our life; we want it to reflect all creative variety and richness of a huge part of Russian theatre.

Alexander Kuliabin,
Author of idea, head of the festival
Director of the theatre “Red torch

The festival “Novo-Siberian transit” is created to fix, comprehend, and give a push to development of a new uniform theatrical space including the Far East, Siberia and the Urals. In Russia there are many regional festivals, the largest of them is “Baltic house”. There is also a mega-festival “Golden Mask”. The Ekaterinburg “Real theatre” stays a bit a part. It is rather festival of style than of creation.

“Novo-Siberian transit” is a festival of creation. It is well-known but paradoxical — the more the communication means are developed the more difficult the attitudes are set. Superhigh-speed trains, aircrafts, Internet, mobile phones rather separate than help to learn, listen better, understand something.

The theatre exists in an exchange of alive energy and is transmitted by droplet way. And the festival is one of the best places for this purpose. “Novo-Siberian transit”, gathering the distant theatres of Russia, does not tend to oppose itself to the center or to create something in separately taken regions. It is a “working” festival of “working” people of theatre. Coming from different corners of three huge territories of Russia, people of theatre can understand thanks to “Novo-Siberian transit” that there is a certain remarkable community where all the best features of time and people are shown on a stage in bright light of spotlights with hope to cause reciprocal feelings of the spectators.

Оleg Loevsky,
president of the Expert Council

I live in the middle of Russia, on border of Europe and Asia, the West and the East. I know well enough the Russian theatrical West (thanks to numerous festivals) but the theatrical East (especially the Far East) is full of white spots. And not only for me. That is why the idea of “Novo-Siberian transit” seems to me very duly, necessary and promising many openings. Besides, we live in time of all kinds of separations (often destructive), and any attempt of active consolidation costs much.

Vladimir Speshkov,
theatre critic

The idea of “Novo-Siberian transit” is simple and grandiose. “Siberian transit” united theatres of immense Siberia. “Novo-Siberian transit” will join also immense the Urals and the Far East. Great Russian thinker Peter Chaadaev wrote in a before last century that we, Russian people, are a geological product of extensive spaces where some mysterious force has thrown us. Until now we did not manage to master and even to occupy them. Theatrical festival, certainly, is not a subjugator of grounds. But it will win the space and will unite people around the theatre. Actually for this purpose the theatre exists to gather people around good performances. Hope, it will work well!

Таtiana Tikhonovets,
theatre critic